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Senator Lisa Murkowski Answers ‘Neigh’ on Horse Protection Amendment

By as published on NEWSWEEK

A senator jokingly offered her best horse impersonation inside the Capitol on Tuesday, voting “neigh” on the Senate floor.

With her animal impression, Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski was the joking lone dissenter on a voice vote related to a horse protection amendment. When New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte asked the chamber for the “nays,” Murkowski responded with an equine “neigh.” The chamber, including Ayotte, erupted into laughter.

The bill aims to ensure that the secretary of the interior collaborates with state and local authorities and certain nonprofit entities to maintain the genetic diversity and viability of the Corolla wild horse population in and around North Carolina’s Currituck National Wildlife Refuge.

Later on Wednesday, the Senate overwhelmingly approved the first comprehensive energy bill since 2007, to which the horse amendment was attached. More than a year in the making, the measure passed 85-12. Its aims are investment in renewable energy, modernizing the electric grid to help integrate renewable technologies and training a new generation of energy workers.

Murkowski, who hails from a prominent Alaskan political family—her father was both the state’s governor and a senator—is well-liked in the chamber but isn’t regarded as one of the upper body’s more notorious cutups. More often, she’s a staid voice for her state’s energy interests, as she was in a new video promoted by the House Republican Conference.

“Our bipartisan path forward will help America produce more energy. It will help Americans pay less for energy, and it will firmly establish America as a global energy superpower,” she says.

The energy bill is widely popular, but it was delayed in February because of a partisan dispute involving two Democratic senators who planned to send hundreds of millions of dollars in emergency aid to Flint, Michigan, to fix contaminated water pipes. The city is dealing with an ongoing crisis involving lead in its drinking water.

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  1. She may be ‘well-liked’ in the chamber, she is loathed at my house. Your actions and words go to God’s ears, Lisa. And arent welcomed there either.


  2. Killing horses isn’t a laughing matter to make jokes at. Is that the best tax payers get for paying there wages?

    Take horse slaughter killings seriously. Go visit the hell they live in at Bovery when the usa allow exporting them to Canada and mexico.


  3. This humor is totally lost on me. Shame on the Alaskan Senator.

    I am appalled that Senator Whitehouse of RI is not supporting some protections for wild horses and burros, expressing a belief that there are no natural predators (which we killed off and don’t protect either) causing populations to skyrocket.


    • The thing is the protections for the horses within the amendment won’t cost the taxpayers a dime as the horses are managed by a nonprofit organization. Obviously, that didn’t matter to her.


  4. She sounded more like a sheep than a horse. Washington has a MASSIVE sheeple problem. Maybe “sterilizing” their terms after a certain number of years in office would do the trick.


  5. What a disgrace–it doesn’t matter to her the suffering and death of these beautiful and innocent creatures!! Please vote her out of office–who wants to be represented that makes fun of the wishes of good people who care deeply about the welfare of horses. Every utterance of these caring people is from their heart and they are defending animals that can’t speak for themselves–horses are a part of American culture since the beginning and surely they deserve better!!Shame on Lisa Murkwoski–get rid of her and her cold heartless voting for suffering and death.


  6. This bill must be passed. There are few right things going on in our world today and this protection of The Wild Mustangs and Burros is right and good. Please see that its the right thing to do, and pass the Bill. Thank you.


  7. What an IDIOT!… Her term needs to be up and that’s it for her. Unimpressed with her comments and attitude.


  8. I fail to see the humor here. She is clueless, no doubt!! I wish Bill Maher could watch this video clip as he would have a blast verbally ripping her to shreds on national TV. Shame on the rest of them for thinking it was hilarious! Sickening!


  9. These bills that save money cost the consumer in the end. They have operational costs increases and fees weve never heard of etc etc. So they all sound good up front and cost big bucks on the @##end! Energy. Wild horses hmmmmmmm


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