Feel Good Sunday: Volunteers Help Horses Ravaged by CA Wildfires

Forward and Story by Grandma Gregg

Hi again R.T.-

You probably are not aware that for the past 2 weeks there have been two gigantic and very fast moving wildfires in the foothills of northern California.

Many horses and other wild and domestic animals have been injured and have lost their lives. On the “feel good” side of this, there has been an incredible volunteer force that have done every imaginable job to help these animals. 

I know that you did similar animal assistance after hurricane Katrina and will know the physical and emotional drain and yet fulfillment that the volunteers experience but of course it is the animals who are the innocent creatures that need help in a disaster like this.

I have put together a little bit of information and links in case you wish to use it for feel good Sunday. I realize that the fire is no where near “feel good” … but the volunteers that have and continue to help are without a doubt worthy of a “feel good” moment and even more important any and all of the animals that have been saved and given medical attention and taken to safe homes and on and on are what REALLY count.”

– Grandma Gregg (the mean old grandma with the soft heart for animals)

Hundreds of Animal Lovers Step In to Help Hundreds of Horses and Other Animals

photo courtesy of the Sacramento Bee
photo courtesy of the Sacramento Bee

Northern California wildfires have been burning for the past two weeks and have put hundreds of horses and other animals in jeopardy and there is even a rumor that at least 585 horses have lost their lives and hundreds more are in need of short-term and long-term help.

These fires are almost contained but as of today are still burning. The two largest N.CA wildfires are the Butte in Amador Co. with 70,868 acres burned, 93% contained, 1,726 personnel, 475 residences, 343 outbuildings and an unknown number of animals lost and the Valley fire in Lake Co. with 76,067 acres, 90% contained, 2868 personnel and 1,910 structures and an unknown number of animals lost. Both of these fire areas are in the foothills with many small mom-and-pop ranchettes with only a few acres and a few animals at each but they add up to hundreds of goats and pigs and chickens and even emus and llamas as well as cats and dogs but they also include many horses.

“Many of these horses will return to their homes once their owners can come and get them and bring them home,” said representative for the Calaveras County Fairgrounds. “But some owners’ properties have been destroyed and the horses will have no place to go, so we’re going to have them for a while.”

More information and ideas on how to help are provided here:









  1. We have those same situations here on Colorado (I also live in the foothills), so have seen the devistation close up.
    It is so nice to see the BIG hearts that people have.
    Thank You, Grandma Gregg for sharing

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