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AQHA Political Action Committee Sets Goal to Derail S.A.F.E. Act Despite Huge Losses

Heather Clemenceau is spot on with her assessment of America’s most cruel and corrupt horse breeding association.


money-bag-filled-with-moneyWritten by:  Heather Clemenceau

It’s no secret that the AQHA, the largest non-profit breed association in the world, takes the most destructive and inhumane approach to horse slaughter of any of the breed groups. On the one hand, they have a Mission Statement to ensure the American Quarter Horse is treated humanely, with dignity, respect and compassion at all times. However, the world’s largest breed registry needs a system to make room for the continuing mass production, hence their business model is to breed as many horses as possible (thus maintaining new memberships and registrations thus ensuring that they are a self-perpetuating entity) while discarding older  or surplus horses and horses with undesirable conformation to slaughter plants.

The AQHA also has a less-well known political action committee – AQHPAC which has set a goal of raising $250,000 by the 2016 elections, in part to fight the malicious…

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  1. If the horses they breed for one venue or another, do not measure up, off they go to slaughter. Those fat halter babies and yearlings bring good meat prices. It is all about the money to those big breeders. There are good breeders, they are few and far between IMHO.


    • They Breed for the imperfections to make it harder for smaller breeders to get those weird shapes and odd training styles and then when the people rise up in outrage the answer is back door to slaughter while telling the public in the Journal weve chosen to breed for better qualities we apologize for the inconvience. Then the next fad…and on and on. Its intentional


  2. The AQHA doesn’t qualify as a nonprofit and if they are filing as such, they need to be looked into by the IRS. ASPCA came out with the news about language to amend the appropriations bill instigated by congressional pro slaughter groups. Better keep a close eye on them. This is no surprise to me but I you may be amazed or shocked by it.


  3. And this is one reason that my quarter horse is not registered with them. There is no way I will support the AQHA in any way. This mindset of breed and discard must stop! And not just for quarter horses, but for breeders of all horses, dogs, cats, etc. We have become such a throw away society that we discard life as useless trash, and many are thrilled if they can somehow recoup some of their investment regardless of the method (slaughter). I’ve seen Americans condemn other countries for inhumane treatment of animals, and apparently don’t even realize that it is going on in the good ole’ USA every single day. The almighty dollar reigns supreme in this country. It’s so disgusting!!


  4. Well Folks, the war is just beginning. If you read the stats on AQHA their registry and membership is severely on the decrease. Many people who own quarter horses are not renewing their memberships. Someone has to pay for the big shows and all that goes along with that. I won’t rejoin either if I knew my registration fees were going to pay the Lobbyist in Washington, DC big time. This is one of the worst breed associations I know of. FYI to all the Horse Warriors out there. There is finally a program and march scheduled for Sept. 29th with the purpose of briinging light .to the slaughter of US horses and other equines and thr issue of Safe food. This will promote the Safe Food and Safe Horse Act. It will begin in front of the Dept . of iAgriculture Bldg at 9:30 am and will have a number of great speakers on this subject and the bill. A block of rooms are being held at the Americana Hotel. If there was ever a time to speak out NOW is the time. Once the speeches have concluded there will be a march to the Capital. If you have had enough try and make the march and the program. Get some friends together go and bunk together. Look what Declan has done at such a young age. What the hell are the rest of us waiting for?? This bill has a great deal of momentum going and AQHA knows it. Think about all the horses both wild and domestic, the ponies, the minis, the Burros, the mules and all others falling into this category. Quite frankly in 2005, 2006, I saw pictures and witnessed a rickedy old truck at a gas station with a load of horses with their faces pressed up against the trailer looking out. From that moment on, I knew saw the reality of horse slaughter and knew I amwould fight Horse slaughter til the day I left this Earth. If there was ever a time, IT IS NOW! Info about the program and march is available on Face Book. I sure hope I see some of my Fellow Horse Warriors there. Let’s all send AQHA down in flames and get this legislation finally passed!!!


  5. When will humans (are these people really human?) stop disposing of animals as if they were old worthless and stained rags? One definition I saw of the word “worthless” was “having no financial value” … and I think that sums up the AQHA’s attitude.

    “If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”
    ― James Herriot, All Creatures Great and Small


    • The whole premise that if an animal has no “financial” value then it follows that it must be worthless certainly tells you these people have no soul! The people who believe this are more than likely the ones who throw away animals when they no longer want them. Not only cats & dogs, but horses too. How do we change this attitude? Or is it even possible?


  6. I’m with you Gail, 100%!!! It’s time truth and justice prevails for our American horses! Their protection from slaughter and ultimately the safety from toxic horsemeat must be the goal for the welfare of all! It’s an evil practice and one that must not prevail!




      • To All AQHA people I am in Support of You and your Horses. We are in this Fight For your Rights and your horses along with the honest hard work you have put in. I am against horse slaughter and AQHA supporting it as a fund raiser. These donations above could be used for some animal rescues or some source of solution for equine disease or buy and donate vaccines to rescues not reopen horse slaughter padding yet another wallet.


