“Field spaying”: what the BLM is going to do to our WILD mares

For our newer readers, we are re-posting excerpts from a 2013 article from this blog (The BLM & Fish and Wildlife Service are experimenting on our wild horses and burros) so that you will know exactly what “field spaying” looks like and what the BLM plans to do to the wild mares of the White Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) in Wyoming.  This will likely be done on other HMAs in the future.  Please call the White House at (202) 456-1414, and your Congressional representatives and ask them to halt this experimentation on wild horses and burros.  –  Debbie Coffey

(Warning: the photos below may be disturbing to some)

The BLM and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (also a Department of the Interior agency) are partnering in EXPERIMENTING on our wild horses (and, in the case of the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, “feral” horses).  The BLM National advisory board was even discussing tubal ligation for mares (which seems to have been in trials in 2004).

Below is a presentation seemingly by LEON PIELSTICK, DVM, the veterinarian who has been conducting experiments on the field spaying of mares, and it shows (possibly Leon Pielstick himself) spaying a mare at a wild horse sanctuary.

Your tax dollars are paying for this experimentation.


(this is a portion of the presentation of an ovariectomy with chain ecraseur via colpotomy incision)

Pielstick 1

Pielstick 2

Pielstick 3

Pielstick 4Pielstick 5

Pielstick 6

Pielstick 7

Pielstick 8

(And the presentation states this:)

pielstick 15

However, other veterinary sources are concerned about a high incidence of peri-operative complications, including post-operative myopathy/neuropathy, wound infections, wound dehiscence, eventration, vaginal adhesions, peritonitis, post-operative pain and hemorrhage.  Also, looking at the 3rd bullet point above, others estimate the prep time for surgery to be 10 minutes for standing sedation, 10-15 minutes for epidural anesthesia, and 10 minutes for the aseptic preparation.  And the part about this being a “One time treatment, no need for further round ups” – wouldn’t “no need for further round ups” mean doing this to more than a few mares and could this create a NON-REPRODUCING HERD?




  1. So if I have this right, they starve the horses for 2 days (likely to induce colic) first, then cut through the vagina (hopefully missing the rectum or femoral artery), encircle the ovaries and essentially yank them out, and don’t suture the incision/s before turning the mare loose, hoping for the best? What amount of rollup data collecting will be done to monitor the results of these experiments? Will we, for instance, ever know how many mares don’t survive this procedure, or how many die later of complications (and how much later?).


  2. With a high mortality rate under sterile conditions what do you think is going to happen when these hackers invade the mares and molest them. The BLM are a bunch of Nazis… Just like Hitler’s Nazis and the horses are the Jewish people.. No don’t say you’re offended. You should be mad as hell!


    • Agree with you Terry 100 percent. This BLM we have now needs to be investigated and revamped or shut down. THEY ARE NAZIS.
      This spaying of the mares is insane!! It’s very risky , expensive and many of these mares will die a slow, miserable death probably ftom perotinitis. Not only that this insane idea of zeroing out the wild horses in all our states is against the wikd horse and burro act of 1971.

      the banning together of the various wild horse organizations, HSUS , Return to Freedom, American Wild Horse preservatuon, and there’s so many more.
      Need to join together to form more powerful coalitions against this horrid BLM..
      Return to Freedom filed a lawsuit against the BLM to halt the spayings and castrations of the Saylor herd in colorado. They have an attorney listed there as well..
      Same needs to be done for the WMH.
      Someone needs to get the papers rolling in that area against the BLM. Ask RTF about iit if necessary. People who live in the area shoukd get together to work on this lawsuit. if nothing is done then nothing will be done about this beautiful herd and what a shame thar would be.
      The Salt River Wild Horses roundups have been cancelled…for now. But not without a fight. If we hadn’t raised hell here they’d be already gone.


  3. Good God – and don’t forget, at one time they had prisoners doing it. So not only do you have a non-sterile environment and the possibility of infection and blood loss, but inexperienced people involved. I remember reading here about the death of a mare or stallion, they didn’t even seem to get that right!


    • Petitions are not generally useful. It would however calling or writing your Rep and Senators. If we could cause a ruckus and get several involved asking BLM to stop as happened with FWS in Tonto National Forest then we might have a chance.


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