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Western Wild Horses Shipped to Oklahoma

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“It’s tragic. So many animals killed. Babies vanish…”

Former Wild Horses at feeding time in private long term holding facility outside Oklahoma City ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Former Wild Horses at feeding time in private long term holding facility outside Oklahoma City ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The government is spending your money — millions — to protect wild horses and bring them to Oklahoma.

But it’s how those horses got here that’s causing concern.

Horses you can see as you drive along the Creek Turnpike, just east of Tulsa are wild horses.

The federal government pays ranchers in Oklahoma to take care of them.

The Bureau of Land Management runs the program and gathers horses and burros in western states.

Horse owner Pam Smith says the way crews gather the animals with helicopters is cruel.

“Imagine the heat we have today. Multiply that in the desert. Horses of all ages run for two hours. Babies that run, they die of exhaustion,” Smith said.

Smith says horses are herd animals, and she doesn’t agree with the BLM’s way of separating them.

“They’re families. You’re taking moms away from babies, sisters from sisters, and dads away from them,” Smith said.

She pointed out videos she’s seen on the Internet that show a separated foal calling for its mother and one that shows confused horses trampling each other. Another shows a horse that’s so tired it can’t get up. And in another, a foal can barely walk.

“It’s tragic. So many animals killed. Babies vanish,” Smith said.

In another video Smith showed FOX23, a helicopter hits a horse. In another, a chopper knocks down a burro, and a man hits and later kicks a captured one.

“It’s horrific what they do to these horses,” Smith said.

“I’ve seen the dramatized videos that are out there on the Internet,” said the BLM’s Paul McGuire.

“Many opinions out there are driven by emotion,” McGuire said.

He says the horses are not mistreated.

“I’ve seen actual gather operations. I’m impressed by the professionalism,” he said.

“Horses are very adaptable animals … It’s going to respond very quickly and very readily to its new environment,” McGuire said.

Smith thinks the BLM should just leave the horses alone on federal land.

“Horses are an American icon, they need to run free … Let nature take its course,” Smith said.

But McGuire says that’s not a good idea, that horses double in population every four years, and they would destroy the land.

“Eat it and trample it into desolation. Once its trod under, it may never recover … It’s not something the American people want to see,” McGuire said.

Smith says she’s also concerned about the BLM selling horses to kill buyers who slaughter them for the meat. McGuire admits the BLM has concerns about that too. So earlier this year, it changed its policy. Now it will only sell four horses at a time to try to prevent that from happening.

Jay Litchfield also owns horses. He’s concerned about the cost of the government program.

“I don’t know why we’re collecting wild horses. truly don’t know why,” Litchfield said.

Congress decided 1971 to protect the wild horses. The government’s doled out millions, so the BLM can manage them.
Once the government gathers the horses, if it can’t adopt or sell them, the BLM moves them to private pastures. The government pays ranchers to keep them.

Back on June 11, FOX23 emailed an open records request to the BLM to find out who keeps the horses and where.

The BLM emailed FOX23 a list of 21 ranchers that have contracts with the government. More than half — 13 of them — are in Oklahoma.

FOX23 stopped at land in Catoosa, where the owner leases 10,000 acres to Hughes Cattle Company in Bartlesville. The Hughes tell FOX23 they have a contract with the BLM to hold about 4,000 horses in Catoosa, Bartlesville and Ramona.

The Hughes wouldn’t tell FOX23 how much money the government pays them, saying the BLM asked them not to but the family did say they’ve had a contract for 25 years.

The BLM says it pays $500 per horse per year. That means it pays Hughes Cattle Company more than $2 million per year.
Overall, the BLM spends more than $75 million in tax dollars each year on the program. More than half — $40 million — goes to contracted ranchers.

Litchfield says a horse can live up to 30 years. So to save one horse, could cost tax payers $15,000.

“I don’t understand why we’d spend that much money on them,” Litchfield said.

The National Academy of Science audited the BLM and criticized it, saying the rising costs continue to overwhelm the program and that more than 49,000 horses are kept in private pastures with considerably fewer — 31,000 — left in the wild.

