Erik Molvar of WildEarth Guardians on livestock grazing, oil & gas issues and more, on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 4/8/15)


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Our guest tonight is Erik Molvar, M.S., Sagebrush Sea Campaign Director for WildEarth Guardians.

Erik Molvar joined WildEarth Guardians in 2013 as their Sagebrush Sea Campaign Director.  He received a M. Sc. in Wildlife Management at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where he authored a number of scientific studies on the evolutionary biology, population dynamics, and ecology of Alaskan moose.

Erik spent 13 years as Wildlife Biologist and later Executive Director for Biodiversity Conservation Alliance in Wyoming, where he specialized in sage grouse conservation and oil and gas issues.  He served four years on the Laramie City Council, where he moved a national resolution on hydraulic fracking through the National League of Cities.

WildEarth Guardians states “Between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada exists a vast legacy of boundless and untamed lands: we call it the Sagebrush Sea and much of it belongs to every American. Decisive conservation action on nearly 80 million acres of this landscape has long been delayed and denied.”

Key objectives of the Sagebrush Sea Campaign are to retire livestock grazing from millions of acres by offering ranchers an equitable exit strategy and to secure federal legislation that authorizes voluntary and permanent grazing permit retirement.  WildEarth Guardians also works to save prairie dogs and sage grouse.


Erik is also a professional writer and photographer, and has authored 16 guidebooks to national parks and wilderness areas across the West.

Read Erik’s 25th Anniversary Story “How the West Was Won“.  To read many interesting reports by WildEarth Guardians, click HERE.

Tonight’s radio show will be hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation


To contact us:, or call 320-281-0585


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*SM – Service Mark

6 comments on “Erik Molvar of WildEarth Guardians on livestock grazing, oil & gas issues and more, on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 4/8/15)

  1. This is what they are up against:

    The Wildlife Society
    TWS Executive Director Testifies Before Congress
    Posted on March 20, 2015

    Byron “Ken” Williams, Executive Director of TWS, testified in front of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies on behalf of TWS members.

    The Subcommittee held a Public and Outside Witness Hearing on March 18th, inviting the public to submit testimony on programs over which the subcommittee has oversight, including many conservation programs. TWS submitted written testimony in addition to testifying in-person in order uphold TWS’s mission of supporting the professional community of wildlife biologists, managers, and educators by advocating for appropriate funding levels for Fiscal Year 2016. Recommendations for funding were based off of previous years’ funding levels, the President’s budget request, and TWS’s assessment of program needs.

    TWS expressed support for various conservation programs implemented by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS),
    Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and
    U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) during the public witness day.
    The written testimony advocates further for these programs and others administered by the U.S. Forest Service and expresses support for the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act, which is cosponsored by all members of the Subcommittee.


  2. The hour went by so fast! What I learned from Erik were many new pieces of the puzzle to the numerous environmental issues of our American public lands and/or verified what I knew or had heard. It is refreshing to be reminded that many intelligent true scientists see and every day are doing what must be done in order to protect our earth for future generations.
    Thank you Erik Molvar from WildEarth Guardians and thank you to Deb Coffey and Marti Oakley and Wild Horse Freedom Federation for ALL of the radio shows.


  3. WHAT a wealth of information.
    Everything in Nature works so beautifully when left alone.
    Sometimes you have to wonder where humans fit in, as it seems they have destroyed so much.
    Can we possibly learn to live on this Earth as we should?
    We have to try.


  4. Will have to listen to Erik as soon as I can to see if he’s changed. When I contacted him, he didn’t respond to the plight of wild horses in the Red Desert but only as an afterthought. He is concerned about true native species, and American wild horses died out 12,000 yrs ago. According to Erik, what we have are released domestics from Spanish stock. He’s a hunter besides. I sent him a variety of studies including the Reserve Design by Craig Downer, but he didn’t respond.


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