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MORE Managing For Extinction?

 Observation by Grandma Gregg

What the ‘ell strategy is BLM using now?  Their internet adoption in the past has been for ADOPTION of wild horses and burros with a minimum bid of $125 and a written promise that the adopter would not sell the wild horse or burro to slaughter for at least a year – but now it appears that they are auctioning off our wild horses online for $25!

We know that in the past, the BLM has sold older sale authority horses and burros for as little as $10 each – with free delivery if you bought a trailer load – and we also know that many of these have gone to disappeared into the BLM’s never seen again pipeline – but now they are auctioning them off online for as little as $25 to prospective kill-buyers?

Below are two examples of older mares captured last summer from Sulphur Utah that BLM just auctioned offto someone in Oregon for $25 with free delivery to misc. sites – including some VERY questionable locations that have been known to have kill-buyers lurking.

Does anyone actually believe that these beautiful older mares are going to find happy, healthy and safe “forever homes”???

Or will it be the same kind of “home” that Tom Davis gave the 1,700 that BLM sold to him and conveniently “disappeared”?

Recent Sales Figures
Fiscal Year Mustangs Burros Total
2014 17 58 75
2013 22 43 65
2012 320 71 391
2011 855 16 871
2010 528 15 543
2009 772 19 791

The BLM’s sale authority figures have dropped WAY WAY down since the article came out in Sept of 2012 about BLM selling hundreds and hundreds of our wild horses to Tom Davis who could not account for the horses and burros whereabouts or well-being. (see chart)

Did that “discovery” actually slow the sales to questionable buyers way down?


Did that “discovery” just channel the BLM to get rid of them with a different plan?
Such as … selling from LTH by the truck load and not including those in the “sales” chart?


Are they experimenting with selling our older horses on the internet for a mere pittance?


Selling them from Palomino Valley (and Fallon etc.) with no brands? (I have seen them at P/V with no brand or tag#)

Not to mention selling them directly from the range when nobody is looking?

Current Time is Dec 6, 2014 10:39:57 PM Central Time
Bidding is now over.

Category: Delta, UT


 Mare1 Sex: Mare Age: 16 Years   Height (in hands): 14Necktag #: 5350   Date Captured: 08/01/14Color: Dun   Captured: Sulphur (UT)Notes:
#5350 – 16 yr old dun mare, captured August 1, 2014 in the Sulphur HMA, UT (Freezemark:98745350 Signalment:HF1AAAABM).Her foal is #5358, an 7 mo old gelding, that will be weaned and adopted separately.For more information on the Sulphur HMA: (must copy & paste link into browser).This horse is located at the Delta Wild Horse Corrals, Delta, Utah. For more information please contact Heath Weber at or call 435-864-4068.Pick up options (by appt): Delta, UT; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK; Piney Woods, MS.Other pick up options: Brandon, FL (Jan 30); DeRidder, LA (Feb 20).Adoption confirmation for this animal must be finalized no later than Noon Nov 20th.

We will be offering mare #5350 up for adoption at a reduced rate due to her age through the Internet Adoption on Nov 4-18.

Number of Bids: 1
Winning bid: $25.00
High Bidder: OR7783
Category: Delta, UT
 Mare2 Sex: Mare Age: 12 Years   Height (in hands): 14.1Necktag #: 5345   Date Captured: 08/01/14Color: Dun   Captured: Sulphur (UT)Notes:
#5345 – 12 yr old dun mare, captured August 1, 2014 in the Sulphur HMA, UT (Freezemark:02745345 Signalment:HF1AAAAAM).Her foal is #5356, an 8 mo old gelding, that will be weaned and adopted separately.For more information on the Sulphur HMA: (must copy & paste link into browser).This horse is located at the Delta Wild Horse Corrals, Delta, Utah. For more information please contact Heath Weber at or call 435-864-4068.Pick up options (by appt): Delta, UT; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK; Piney Woods, MS.Other pick up options: Brandon, FL (Jan 30); DeRidder, LA (Feb 20).Adoption confirmation for this animal must be finalized no later than Noon Nov 20th.

If gelding #5345 is not adopted during the November 4-14, 2014 Internet Adoption, she will be available for adoption starting Dec 1st on a first come, first serve basis $125.00 with pick-up ONLY at the Delta Wild Horse Corrals in Delta, Utah.

We will be offering mare #5345 up for adoption at a reduced rate due to her age through the Internet Adoption on Nov 4-18.

