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Navajo Elders Voice Opposition to Horse Slaughter


The horse is sacred to the Diné and is a central part of the nation’s culture and tradition.

Elders and medicine people of the Navajo Nation have voiced their opposition to horse slaughter, saying the animals must be honored for their sacred role in Navajo cultural traditions.

The Nohooká Diné, Elders and Medicine People of the Diné, unanimously approved a resolution opposing any action that leads to the slaughter of horses.

The horse is sacred to the Diné and is a central part of the nation’s culture and tradition.

The resolution states in part: “The Great Horse Nation is a part of the Great Covenant, as a supernatural being, it possesses incredible power, it is inextricably tied to our spiritual way of life and our cultural traditions, when our children are born our families look to the horse spirit to see what they have delivered to us.If we fail to honor the place of the horse in our spiritual way of life and in our cultural traditions, then we jeopardize the very cycle that renews the life of our people.

“The horse must be given respect and honored for their sacred place within the Creation, as they possess the same fundamental right to Life as we, Five Finger Ones, do.”

This past week, a spokesman for the Navajo Nation administration affirmed this position.

During an interview on the radio program, Native American Calling, on September 12, communication director Erny Zah said: “Slaughtering is not a solution … As the Navajo Nation we are against slaughtering of these horses.”…CONTINUED

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  1. I was quite happy to read this news. Zah and Shelly both said that they were misinformed..sound familiar? Perhaps they need to follow some advice that was given to me when i was much younger…don’t just take what is being said at face value, do the research. It’s been sound advice.


  2. This summer the Dakota “Unity Riders from Canada rode their horses through New York and spoke at the UN using their horses as the common bond between peoples. Travis an elder took time from his journey late one evening to come to a paddock far from his camp to pray for my horse Nitro dying from lameness. He smudged him and called for a celebration for Nitro’s life and stated,” I’ve heard of you, you helped many people and other horses and although I may not save your body I may help your soul” We joined hands and prayed. It was the most spiritual moment of my life, Truly a great horseman. The next morning Nitro was standing and is now eating again and learning to live on three legs. Nitro has caused us to start our horse rescue and we have over 50 lifetime rescues, we have had thousands of kids and adults experience horses, we do handicapped riders, suicide prevention, fairs, shows and more all because of a paint horse on his way to slaughter. Chief Joseph was once asked asked what gift he wanted from the United States as a token for causing a great peace, a horse was his answer. Horses heal, it’s that simple.


  3. What do we have if we do not have the the presidence and the knowledge of our for-fathers , I am proud of the Navajo Nation for taking the STAND for whaT THEY BELIEVE IN, when most Tribe s choose to sell the very Animal that was a Huge wondrous part of their lives……To Honor what has given you life and tradition is Extremely Honorable , the Horse has given life to all not just the Navajo Nation….. Where is everybody else , when the Horse is in Peril???????? The Horse is Gift , a wonderful Gift !!!!! To Stand for Him is to Stand for Yourself , he is our Mirror Reflection ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    • It just occurred to me – isn’t the BIA under the direction of the DOI, just like the BLM is?? That’s where the influence & fraud is probably taking place.


  4. Yes, Navajo Nation, proud of your comments. Help us save our wild horses. They are a mirror reflection of our souls. The way we treat our animals is a reflection of our souls. I honor our horses and will fight to keep them free and alive. Away with torment and pain. Horses heal, their unspoken language I understand. They look at me and I understand, I feel their anguish and pain when they hurt. I am in the health business and I feel the strong connection. My horses speak to me and my soul. Yes, we must protect and defend them always. Never let the hatred of man have a upper hand. We must save them. Legal protection is a must. The law must help us. Get involved now. Oh how I love our wild ones and I love my horses so much. Continue to help and save them from extinction. Rise up warriors and claim freedom now for our wild horses.


  5. The Horse is a wondrous Gift , he gives without reservation, he is made and predestined to do so he has no choose, he was not given the power to choose anything else….he was made with Perfection in mind….. Our only difference is we have choose it is our only difference we are flawed he is not !!!!!! Choose it suppose to be an attribute isnt it ?????? He loves also everything and respects it for what it is DO WE?????? He makes us aware of this Flaw and gives us the chance to correct it !!!!! It is our capability to do so once aware !!!! Most us recognize it and do so , their are some that do not have a clue do i really need to name them ??????? I Thank God everyday for his illustrious presence!!!!! and his undaunted ability to give his power tome to see myself as I really am and help me to correct my flaws…………..


  6. I’m glad to read this. These pro-slaughterers will stop at nothing no matter what lies they have to promote or who thy disparage. Nothing means more than money to us today and we have no more integrity. I think there’s a special place waiting in hell for them.


  7. Thank God, the truth and justice for all our horses is on the forefront, TK NN this makes sense now….. Please everyone call the committee chairs to get Safe Act on floor for a vote I know Lucas has had LOTS of calls for H.R. 1094 but Harkin has not had many for S.541, I can’t stress enough how we have to bombard them with calls… If truth be told when sometimes they ask where I am calling from or name, I give them a friends name or my maiden name and a different state, if they can play games I can too….. I have been calling every day…… WE ALL CAN DO THIS 🙂


    • Debbie, I want to make some calls. Do you have the phone numbers to call. My Connecticut Reps already have been contacted and they are for S.541 Safe Act. Thank you. Patty


  8. We as a people have to stand together to make it stop, all of us need to make the effort to get the BLM replaced and these jerks out of office .Even Sally Jewell is not doing the job we hoped she would do , some one got to her, the money from the cattle, fracking and oil is making the decisions, we need to help the Indians keep the horses and their culture in tack, we are all loosing so much, it’s like we are being taken over, this has to stop, this is our country, we need to run it..


    • I don’t think either Sally Jewell or our President understand this issue or puts any importance on it. As I said, it’s all about getting the American public out to trample the National Parks, update the menus and have a politically correct staff – that’s all they seem to think the Interior Dept. is responsible for – oh, and to extract oil and gas, and put up industrial wind and solar. Ask only what your country can do for you!


  9. An article was posted on August 29, 2013 in Navajo Times-states that many elders do not speak english. But state that recomendations by the 32 elderly and medicine healers include getting their “free, prior and informed consent” and consultation before any further “execution of these horses” and using the Din’e way of life and spiritual foundation to create and promote peace and harmony within the various communities and with the horses.
    “When we abuse the sacredness of life, we affect all of creation,” they said.


  10. Thank you, Navajo Elders, & Navajo Nation! Praise God above, He may go by many names, but, He’s One & the Same, &, He does answer prayers! The horse is truly a special blessing, a gift to be treasured, cherished, respected, & cared for, regardless of your ethnic background. We can only hope & pray that more & more people & states will finally come to the right decision, the only decision, NO horse slaughter!! We must, & we will, find an alternate solution to OUR man-made, & caused, “problem”, or issue, with these beautiful creatures, a humane & happy solution!


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