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Stop BLM’s cruel experiments using wild horses and burros as lab rats: Charlotte Roe, Founder of Wild Equid League of Colorado (& TCF Advisor) on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 6/22/16)



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Carol Walker (Dir. of Field Documentation) and R.T. Fitch (Pres. and Co-Founder) of Wild Horse Freedom Federation host tonight’s show.  Our guest is Charlotte Roe, Founder of Wild Equid League of  Colorado and Advisor to The Cloud Foundation.  We’ll be detailing BLM’s cruel experiments on wild horses and burros that are a launching pad for widespread use by BLM as “population suppression” on the remaining wild horses and burros on public lands.  These heartless experiments are the endgame for wild horses and burros.  We’ll also tell you how you can help to stop these experiments.

BLM experiments include senseless laser ablation on 8 month old foals and, with along with partner Oregon State University, risky ovariectomies via colpotomy (pictures below) performed by veterinarian Leon Pielstick.

Pielstick 6Pielstick 7To contact us:, or call 320-281-0585


1/20/16 – Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, on BLM’s plans to sterilize wild horse and burros.  Listen HERE.

1/27/16 – Marjorie Farabee, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, on threats to shoot wild burros in Arizona.  Listen HERE.

2/8/16 – Representatives of 4 major wild horse & burro advocacy groups and advocates speak out against BLM’s plans for barbaric sterilization experiments on wild mares.  Listen HERE.

2/10/16 – Jonathan Ratner, Western Watersheds Project’s Director for Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, talks about the environmental toll of privately owned livestock grazing on public lands.  Listen HERE.

2/24/16 – Kirsten Stade, Advocacy Director for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), on BLM’s skewed data minimizing the effects of livestock grazing on public lands.  Listen HERE.

3/2/16 – Marjorie Farabee, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Equine Mgr. of Todd Mission Ranch (TMR Rescue) & founder of Wild Burro Protection League, joined by local wild burro advocates fighting to save the wild burros of the Black Mountain Herd Management Area in Arizona.  Listen HERE.

3/23/16 –  Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation interviews Susan W. Watt, Executive Director, Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, located in South Dakota.  Listen HERE.

5/4/16 – Gail A. Eisnitz, author of the book “Slaughterhouse” and Chief Investigator for the Humane Farming Association (HFA).  Listen HERE.


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  1. Just the thought of what the BLM has planned for these wild horses makes me sick to my stomach!! This is so cruel and inhumane…. These are America’s horses!! We must have a say in this! This has to STOP!! They are killing them off one by one.


  2. It’s interesting how Leon Pielstick turned down his chance to speak at the BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting right after Simone Netherlands and Suzzane Roy made their comments. That could have been his opportunity to refute their claims, but he didn’t. He must have known that they were being honest, right? Or was there another reason?

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  3. The Steens Mountain Oregon Advisory Council committee met yesterday and today. Two of the main members are Leon Pielstick (wild horse sterilization) and Stacy Davies (manager of the largest welfare ranch in SE Oregon – Roaring Springs Ranch – and anti-wild horse advocate). In recent years Pielstick and Davies have worked together in anti-wild horse meetings and in wild horse collaring experiments.
    Leon Pielstick is the official representative for wild horses and burros on this committee!

    A few notes somebody sent me from previous meetings:
    Leon Pielstick – suggested using the South Steens wild horse herd for a new and unique pilot project for population management; not sure of the details on what the project would look like, but perhaps using the Steens legislation will allow for some creative management of that herd.
    Stacy Davies says the wild horse population is having a significant impact on the interests he represents. Grazing has been reduced significantly with wild horses being the primary reason. The problem is getting worse. He encourages committee members in every area to shut the factory down and deal with the excess horses.


  4. Also interesting is that the Steens Mountain Oregon Advisory Council meeting did NOT offer a teleconference line so that the Public could participate by phone.
    This should be standard procedure


    • Dos’nt this sound like one of those old cattle baron movies – where the rancher ownes the town, the people, and their souls–Maybe we have,nt come so far after all.


      • Yes, Geri. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Most of the welfare ranchers are not Mom-and-Pop ranches. They are very large corporate conglomerates who, similar to BLM, pay (paycheck) people to say and do what the ranchers want said and done plus in these tight communities most people are related via ancestors or marriage or financial interests.


  5. What the he’ll is wrong with you people!!!!!! Spot this senseless mutilation. Let nature take its course. We all know why you want to remove the wild horse and burros from public land. These animals belong to the American people. You have been given the job to protect. I wonder how big are your bank accounts? How can you sleep at night knowing you have been part of this torture and slaughter?


  6. I just saw ASPCA’s new campaign against horse slaughter. Maybe this will make more headway than showing the reality of horses that are sent to slaughter! No horse pictures – just horse burgers! Possibly this will cause people to think – the ones who refuse to see the reality of slaughter. If the public thinks it will actually affect them? Maybe that will work!


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