Litchfield believes he has the answer to save millions. He says the government shouldn’t gather horses and pay ranchers to keep them. He says leave them on federal land and figure out how to maintain the population.

“You can put them down. I hate to say that. But you have unwanted horses. Why are we doing it?” Litchfield suggested.
McGuire says although Congress authorized putting down excess horses, it doesn’t provide the funding for it and that maintaining the population is difficult.

“There is no simple answer,” McGuire said.

“When are they going to wake up … We’re spending a lot of money to keep horses nobody wants,” Litchfield said.

McGuire says part of the reason the number of wild horses in private pastures is rising is because adoptions have been down for the past decade.

The BLM is holding an event where you can come look at horses up for adoption. It’s at the Claremore Expo Center on Aug. 16 and 17.

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  1. They’re shipping them to OK because they know horse slaughter will start in November? Tom Vilsack and the Obama administration has betrayed our horses and 80% of citizens who do not want equine slaughter on our soil or to have horses exported for slaughter.


    • President Obama had no choice but to sign the Minibus, and Secretary Vilsak had no choice but to follow the law and USDA policy. Slaughter is the law, and the President is required to uphold the law under the Constitution. Demanding he sign an Executive Order is being promoted by those who have little or no understanding of the situations in which EOs are appropriate. I don’t believe either wants slaughter. The Secretary has called for “A Third Way, but who has stepped forward to answer his call with specifics? There’s no single remedy, and it won’t happen immediately, but it CAN happen. It’s up to us to show Congress the way. They hold the power of life and death over the horses, not the President or the Secretary.


      • Our President never has a choice, it seems. He is the President. He needs to step up and honor his promise that horse slaughter will never occur in this country again, and our government needs to honor the Wild Horses and Burros Act. I do believe they are moving wild horses to Oklahoma for slaughter. Slaughter became the law because of the loophole for funding inspections. This needs to be corrected, and we are waiting for it to be corrected. I’m tired of the excuse that the President has bigger things to address, and while it is true he has a lot to address, it doesn’t mean other issues can be ignored. The Interior Dept. needs to step up also. I believe Secretary Vilsak does have choices. The USDA may and I would bet probably does have conflicts of interests with industry, so they cannot be trusted to be unbiased.


  2. Jay Litchfield you’re clearly confused about our Wild Horses being unwanted….
    They are wanted by the tax payers to be FREE on their land as nature and God intended!!!
    Most of us agree the BLM program is broke and costly….
    “We the People” and U.S. Tax Payers want to see our Wild Horses RELEASED!


  3. Litchfield you’re either an idiot or biased either way your Bull about the Wild Horses destroying the forage is UNTRUE! They’re on the move all the time.

    Domesticated horses will eat all of the forage if left in confined
    acreage to graze with no supplemental hay. But the forage will grow back.

    “Craig Downer” Wildlife Ecologist who will tell you your information is false. “The Wild Horse Conspiracy”.


    • Litchfield is probably paid by BLM to comment in here. He sounds like a troll to me. not to mention an idiot, saying it’s best to put horses down. Why is it best? He is obviously a cattle person, one of many who rape the land with their soon-to-be-murdered cattle. President Obama DID NOT HAVE to sign that rider/amendment or whatever it is called. He did it to placate his cattlemen fiends. A rider (?) added at last moment, so that some Americans had a extension on their unemployment benefits. He traded thousands of horses lives so some people could have a 3 week extension.That is why. It had nothing whatsoever to do with horses but everything to do with sneaky-ass wipe Republicans. I’m so thoroughly disgusted with America and it’s stinking politics. A 1953 quote from a Brit leader, “In every American there is an incorrigible air of innocence, which in fact, conceals a diabolical cunning”. I think he meant politicians, not every person, but maybe he knew something we never realized ourselves


  4. No simple answer…? It’s very simple. Restore the original lands designated by the 1971 Act. Leave the horses alone. Even the NAS agrees to what we advocates have been saying for years…Equids (horses) will regulate their own populations dependent upon the forage and water available to them. Once they have to fight to eat they will slow reproduction on their own. No drugs required!!!