Number of Bids: 1
Winning bid: $25.00
High Bidder: OR7783
 Sale Program
Sale ProgramBLM Wild Horse and Burro Sale Information
View on Preview by Yahoo

Mare1I don’t trust BLM any further than I can throw them.And yet these beautiful wild mares are in BLM’s “protection”! Mare2

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  1. I wonder if this a part of the future closing of the Mexican border? Like dump now while they can as fast as they can? smh.

    Between this and Governor Mead will this war ever end…


  2. And more “nuisance” Wild Horses and Burros are being removed due to ranchers’ complaints….without notification to people on the interested party lists.

    Surprise Field Office
    DOI-BLM-CA-N070-2014-0016 CX Wild horse and burro removal of wild horses from private lands Mosquito and Long valley nevada Steve Surian
    530-279-2712 pending 03/03/2014 09/17/2014 NAE

    Eagle Lake Field Office (Twin Peaks Herd Management Area)
    CA-N050-2015-03 CX Wild horse and burro Removal of Nuisance Burros on Private Land Stony Creek Ranch Farris, Patrick
    530.252.5319 In Progress 10/14/2014 NHA Eagle Lake 2015


  3. Earlier this year I was advised to “keep checking” for updates on the numbers and causes of death of the LTH horses moved to the feedlot in Kansas, which as far as I know has never been explained, no necropsy results or official numbers or causes of deaths made public. Here’s the latest “update” — still stuck on August 15, 2014. There is also some question about discrepancies between horses shipped out of their LTH pastures and the numbers of those who actually arrived at the feedlot. All these horses were older and surely tattooed, so are in the databases somewhere but it seems not in places available to the public.

    It’s also curious that horse #5345 (above) is described as both a mare and a gelding.


  4. You know, I just clicked through the links of the different ‘holding facilities’ that horses are being adopted out of and I have a question. If there are so many of these animals that need to be adopted, why in the hell is there only 20 or so on the webpages? There is not much effort being put into any of it – the descriptions are incorrect on most. And where in the heck are half of the poor horses tails? The yearlings look totally wormy and most of them look skinny. Some facilities don’t even show anything. I swear I saw numbers repeated for neck tag no’s but I could be wrong. This is completely disturbing on so many levels. I pray every day that something will change for these poor animals for the better.


    • Ilsa, I wondered that as well, especially the latest roundup from WY of over 1200 horses, about half of which were sent to Canon City, CO which held an adoption event just before Thanksgiving. Without the work of Carole Walker (and others) there were NO photos to be found on the BLM website of these horses, despite many days of looking for them. I understand perhaps the BLM is too busy to do the work of getting horses online, but it hardly counts as a public adoption if they don’t. Who will drive to Canon City on a whim? Not many people, and you won’t be allowed in on other than the adoption day anyway.


      • Without everyone’s tireless efforts there would probably be no info at all out there. You all are amazing people! It just dumbfounds me how these agencies get away with all of this.


  5. In the late 90’s I adopted a mustang out of Nevada here in Florida $125 my home and enclosure were inspected signing a paper saying if anything happen to the mustang in my care I could be inprisoned and fined alot. I had Dancer one month he became ill the vets were out several times it wasn’t until his death and autopsy done that it was the findings of so much sand that completely blocked him up. This greatly sadden me the little guy suffered. BLM was notified of the finding I was to either get my money back or another mustang in place well here it is 2014 nothing yet after so many letters and calls. They are meant to stay free but on the other hand instead of slaughter they need very good homes. BLM is not doing their job in the way they handle our western heritage.


    • I especially feel sad about your mustang Dancer and also for you but I hope you will continue to try to get BLM to admit their guilt by doing what they said they would.

      Joan Guilfoyle, Division Chief
      Division of Wild Horses and Burros
      20 M Street, S.E.
      Washington, DC 20003
      Main Contact Number: 202-912-7260

      Bolstad, Dean
      Senior Advisor 202-912-7297

      DeLorme, Ramona
      Staff Assistant (775) 861-6583

      Hooks, Holle
      WH&B Specialist (405) 790-1066

      Kipping, Sharon
      Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (202) 912-7263

      Reichold, Zachary
      Natural Resource Specialist (202) 912-7261

      Ruf, Ross
      Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (775) 475-2222

      Spencer, Sally J
      Supervisory Marketing Specialist (202) 912-7265

      Wade, Beatrice
      Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (775) 861-6625

      Roberson, Ed
      Assistant Director, Resources and Planning
      1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5644
      Phone: 202-208-4896
      Fax: 202-208-5010