      • Someone start a petition to get AQHA to change its Mission statement. Something like Greed over Steeds would work better.


  8. Coltswestern shop, love that Stop the Greed over the Steed! The problem is our memberships are weak when it comes to control over these breed associations. The Arabian Horse Assoc. did the same thing to its members. The then President and the BOD passed a motion to support. Many of the members were irrate. One of the AHA clubs put a resolution on the convention floor to rescind the motion. Many members were not in favor, yet others supported it. Of course where would the dump the foals and the youngsters that didn’t make the grade? But wait there is a committee called Equine Stress which deals with inhumane issues related to our horses. As a committee member, I voiced my opposition to this during a committee meeting as did others. Please tell me what could be more stressful than slaughter?AHA did not let this resolution go to the floor instead made an agreement to take the motion off the floor. I believe it was done to avoid egg on the faces of those who pushed the motion thru at the Directors meeting. What troubles me is that there remains no discussion. I would have had more respect for the then President Lance Walters if they voted to remain neutral. The same with the Directors. It’s all about the money and the politics!


    • Weak possibly but not finished. Never admit weakness. Never. The fact is strength is born out out of a past weakness. Digging inside for the answers even when theres none. I know their circle the wagon routine. So lets start taking their wheels off literally. Unhitch their team and get into where we need to be. I came from quarters and Appaloosas for many generations. We had a few Big Name horses and meeting people like Bill Des Barres just wasnt that appealing. It was a stroke of genious that my Grandfather go me an internship with Walkers/Saddlebreds/Foxtrotters. I loved the work. I hated the games. I learned these are secretive manipulative agencies that with a swipe literally wipe you off their board. Then it occurred to me they are just human and theres always a way to get through. Its tough but like withv the Mustangs theres a way. We dont have a choice but to Win these battles. We have to for the horses. Right now they are attempting to play the “hero” card and save the day like in movies….but hang in there because we are here to save Real lives and Every damn Advocate everwhere is doing whatever they can. Never mention weakness….no instead look for our strength. They circle the wagons think of the far side well circle the horses around the wagons and yank off their wheels! Keep speaking out.


    • I remember many years ago when the barn owner (where I boarded) received a little herd of Arabian mares – many pregnant & most very thin – were brought there after being removed from the owner. This was a hack stable, as well as a boarding barn. None of these mares had been handled all that much. I think that was at a point where the AHA was going downhill fast & there was a surplus of Arabians. They were there for several months – had foals & became easier around people – foals were beautiful. I’m not sure exactly what became of them – the owner wanted them back, of course. But one day when I came to the barn they were gone.



    Also, why is “Other Revenue*” not explained and yet it is the largest amount on the return for both years – close to $16.6 million in the most recent return and $14.9 million for the year before? Also Other Expenses is a large amount in the Expenses chart: over $5.4 million ($5,477,348) in the most recent 990. Perhaps the Board of Directors should ask for a forensic audit in order to get into the chart of accounts, as that is the only way for them to see the real picture.

    Another interesting set of numerical values is represented in the salaries being paid to the upper management of AQHA whose posting this type of unprecedented loss on their watch:

    1) Executive Vice President Don Treadway’s salary totals $371,639, which is actually $230 less than the year before;

    2) Treasurer Trent Taylor’s total salary is $239,744, $18,456 less than the year before (however the takeaway came from the loss of a bonus and benefits, as his base salary was increased $14,370);

    3) Tom Pereschino, Executive Director of Competition and Breed Integrity, was receiving a salary of $181,187, which includes a $7,873 bonus, and is a $25,440 increase from the prior year.

    However, the biggest increase in salary went to 4) William “Alex” Ross, Director of Judges, who was receiving a $246,285 salary, which included a $9,308 bonus, and is a whopping $55,201 increase from the prior year, and

    5) Attorney Chad Pierce’s salary is $239,849 down from $244,578 in the prior year, due to the loss of a bonus.

    Total upper management salaries totaled close to $1.3 million ($1,278,704), down $113,839 from the prior year. However, the increase in current salaries ate up most of the $171,065 that was paid to Billie Smith in the prior year, rather than saving the money. Smith was not replaced and is currently the Executive Director of the American Paint Horse Association.

    Total salaries paid out in the Sept. 30 IRS 990 were close to $15.6 million ($15,587,041), down $1.5 million from the previous year’s $17.5 million ($17,546,036). In the 2012 IRS 990, salaries were 34 percent of total functional expenses, while in 2013, salaries were 32 percent of functional expenses.

    Eight (8) AQHA employees are being paid over $100,000 a year and also include Karen Latta, Executive Director of Marketing, $134,069; Patricia Carter, Executive Director of Shows, $121,561 and Richard Buck, Executive Director of Racing, $120,561, for a total of $1,654,895, averaging $206,862 for each of the eight employees.

    Click for highest-compensated employees

    Click to access Officer-Compensation-2012-2013-Sheet1.pdf


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