    Now we all know everyone is impatient and doesn’t want to have to wait the many years it will take for the population to grow to the necessary number SO release all captive horses to help alleviate the current forage. Get rid of the cows, who are really the damaging species, and mother nature will take care of the rest.

    There was no need to remove all the horses so they could build the Ruby. Look at the caribou in Alaska and the pipeline. They’ve learned to use is for warmth in the winter and shade in the summer.

    “Horses are very adaptable animals … It’s going to respond very quickly and very readily to its new environment,” McGuire (BLM) said.


    • These houses have been living free on the range for how many years? They don’t trample anything, they don’t defecate in the water, it’s the cattle that do the damage. Those horses don’t need cattlemen to manage them, nature takes care of them, forage or lack of it controls population, man only screws things up. They certainly don’t need the BLM….


  5. Figures, cattlemen to keep horses…. Those guys think anything with 4 legs is to killl and slaughter for food. They at making sure that they’re lining their buddies pockets and just think, horses between two possible slaughter plants…ain’t that convenient? And where is fishing, hiking, birdwatching Sally Jewell? Where is she involved in all of this? Oh and hey, i heard that Salazar s daughter is running for a position (in Congress?). Look out, there goes the neighborhood..


  6. Litchfield, you are wrong. These animals are loved and wanted. I wish I could take them all. I love them and they are our American ICONS. THe BLM is in the ranchers coffers and we all know it. The BLM’s actions are unforgiveable. They are KILLERS, while proclaiming they want to protect the horses, they are separating them from their families, killing them as they round them up, and don’t care about them at all. TH



  7. To continue to above comment. They are killing baby foals that want to be with their families. We, the American people, must demand a STOP to this attroscity now. I have saved five horses and I love them all dearly. I would love all the 40,000 if I could afford to get them and acquire the land for them. The are God’s animals and we must protect them. We haven’t been very good at protecting our dogs and cats either since so many are destroyed and all they want is a loving family. We must start to be realistic and restrictrestrict


  8. continued from above again. and restrict the number of animals breed by an individual or breeder. And, we must STOP all intentions for shipping our horses, etc. across our borders and stop the slaughter people from ever opening a facility in the U.S. We do not eat HORSES.


  9. Helicopter roundups are inhumane and must be stopped!! You want to round them up? Get yourself a horse and a rope!! Thats more humane. Of course horses cant run as far as a helicopter can fly..Everyone knows that. Helicopters scare horses to death!! They run into the trap sites, slam into the bars and break their necks. Or fall down and the others trample them. Not to mention the horrible destress it puts on the animals bodies. Horses people know if you run a horse for that long over whatever terrain. The out come is a lame horse. These horses have families that are being torn apart. Not to mention the horrible conditions at the holding facilities with sickness and diseases running ramped. To top the cake off..Horses slaughter..Congratulations have done a mighty fine job ruinning the wild horses. This will go down in history. As BLMs fault. Im going to write a story about it and sell it to school children, so it never happens again.


  10. The problem is we have become to much of a throw away society, nothing has any value to the human anymore-we can always get “another one” has become our standard of living. In the city people throw away their pets like they throw away their garbage, drop them off in neighborhoods-in hopes someone else will accept their responsibility , when they move just leave the animal behind-the animals have no idea whats going on and many find it hard to trust again for some time. People take no responsibility for anything any more, we give people EBT cards, WIC, SNAP and countless other welfare help and then we expect them to care-when they get everything for free and don’t have to work for it-have no skin in the game to get it.
    This is the same for the BLM and the ranchers they pay to house horses and their treatment of our wild horses-they are sucking on the free tit of the taxpayer -they also consider the money they get to manage our horses like an EBT card-comes free in the mail every month and spend it anyway and on anything you want, don’t give a thought if a life is ruined in the mean time.
    We sit on here and every day talk about how inhumane the slaughter of horses is and we all have viewed the videos of animals of all kinds being abused in the slaughter houses, but each day we sit down to a delicious hamburger meal from a slaughter house down the street, that we white wash in our own minds – what that animal endured to put that meal on the plate.
    Until we change this ~~nothing is of any value mind set of people and our government~~ and it’s all about me at any cost, and the little I do will not make a difference and money is the God Almighty and we find our Integrity-morals-honesty-ethics, principals and honor, nothing will change, we as humans know what is right – we just now need to do what is right.
    Just my rant for the day.