      Collins, Debbie
      Wild Horse and Burro PR (405) 790-1056


  6. Icy
    Per FOIA data:
    Twin Peaks Herd Management Area Mare
    Horse Female w/one face whorl
    Right hind white stocking & Left hind white stocking (over knee)
    Bald face Pinto

    8/13/10 Captured at age 13 on the third official day of roundup – in the southern part of Twin Peaks HMA

    Shipped to Litchfield BLM short term holding facility
    (Northern CA) the following day

    8/30/2011 Shipped to Ridgecrest (Southern CA) a year later

    2/15/2012 Shipped to Teterville West, Kansas long-term holding six months later

    6/19/2014 Shipped to Scott City Kansas

    9/14/2014 died within three months of being shipped to Scott City
    at age 17

    Reason given for death “body condition unable to maintain” & “unexpected”

    How could it be an unexpected death if she was unable to maintain her body condition?
    If anyone with half a brain or even half a heart was caring for these horses they could easily see that she (and many many others) was failing in health for quite a while.

    Sounds like to me she spent her last three months starving to death under the “protection” of the Bureau of Land Management – thanks to Joan Guilfoyle and her associates.


    • GG, I agree this is disturbing, and the last “rumor” I heard were the numbers dead in this situation were approaching 100, but still no official cause of death given. When this story first broke I was curious about why the BLM investigators and their vet put down additional horses on arrival at the feedlot since they figured they would not survive anyway, but we were not to worry, there was no contagious disease suspected. A horse doesn’t starve to death beyond help in a few short weeks with food present, so this whole issue doesn’t pass the smell test for me. I am looking for an actual confirmed cause of death by horse, which to date has never been made public. Otherwise healthy horses dropping at a rate of about 4 per day doesn’t fit the “stress” model, either, for me. Something else happened (and is probably still happening) there but the truth is being veiled. For example, if all these horses had serious parasite loads, then were suddenly moved and their lives disrupted, strange new feed and water offered etc. they may have colicked in significant numbers. That would be proven out by necropsy.

      Where are these reports, by horse? You have found one of perhaps 100. If there is nothing to hide they should hide nothing.


      • As you say, without a valid non-biased necropsy we will not know what killed our mares at Scott City but it is my strong suspicion that the feed and/or the conditions at the feedlot are the answer.
        For information on livestock feedlot conditions and what is fed to livestock in feedlots (and much more information) you may wish to read “Mad Cowboy” by Howard Lyman.
        Also, preliminary necropsy reports are typically available within one day and final reports within 30 – 90 days. Where are our Scott City BLM’s reports?


    • Yes and as he says in the article, “If the NDAA passes with the public lands package inside, the livestock, timber, and mining industries will enjoy a very lucrative holiday season. Unfortunately, it will be at the expense of ecosystems, wildlife, and the public interest.”
      And as you said, the wild horses and burros also.


      • So it passed – I hadn’t heard that yet – so much for the will of the people and the better good of our country.


  7. This is heartbreaking and disturbing. For years when a horse was adopted for $125 a companion horse was available for $25 but just practically sending these ” older” mares to slaughter must stop. Also gelding colts so young will stunt their growth in many cases IMO. I don’t think follow-ups are done either on adopted horses. A vet did have to sign adoption papers after 1 year that the horse was in good condition so I could get title. Others were going to slaughter I rescued.


  8. I will put this here to catch the names I see responding to this article….Please anyone even remotely qualified, make application to the BLM board with these three positions open….Tim Harvey needs an ally, the horses need to be “protected” as the BLM board is charged to do….
    It is easy to say “been there, tried that” …but try again.
    ……. I feel it is an opportunity we cannot pass up… three positions open.
    Obviously the problem goes much higher than the BLM board, and really isn’t even the total responsibility of the BLM, ….the need to dispose of our wild horses for future government plans for our public land and land set aside for our horses….but to not even apply, if qualified, is to give up…..Our wild horses need your voice on the board if only for the public meetings…
    ……Tim speaks up, is interrupted, but we do get his message…. Tim pointing out at the meeting that “the burros would be used hard and needed real monitoring” if sent to Guatemala was heard and did serve to get public attention to get involved….
    At least he was there to challenge the other board members as they intended to just slide the program by.
    Tim said he watched cows eat, and “they tore the plants up by the roots” and “maybe 450,000 cows are impacting the land more than are 800 horses.”….
    He also recently had opportunity to voice his opinion about Wyoming/Mead on his FB page, and he carries weight in his posts due to the fact that he is a BLM board member…….I know it is a lot to ask of anyone…but please do it for the horses.
    Thank you.


