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‘We Are Gathered Here to Bray’: Donkeys Mourn

Source: ABC News

“For those people who still think animals have no emotions: Watch this video!”

This emotional video shows donkeys grieving the loss of one of their own.

The deceased donkey, Bram, had to be euthanized after failing to regain his health while staying at the Ezelshoeve Foundation, a donkey sanctuary in the Netherlands.

In the video, posted to YouTube in February, the surviving donkeys are seen gathering around Bram’s deceased body and are heard making distressed noises.

The founders of the sanctuary said the noises made by the donkeys were different than their usual cries and were a sign the donkeys were in mourning.

One of the donkeys also tried to tug at Bram to wake him up.

“For those people who still think animals have no emotions: Watch this video!” the sanctuary posted on YouTube.

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  1. Makes me want to cry. 😥 Also, the dark brown one looks like he’s trying to protect and shield the dead donkey and the pinto even paws him in disbelief.


    • And still there are people who believe animals have no soul! I feel SO sorry for them – they have no idea how much they are missing.


  2. Yes, when my older Horse had to be put to sleep my vet said not to bury.him until the next day so his Buddy and pasture mates could view him as he was put to sleep later in the evening. I was out there when the barn owner turned them all out. At first they all went out to the pasture. Then my Happy saw him laying in the pen. He came in from the pasture and the other horses followed. Soon they all surrounded him. Stood silently for a moment. Then Lucky and the group smelled him all over, especially.his mouth, face and ears. It was a ritual. Then they stood silently as if in prayer. After a few moment’s the one horse who was the dominant.gelding herded them all out to the pasture and that was it. I was so.afraid I would have trouble with my Happy after his partners death. After that amazing.ritual it was over. I wished I could have done a video because it was amazing to.see. You had to be there to believe it. So I know this is true.

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    • I believe, I have witnessed some things that only a true believer would believe. And I was not alone when these things happened so it was not my imagination.


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