  11. I’m confused. If our wild horses fall under the jurisdiction of the Dept. of the Interior, why is the USDA moving them for slaughtering?


  12. This is absolutely beyond COMPREHENSION!!!! We need to plan and schedule the biggest, largest
    march in Washington, DC.for the horses. No one is listening..our Legislators have their heads in their asses listening to everyone except the American people. The BLM have their boots so full of
    sh– its pathetic. Nothing else seems to be working..they do pay attention when the malls are filled with people coming from all parts of the country. I simply cannot read any more about the treatment of these horses without holding someone accountable. I can only imagine the pain that all of you feel that live out in these areas where the tragedy continues. PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE ORGANIZE A MARCH IN WASHINGTON, DC. If people have a hard time with airfares and travel,
    other people amaze me when they hire buses that transport them all to DC without a problem. A march was done several years ago and was very effective when the trailers circled the White House and others walked some of the Mustangs and Burros. The Legislators paid attention. The climate has not helped any of us or the horses. Just sickening, sickening, sickening…I continue to pray for all of them especially the foal who are treated inhumanely like trash with no value..


    • I can’t afford to go to Washington DC, but would be willing to start a protest here in Colorado if enough people would be interested. Please let me know what day would be best for the protest, so I can get to work on it. Thanks ps if I don’t get enough responses to this offer, I wont be able to proceed.


      • Heather~~~
        I live in Centennial and would be willing to get to a protest.
        But tried this a few years back when we could have protested in front of the BLM office in Colorado-and got no response. Good luck.


      • Geri, is the BLM office no longer at the federal center? Hmm? The anti-slaughter protest will be in front of State Capitol at West entrance at 11:30am Friday Aug 2nd. Bring posters, signs or whatever you want. We mean to make some noise! Do you have access to any brochures on the subject? Please contact friends and families to attend this protest. Thanks, Heather


      • Heather and Geri,
        I too was wondering about the Protests…I also live in Colorado but feel it must be done at a different level. The BLM doesn’t have to listen to us…We need to get to a higher level, DOI, the White House..
        Really the BLM is the “Gestapo” and we are PEONS unless we have Power to get to the Top.


      • I had thought about a protest for “The Little Bookcliffs” roundup soon?
        Some of the local advocates might be a start? I was asked to do a protest for this area but need lots of bodies? Anybody in???
        If there were enough of us I’d consider it.
        Let me know?


  13. what is this Minibus that is spoken of? Is this something that just happened? The first thing I thought of when I heard the destination being Oklahoma was the slaughter plant, like everyone else. Again, if a protest gets planned, count me in.


  14. Not to change the subject but there seems to be a little light at the end of the tunnel on the horse slaughter bills sitting in congress. This came from
    go to
    This information is just now being made public because of the work that has been going behind the back of the pro-slaughter crowd. Obama has said he will sign the anti-slaughter bills into law if they can be brought to his desk.


  15. I will be staging a protest Friday Aug 2 in front of Colorado State Capitol 11:30am to 1:30pm. Bring your posters.signs and whatever. Please repost this to any Colorado horse advocates groups if you can, I don’t have any of those resources at my disposal at present time due to computer limitations. Please do contact me for further info at


  16. This is what I have feared all along. It was just a matter of time before they would make the move to get them in place for slaughter. My suggestions have so far been ignored, 50,000 animals, 50 States = 1000 in each state. It will create jobs, get them safe until they can be released back into their homes.


