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I hope that everyone notes this same story is being played out all over the world.  The petition to stop the culling of the less than 1,000 wild horses remaining in Alberta, Canada needs signatures.  We’re asking our readers to help out and sign this:


It is believed that there are blood lines in the wild horses, dating back to the Spanish Barb, or even ancient blood lines. If those rare blood lines are removed indiscriminately in a cull, they will be lost forever.  Canada and the world will lose a unique heritage animal. Biologists, photographers, tourists and future generations will lose the opportunity to study and experience these rare wild horses (often referred to as Wildies).

According to the Alberta government there’s less than 1000 horses remaining, in an area of 8500 sq km.  Despite these low numbers, they claim there are too many horses competing with the much larger cattle and forestry industries on Crown land.  The government manages them via an annual capture and cull process which separates family units, weakens the herds and further threatens their survival.  Imagine the fear these wild horses experience during their capture, transport and slaughter.

An icon of the Canadian west, these beautiful horses played an important role in the settlement of this country.  They helped the First Nations as well as the RCMP.  During the great World War, many were rounded up to serve alongside our Military, and never returned home.  Portrayed in numerous movies, books, songs, paintings, photography and TV, they are a beloved part of our history, past, present and future.

The text of the petition states:

To: Alberta Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resources Robin Campbell
and Alberta Minister of Tourism–Richard Starke

As a concerned citizen, I’m writing to urge you to support a moratorium on the cull of Alberta’s wild horses.  Annually the ESRD (Environment & Sustainable Resource Department) has a capture program on Crown land under the Stray Act.

Please seriously consider the value these magnificent horses have as a tourist attraction.  They’ve been here for centuries, it’s believed they have rare blood lines of the Spanish Barb, and they’re a unique Alberta icon.  Like the wild horses of Sable Island and Namib, Alberta’s are gaining global interest and attention.  Canada’s Sable Island wild horses generate economic income from the many conservationists, artists, biologists and general public who make the costly trip to see, study and photograph them.  On the other hand, Alberta’s wild horses are captured and most are sent to slaughter, a decision heavily influenced by the cattle and forestry industry.

Will you support a moratorium on the annual capture and cull of Alberta’s wild horses?  They’ve earned their right to live with their herds in their natural habitat and to be protected.

Thank you.


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  1. Also signed and relayed the USA’s BLM has given into welfare cattle/sheep grazing and not to make the same mistake. Also relayed that there must be some Canadians that would adopt the Wildies and provide a forever home, if they do go threw with the roundup and NOT to send any to the slaughterhouse’s. Let’s hope they are smarter than the USA.


  2. Signed and commented: “Internationally-recognized equine geneticist, Dr. Gus Cothran, has already determined the wild horses of Alberta carry one of the largest percentages of Colonial Spanish blood in North America. By allowing the cull, Alberta will be destroying animals of national, continental, and international importance. Colonial Spanish horses are listed as Critically Endangered by the Livestock Conservancy. That’s why the whole world is watching, signing this petition, and awaiting your decision. A moratorium is essential for the survival of these rapidly-disappearing bloodlines.”


  3. Turns my stomach, and breaks my soul; How can people be so very cruel and disgusting,I shudder to think They walk among us……..and what else they are capable of…….I look at those trucks and my blood runs cold, to know what innocent unsuspecting beauties are inside, so trusting of these sociopaths !!!!


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