  9. And in the case of Buffalo they are calling it “slaughter for habitat”


  10. A man who earned his PhD. in biology when Al Gore was at Harvard’s name is on all of the policy papers that list the horse as a non-native, feral, invasive, alien, plant pest. There is another Harvard scientist also very close to Al Gore and involved in the ESA passage who has made a big contribution to the efforts to justify eradicating the horse as a non-native, alien, invasive, animal species that can be a pest of plants. President Clinton’s signing of 92 UN CBD Article 8 (h) to prevent, control, and eradicate alien species; however, the Senate dd not ratify this treaty, but President Clinton and VP Gore needed to have this written into treaty to turn over the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act. They talked to the FAO in 1995 and in April 96, FAO wrote synonymous language into the 97 International Plant Protection Convention. NPS started euthanizing horses November 96 much against the wishes of the people. Meanwhile, six years later and the Corolla Wild Horse Protection Act is un-passed.

    Having read these papers where the methods to eradicate terrestrial vertebrates is discussed, it is reasonable to believe that the hay or water could be contaminated with toxins or a biological agent known to be deadly to horses. In fact, there have been two feed recalls in Tennessee and Lakeland, Florida , where horses have been fed feed with an antibiotic for cattle that causes the horses to go into organ failure and die. When I discussions of how to kill or control species, and then I read something like this—I cannot help but believe it is deliberate.

    This may go all the way to President Obama’s Science Czar, with ties to the Harvard environmental central. Mayor DeBlasio is planning to remove the carriage horses in New York.

    The scientist took a huge risk and I am sure he knows it because he edits most of the journals where the articles appear. There is a lot you can do with placement, captions, tables that pop up except for the incriminating one.

    The point is that I have told you the law in place instructors parties to eradicate wild horses. Therefore, we should not be surprised that this is what it looks like they are doing.

    What we have is a large effort to make this look like science, but it isn’t based on science, but it is based on deception with the intent to commit legal fraud in order to destroy the wild horses and burros protected under the 1971, so Sen. Reid et al can transfer the oil, coal, natural gas rich land to far left donors. Donors make millions-fund Dems-Dems are happy. What horses????


  11. I called the BLM Office that handles the Eastern Office adoptions and asked if these “cheaper” horses are Sale Authority horses and would i get title immediately or are they just like the younger adopted horses and i have to wait a year to get title …. i was told that the older horses are being offered at a reduced price but the adopter does not get title for 1 year like any other adopted horse. The BLM will be offering older horses at a reduced adoption fee to get them adopted into homes but adopters still have to follow the same rules that apply to an adopter that pays 125 or more.


    • Thank you. Very interesting, since the BLM website states, “eligible for sale, a transaction in which the title of ownership passes immediately from the Federal government to the buyer.” And having purchased a sale authority horse myself, I know they give you the title immediately – had it in my hand before I left the holding facility – and they NEVER contacted me about him again and in theory I could have sold him to a kill-buyer the very same day. They don’t care. Might be interesting to call a different facility and ask the same question and see what story they give you.


      • grandmagregg

        what i was told is they are not Sale Authority horses, these are just older horses with a reduced adoption fee, they are seeing if folks would be more interested in adopting older horses with a reduced adoption fee as most adopters are adopting the younger horses, leaving the older ones to end up with 3 strikes, so adopting one of these is like adopting a younger horse at the normal adoption fee, same rules and requirements apply and no title for 1 year


      • Storm Dancer-
        Thanks again. I do not doubt for a second that you are telling us what they told you. May I ask what BLM employee told you this?

        Any and all wild horses and burros captured by BLM over the age of ten (BLM guesses) are sale authority – regardless if they are at a facility or online. The normal cost is $25 each although I know of trailer load BLM sold for $10 each.

        Here is what BLM has published: “Under a December 2004 amendment to the 1971 wild horse law, animals over 10 years old – as well as younger ones that have been passed over for adoption at least three times – are eligible for sale, a transaction in which the title of ownership passes immediately from the Federal government to the buyer.”

        Horses and burros over the age of ten are already sale authority and therefore they do not fall into the “3-strikes” category. 3-strikes horses and burros are those under the age of ten that have been unsuccessfully adopted at an adoption day (or similar) or online three times. 3-strikes then also become available for sale at the reduced price with no restrictions. Note: Yes, when buying a sale authority horse or burro from BLM you are required to sign a paper that you will not knowingly sell them to a kill-buyer but like I said … nobody checks, which is all the more reason for us to keep our eyes wide open so that BLM doesn’t pull another “fast one” like they did when they sold Tom Davis about 1,700 over the course of a couple of years and not a single one could be accounted for.