  17. I wonder why no one has stepped up to be included in the protest I’ve set up for Aug 2nd in Denver? Are the people in here just all talk and no action. Something must be done, this is how we do it…protesting in front of State House. Who in Colorado wants to save the American Wild Horses? How can the message get out, other than standing up as an American and expressing our first amendment rights? Prove you care enough by going to the Colorado State Capitol on August 2nd at 11:30am (west steps of Capitol). If you do not come…they, the public, will never know you cared. You can say it will fail because everything else has failed…but we must proceed, move forward, not sit on our butts while wild horses are dying of heat and thirst. Petitions haven’t worked or haven’t you noticed? Save American Captive Wild Horses. It is only through each individual’s involvement that things can change. People in the other states can take action too by starting a protest in their own city or front of the government building. Every city has one of those buildings. Notify your state legislatures that they are invited to the protest. Do something. Whining in here about the horrible situation is doing nothing. Really! It is the same as doing nothing. Do you think the government sees your pleas n here? Nope, they could care less. Get out there and speak up for the horses. ‘Nuff said!


      • No I’m not associated with any horse groups but that doesn’t stop ME from caring about these precious American Icons. I just hope any and all horse groups in Colorado will get involved with the protest. Thanks!


      • How will people be able to spread the word and encourage people in the area to join your rally if they don’t know about it?


      • YOU know about it right now. I posted the info above. Help spread the word. As soon as I set up a page, I will post the link to join the protest. Thanks Linda!


      • Sally Jewell & Vilsack was just in Ft. Colliins yesterday and that would have been a great location to rally…..However no notice was given…
        Colorado against horse slaughter was notified of your plans Heather thru my FB.


    • Jumping on people does you NO good Heather!!!……… sound inexperienced???…So many rally’s so little has changed!!!……Wouldn’t you like to gather hundreds of people and do it right if your going to stir up sh@t and make noise??????????? Don’t go jumping off the cliff and expect all of us to follow………..Do it RIGHT!!


      • Robyn, tell me what to do then. I am a FULLTIME activist and I am not inexperienced in activism at all. I go to multiple protests every week and have organized and executed 3 successful global protests so far. I do get flustered when people seem to remain inactive, SORRY FOR THE VENT. 😦 I would definitely like to do it right. So what “Is the right way” Robyn? Besides not getting angry, which I did. I haven’t posted the protest to any activism pages yet while I gather the proper information to proceed but I’ve already received positive responses from non-horse people who are willing to attend protest. Thanks for any advice Robyn. I’d love to wait for hundreds to attend…I’m just not sure there ARE hundreds available to attend here in Colorado. Because unless the issues directly affect people, they just don’t seem to care. It is sad! I cant go to DC so it has to be here. I’m apply for permit this week.


      • Well Heather keep us posted on this for Colorado or anyone who wants to join in………….The more the Merrier…There are too many people in Colorado wrapped up in themselves…..

        I know the power is in numbers and the more you have then it’s possible to get the news to show up and be aired on TV…..

        There’s people on here that do plenty just because they aren’t out protesting doesn’t mean they’re not engaged and active…There’s plenty of calls and petitions out there…………


      • thanks Robyn…but you didn’t tell me what to right now that I’ve shown you how to do it wrong LOL! I think one of the main problems is that there are too many petitions floating around. The resistance is fragmented. It is hard to just focus on one thing, I know that. but lots of petitions doesn’t necessarily mean a wider audience, just a confused one. I like the letter to the president that was posted in here somewhere. But We’ve learned that letters don’t do much . The day of “one letter is indicative of a thousand others” is over. Last year we activists worked on a campaign to save a couple of oxen who were college mascots and school decided to kill them and eat them in the cafeteria. 3 million emails and faxes were sent to college, the college asked their state legislatures for help in stopping campaign. State refused to interfere. College did kill one of the oxen for supposed medical reasons, but the other one was saved. This was all done online. When three protests were organized, two failed because even the people who cared about the duo, did not show up. When the protest failed to produce attendees, the college, who had ringers in the protest that informed college of failed protest, decided to kill the first ox, secretly in the early am hours, under the cover of darkness and secretly transported the ox away from site.. After that, the protesting went viral on internet and drove the college nuts and they relented on second ox. So things can change by just a few who try harder. What else can be done? There is not time to change the world (for the horses) Attention must be drawn to this issue now. That is what protests do attention to the public.. Here I am ranting again. I hope the horses will survive long enough for help to come to them. Peace and Light, my fellow journeyers.


