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The BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Statistics Continue to Suck

Forward by R.T. Fitch, commentary and stats provided by Grandma Gregg

Dunce Welfare Cow“For years we have verified and reported on the BLM’s junk science, bogus numbers, poor math and yet they continue to spew nonsense, propaganda and misinformation to the ever eager and uninformed mainstream media.  From buzzwords like ‘feral’ and ‘overpopulation’ the BLM spins tales of doom and gloom about the upcoming apocalypse of the wild ones while ignoring the profiteering of welfare ranchers whose subsidized, private cattle out number protected wild horses and burros by 100s to 1 on our public lands.

Once again, our avid researcher, Grandma Gregg, has discovered yet another number published by the BLM that would make one believe that our wild burros are reproducing faster than cloned rabbits.  If it were not so illegal and sad it would be funny.” ~ R.T.

Wild Burros Really DO have Litters!

(Data from BLM Herd Stats)

Although it is not REALLY funny … take a look at BLM’s math … the little burros were sure “going at it” that year with a 202% increase!

250 burros had 504 (surviving) babies in ONE year!

Quick … call the Guinness Book of World Records!

Big Sandy
Burros Population Per BLM Herd Stats BLM AML       111-139
Year       (March 1st) Increase /Decrease % Change Known Removals Subtotal Last Capture/Removal
3/1/2016 1201 166 16% Aug-13
3/1/2015 1035 135 15% Aug-13
2014 900 146 19% Aug-13
2013 754 504 202% Jul-07
2012 250 41 20% Nov-09
2011 209 27 15% Nov-09
2010 182 -2 -1% Nov-09
2009 184 25 16% Jun-03
2008 159 22 16% Jun-03
2007 137 -2 -1% Jun-03
2006 139 0 0% Jun-03
2005 139 Jun-03

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  1. Where did these idiots go to school? Its obvious that they know nothing about their reproductive habuts. With those numbers they all would have to twin or have triplets. Come on they are not goats. Terrible, just terrible and we pay these idiots a salary for this stupidity!! Unfrickin real!

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  2. PS … and to add insult to stupidity you will note on the chart, they just used that [WRONG] number and continued to spike the BS population UP UP UP for the following years and never even noticed they had screwed up.

    Anyone can make a mistake and this is not the only error many of us have seen them do but you and I pay them to get it right and even after 4 years they still haven’t seen it and the bottom line is that they use these numbers to make “management” decisions (i.e. capture/removals/sterilization). BLM uses these numbers in their total “on the range” population counts to get funding and on and on – so I don’t take them being idiots as acceptable.

    “More than ever before, BLM field managers and wild horse and burro specialists are challenged to base management decisions on accurate and credible population estimates. The BLM Instruction Memorandum (IM) establishes program guidance and policy for inventorying and estimating wild horse population numbers to supply the managers and the public with scientifically supportable and defensible population estimates of wild horse and burro populations.”

    The bottom line is that wild horses’ and wild burros’ lives depend on the BLM NOT being stupid.


    • What really infuriates me is they believe WE are the stupid ones! That we aren’t smart enough to investigate & research their “numbers”! It becomes obvious that no one actually LOOKS at their statistics – just print it out & publish it!


  3. While sometimes and in some areas animals can emigrate into an area from somewhere else thus accounting for large jumps in population numbers in any given area, I do not believe this to be the case here. Sometimes also they will say that their counting methods have improved. Weasels! Get my book I have a lot on this sort of thing and check out my website. By the way I will be giving a live streamed talk on Reserve Design this coming Thursday 26th May at 6 pm Pacific time and there will be Q & A at the end of this. Webpage is and link to book is, also an ebook.



    In 1971, more letters poured into Congress over the threat to our nation’s wild horses than over any issue in U.S. history, except for the Vietnam War. And so Congress unanimously passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act,

    Fast-forward thirty years: in 2001, after decades of failed herd management policies, the BLM obtained a 50% increase in annual budget to $29 million for implementation of an aggressive removal campaign; in 2004, the 1971 Act was surreptitiously amended, without so much as a hearing or opportunity for public review, opening the door to the sale of thousands of wild horses to slaughter for human consumption abroad.

    Injuries, abortions, trauma and death are the common results of wild horse round-ups (or “gathers,” to use a placating euphemism). Horses seen galloping during a round-up are terrified wild animals chased by helicopter and running for their lives. It has been documented that, long after they have been adopted out, BLM-captured horses will still react in terror to a helicopter flying overhead.

    As wild horses are driven into holding pens, closely-knit family bands are broken up; foals may be separated from their mothers, trampled, or sometimes, too exhausted to keep up with the herd, left behind to fend for themselves out on the range; stallions, suddenly crammed in close quarters, will fight. At the holding site, BLM makes “liberal” use of its euthanasia policy: horses with physical defects such as club-feet are euthanized, including adults that had managed to thrive for years in the wild.

    BLM routinely turns a blind eye on abuse by its two main round-up contractors. To quote an eye-witness to the 2006 Sulphur round-up in Utah: “In all my life I have never seen such blatant abuse and neglect and just plain lack of compassion for horses, or animals in general for that matter.” It is not uncommon for contractors to drag a listless body into the round-up pen to collect their fee, as they get paid per horse, dead or alive.

    Round-ups are often conducted in secrecy, with heavy police presence to keep the public at bay. Once in a while, BLM and its contractors will invite the public and the media to a carefully staged capture, where a few horses are trotted into a pen.

    The fact is that the 1982 National Academy of Sciences report and two General Accounting Office reports have countered key points in BLM’s premise for its current herd reduction campaign. These government-sanctioned documents concluded that: (i) horses reproduce at a much slower rate than BLM asserts, (ii) wild horse forage use remains a small fraction of cattle forage use on public ranges, (iii) “despite congressional direction,
    BLM did not base its removal of wild horses from federal rangeland on how many horses ranges could support,” and (iv) “BLM was making its removal decisions on the basis of an interest in reaching perceived historic population levels, or the recommendations of advisor groups largely composed of livestock permittees.”


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