        In the past BLM clumped all adopted and sold horses into one category – adopted. This has changed in the recent years and now they have the two separate categories – over ten & 3-strikes are “sale authority” and under ten are “adopted”.

        If the rules have changed then I want to know and I truly appreciate your help and concern.


    • To let you know. I went to an adoption event in Kaufman, TX a couple of months ago and the yearling I purchased was $25. This was his “third strike” event. That may explain some of the “reduced cost” for the animals. However, the contract and conditions for ownership remained the same as for all Mustangs/Burros at the $125.00 rate. By the way. Best $25.00 I’ve ever spent. That may be some explanation.


  12. Thanks for the info Mary and congratulations to both you and your yearling – sounds like it was a lucky match for you both.
    Apparently he was still considered in the adoption category since he was under age ten and had only two strikes against his record on that date and therefore you can get title after a year – although he would have had three strikes if you hadn’t adopted him. I am not surprised but am pleased to hear that they lowered the adoption price – more hay for him! I negotiated the price down on the two wild horses that I adopted also.
    I hope that we can all learn from each other with these conversations – and it does seem to be happening. I learned a LOT about wild horses and burros (and the adoption & sale procedures) from talking to others who had adopted or purchased wild horses and burros and from a couple of friends that used to be volunteers for compliance checks – I asked a lot of questions because I have a curious mind. Thanks.


    • Yes Ma’am. You are sure welcome. I forgot to mention that I also adopted a 3 year old mare and a 4 year old burro. I’m sure they are the norm for ages at these events. I did not see any older horses/burros over 4. I am delighted with all 3. I know they can no longer be free, but they are no longer numbers. I must tell you and the others here that I appreciate your diligence and compassion for the wild equines.


      • Mary – You and your four-legged friends are all so very lucky to have each other. Your statement about them no longer “being numbers” is SO true. BLM/USFS doesn’t want the American public to know that they are living breathing thinking caring loving feeling creatures because the majority of Americans would then stand up and fight for them and become their voice – the voice of the innocent who have done no wrong.


    • Thanks Geri – I really learn a lot from other people who share my concern for our wild ones and thank you (and everyone) for helping us all to learn.
      Just my personal opinion and being familiar with REAL wild horses and burros on their legal land and not being familiar with eco-sanctuaries, I ask … are these non-reproducing herds? Is this eco-sanctuary like a zoo?
      I am always grateful to hear about any wild horse or burro (or cat or dog etc) that has a forever home, but our wild horses and burros already have a forever home in the wild! I am curious if these eco-sanctuaries are just another BLM ploy to make the public think that there really IS an excess of wild horses and burros on their legally designated land? Because the fact is there is no excess of wild horses and burros on their legally designated land that is (by law) to be theirs PRINCIPALLY.


  13. as much as i hate to say … but every body i gave to you an article in the d.c.clothesline ,the title is” obama : the last american president ” and i suggested that everybody please read it because i found that article to be the scariest piece of information that i had read in a very long time . and i for one am very scared of what else this m/f is going yo do to us before he is gone . they (the government ) are already kicking people off their land in the north east and herding them toward the city . the prices of our food is going up and eventually most people will not be able buy . the government wants the populationin a centralized urban setting for control per. it goes all the way back to daddy bush and it has to do with agenda 21 . the prez. sold us out to china when he entered into office and they were all about solar panels an solar farms, the big cattle operations , and mining . this muslam piece of crap had us sold out when he went in . i even found a story on medicare that there is an extermination code on or in your papers or card uncover of diagnois code of E978 and you can read that at federal government centers of medicare and medicaid at national defense authorization act an other bill not brought out for public view . against all these dirty harry’s


      • It was VP Biden who recently last year?, added to a bill and got usa slaughter houses banned for a couple years. I resent those types of fear media political comments and totally disagree with you. Its not fair to the issue of how can we stop the corrupt BLM, hey have almost totally exterminated our wild horses and cut their public lands in half in less then 15 years.


  14. The internet adoption in the past before your active time) used to have lots of older horses, beautiful wild horses. Then they started that burns rider that let BLM get rid of older horses and just list the young ones. Every single one they round up should be microchipped/freezebranded and listed on the internet. BLM should never ever kill any horse due to age. BLM should account for every single horse the ‘for profit’ private contractors are paid for. We are not talking about big numbers here and every single horse should be in their BLM inventory/contractors payment information by now.


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