      • Heather I would contact many of the known activists as possible to get as many people involved.
        We really need a protest for the horses here in Colorado being rounded up…..
        The Little Bookcliff’s Wild Horse roundup is coming up in the next month or so.
        I don’t see an exact date posted it’s somewhere between Aug/Sept………..
        If we could get a lot of people involved from the known activist groups it gives a great presence.

        Then the Media could be invited. But they aren’t going to show up if there are just a few people.

        I think getting some advisement from the groups to which areas are best to protest? The BLM offices?…How about some Astounding Signs?? I mean Astounding?? But gotta figure out how to do those signs?? I was thinking pictures of horses at slaughter blown up so people can see a horse hanging from mid air alive being ravaged to death…………UGH!!! What do you think???


      • Also Heath pictures of our Wild Horses in LTC dying……….misery!! Pictures of Palomino “HELL””…..
        Pictures of the realities of slaughter where many ended up along with all the other horses in the US.. and all could be soon………….


  18. the horses and mules belong to no one right.then wouldnt the public have rights to keep them here.or where ever there at.its like horse nappin..they cant just take steal bribe these animals and take some where else thats against the law with out majority consent of the public right since there on public properties.


  19. Heather what about setting up booths somewhere you find a lot of people to bring awareness, and education with large enough photographs for people to see what they need to know????


  20. Hi Robyn, lots of good suggestions. Thanks! Finding advertisement may not possible at this juncture due to my financial restrictions and time constraints. We may be able to set up a table or two on Colfax sidewalks at the Capitol protest on Aug 2nd. and even if there aren’t very many protestors, we can still hand out educational material to pedestrians (it is a real busy part of that area. (Lincoln/Sherman at Colfax.). One of my co-organizers at animal activism is working on locating printed informative brochure from any of the large animal rights organizations that addresses our issues. I’ll be calling the city engineer tomorrow for exact regulations on tables and noise near Capitol building. Not to worry, our posters (which aren’t made yet.) will have the gross pictures on them. They will be plenty large enough for all to see. I hope each of you will make a nice big poster as well. Tell me more about the Colorado wild horse roundup, when and where is it. Again, I am restrained by financial limitations and no car, but if it is local, I could certainly look into it. AUG 2nd will be the first one and we can go from there. My schedule for activism is pretty full as I am in the process of organizing 2 other protests and connected events at this time, but will make every effort to find room to work for our beloved horses. I am considering all your suggestions as well. Thanks Robyn! if you’d like to talk privately about these matters, please contact me, email: and leave your phone number. 🙂 For the Horses!! Ciao!


    • ps is there still a BLM office here in Denver? At the federal center I imagine. I wonder? Does anybody know? thanks!


      • Heather~~
        Don’t know if there is a BLM office at the Federal Center-but some years back they built a nice big one on Younfield Street some where around 26th or 29th street. I believe Parks is in there too. I used to live on 20th and youngfield so I know for sure one is there.


      • Thank you Geri, good to know because the Federal Center is pretty much inaccessible for these types of activities. We could protest that area no problem I protested there recently at Romney’s office. The cops were called but we obeyed all the rules of protesting and they left us alone. (not to mention they agreed with us protestors.) 🙂


      • We really need a protest on the western slope for those Wild Horses that are going to be rounded up soon….150 Wild Horses endless mountains and open space and they want to round up 50 of them???


      • Geri, here is the release for the protest which happens this Friday Aug 2. I hope you can make it since you live in the area, unlike most of the posters in here . Thanks!

        PROTEST ALERT: Anti-Horse Slaughter/Save Our Wild Horses and Burros from BLM Abuse, Friday, August 2nd ,11:30am ,West Steps of the Colorado Capitol @ 200 E. Colfax in Denver.

