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Amid debate, eight wild horses captured in Iron County Utah

By Kristen Moulton | The Salt Lake Tribune
First Published May 06 2014 01:18 pm • Last Updated May 06 2014 10:10 pm

Cattlemen continue war on Wild Horses

photo by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

photo by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The BLM wanted to set up four more such “traps,” Miller said, and he wasn’t sure Tuesday whether the eight were captured in the original trap or a new one.The Bureau of Land Management on Monday removed eight wild horses from private land northwest of Cedar City, an Iron County commissioner said Tuesday.

“We’re pleased with anything, but it’s a drop in the bucket,” said Commission Chairman David Miller.

Iron and Beaver counties have been pressing the BLM to round up horses because there are far more than the agency’s own prescribed limits. According to May 1 numbers, the BLM estimates it has nearly 1,700 wild horses in western Iron and Beaver counties, an area where there are supposed to be just more than 600.

Ranchers say the horses are competing with cattle for feed and water, and the counties are threatening roundups this summer if the BLM doesn’t act.

To provide emergency relief in early April, the BLM set up corrals around a water trough on private land, but as of a week ago, not a single horse had been captured…(READ MORE)

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  1. We pay for those horses to graze and Roam , darn it … They have all the Rights to the Land !!!!!


      • What is the Law,it should be upheld !!!!!! what the hell is the problem, the law states it is and belongs to the Mustangs………………..It is the Job of the Government to up hold the Law !!!! Now remove those darn cattle pronto !!!!!


  2. Please go ahead and discuss your opinion with BLM head of WHB program in Utah. I suggested he get the cattle and sheep reduced on the horse herd areas so they are not forced to migrate onto private lands for forage. Seems kind of wierd to me that they don’t see that overgrazing public lands to save their own causes the conflict they complain of. If it is really the problem they say it is. So I brought that up to Mr Palma’s attention. Maybe he didn’t thoink of that yet.


    • I suggest they randomly PZP dart the cattle and sheep while they are out there, it’s only fair. I might even volunteer to help out since I know they are cash strapped and have bills to pay for the Bundy Botch.


  3. There will come a time when everything will compete with humans for feed and water if we don’t rein our own activities in. Every creature has a right to feed and water that was put here for all creatures on this planet. We’re taking waaaaaayyyy more than our rightful share.


  4. This is their land and their water rights, that the cattle are on, it belongs to the horses and the cattle are on the horses land, and yet hey fence out the horses from drinking their water, now using traps of water to catch them. Can’ t others see the wrong in this and theses acts?


  5. Fordham Environmental Law Review

    In its natural state, wildlife has always been regarded as ferae
    naturae, a part of the commons rather than private property.92 Since
    Roman law, government has been recognized as the trustee of wildlife
    for the benefit of the public.

    Modern doctrines imply that the states and the federal government share a strong parens patriae interest in
    wildlife conservation.

    For instance, in Kleppe v. New Mexico,’°4 the Court upheld
    the right of the government to protect wild horses and burros
    despite claims of damage to private grazing-rights holders.


  6. How do we know that the Cattle Ranchers who are publicly Angry ( the BLM is not rounding up the Wild Mustang Horses in a mass roundup on public lands at their demand ) are not running Wild Horses onto their properties and into the BLM Traps?? Who’s Watching??? The BLM says was it an older trap or was it one of the new traps the BLM set ???? Really?? How many traps are set on private lands??? If the BLM places 4 more traps on ranchers private lands and they run 6-8 Wild Horses in per Trap x 5….( and place that many more on private lands without public knowledge )… It takes approx. 30 horses to fill a slaughter truck…The ranchers know the BLM will go on private land and take Wild Mustang Horses… Quickly and Sell them Quickly, Quietly … Only because of “National Publicity” does the country know these 8 Wild Mustang Horses are captured. The BLM does not allow the public to observe any Wild Horse captures. The BLM has “No Records” to account for the “Exact Number” of Wild Mustang Horses captured….NONE…The BLM is not required to “Computer Chip” a captured Wild Mustang Horse …..”National Publicity” of Wild Horse captures… alert the public…I don’t think the BLM want’s any National publicity…..They are zeroing out Wild Horses on 1,000’s of Public Land areas designated for Wild Mustang Horses to Live….The BLM hold’s public inquires for public opinion while quietly continuing to “remove” the last of Our Historic American Wild Mustang Horses
    …. Americans Are Not This Naive!!!


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