        We will be gathering together on the West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol to ask Congress to step in and intercede with the improper BLM management of the captive wild horses and burros under federal protection. They are currently refusing to give the captive horses any shelter from the heat, which is currently reaching temps of 164 degrees. Mares and foals are dying. We will also be addressing the issue of the impending horse slaughter for food. which is slated to commence Aug 5th.

        Please come out and show your support for the American Horse who built this country and who are the very symbols of the West.
        Bring posters and signs to wave, but do not use sticks to hold the posters. Relevant props are welcome too.
        Ask your friends and family to attend with you. the more support the better.
        Let’s show Congress and the BLM that we care about our American Heritage and the iconic symbol of the West, the Horse.
        This will be a peaceful rally and we will be handing out educational materials to the public.

        Wear cool clothing (it will be hot that day), bring water, sunscreen, and a hat if you need one.
        See you there. For the Horses!

        Facebook page link:


      • Heather and everyone else; here’s the link for Aug 6th Workshop at the Palomino Facility in Reno
        for our Wild Horses.
        There you register to be included in this workshop online or you can go in person if you live
        in the area. This is for help for our Wild Horses who need shade, more water tanks and
        better living conditions at this facility.
        We’ve had some good out comes from several people.
        Jetara Sehart and her Rally at the Legislature’s BLDG and Nancy M Leake who took pictures
        and sent them to the TV station. They responded by sending out the news to the BLM PVC location to interview Jeb. There was another TV response to Jetaras Rally in RENO.

        This Workshop is for EVERYONE who wants to be included in ideas For Our Wild Horses that are living at PVC and it should be considered for all the locations.



      • Thanks Robin, I’m glad for the info. You do know that protests aren’t just addressing the politicians/ barracudas, but also to the usually, unknowing public who remain blissfully unaware. That is, until the moment they are faced with the ugly facts and can no longer remain ignorantly HAPPY to exist in this cruel heartless world, the world of the future. where no animals or humans will remain safe. That is why these demonstrations are good because they are such great Op-Ed treasures. Hope every person who cares about horses. and if able, can come to FRIDAY’S , AUG 2ND, PROTEST FOR THE HORSES. WEST STEPS OF COLORADO CAPITOL, 11:30AM TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR OUR HORSES.

        Then On To: ROBIN’S EVENT IN RENO ON AUG 8TH. Sounds like a busy month ahead and
        that’s just the beginning of the month. feel it all leads to something wonderful for the horses.. Peace and Light!


      • I totally know about Protests….its to bring awareness to the world and gain more of us to make this March bigger than life for our Horses….We Love you Wild horses!!!!!!
        !!This Reno event is mot mine but was passing along so everybody could attend…… ….


      • Geri can you come??? I am on the list…let’s go!!!!@!@!@!@!@

        Colorado Against Horse Slaughter is coming!

        We need a lot of people out there or it won’t be as POWERFUL!!


  21. I’m sorry, but I have zero trust, faith or hope in any & all United States politicians, regardless of “title”. Why bother to have a “President”, all it is, is a title, nothing more or less. It’s just there to make it look like America has a “leader” (what a joke!). No, it’s not the president’s fault, or, is it? All he really is, is a talking puppet on a string. Others control him. He makes all kinds of false promises to lead us on, not to lead us. They make the decisions, not the president. Our American government is a fraud, an international joke, &, it most certainly is no longer a government “by the people, for the people”. The “people”, you & me, have absolutely no say. We need a revolution. If they won’t listen, they aren’t willing to work with us, they choose to continually ignore us, they keep coming up with delays & excuses, & are easily swayed by those with money & power, whether right or wrong, then we need to take over & take matters, including the safety & well-being of OUR horses, into our hands. I am completely fed up, disgusted, appalled & deeply saddened at what America has become. As if the wild horse issue isn’t bad enough, if this horse slaughter crap starts back up, we have no choice but to move to a different state that actually had the brains & guts to stand up against it, & ban it in their state. Or, take up our arms, & FIGHT BACK!


  22. That BLM workshop is Aug 6th not the 8th. oops…my bad. You can attend online, which is great. Again, thanks, Robyn!


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