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Calgary Stampede: Torturing Cows and Horses is Wrong, Outdated and Illegal

OpEd by CAMILLE LABCHUK as published on The Globe and Mail

“…seeing animals perform tricks isn’t worth forcing them to endure suffering, and even death…”

There’s little doubt that using animals for entertainment is rapidly becoming unacceptable. Shifting public perceptions first forced Ringling Brothers to retire elephants from circuses, and soon after compelled SeaWorld to end its orca shows.

The fleeting entertainment we may experience at seeing animals perform tricks isn’t worth forcing them to endure suffering, and even death. I predict that rodeo events will be the next spectacle of suffering to become socially unacceptable.

ChuckwagonCrashThe Calgary Stampede has become synonymous with the trauma and violence of rodeo events. Starting this weekend, rodeo competitors will face off in nine separate event categories, including calf roping, steer wrestling, bronco riding, and chuckwagon racing.

The details vary, but all rodeo events have a few common threads: Animals are goaded into running and bucking through fear and physical pain, they are often lassoed, wrestled or roped to the ground, and the unwilling animal participants experience significant suffering, injuries, and sometimes death.

Chuckwagon racing is by far the most deadly spectacle for animals, with multiple horses killed in the event nearly every year. In fact, more than half of the 94 animals killed in the Stampede since 1986 were horses forced to compete in chuckwagon races.

(This death figure merely scratches the surface; it doesn’t include injuries, nor does it include animals killed in competitors’ year-round rodeo practice sessions.)

But perhaps even worse than physical trauma is the terror these animals endure. Dictionaries define a “stampede” as a sudden rush of frightened or panicked animals, which is fitting. Cattle, calves, and horses are prey animals, conditioned to be nervous, flighty, and hyper-alert to protect themselves from predators.

According to renowned animal behaviourist Dr. Temple Grandin, fear is the most difficult emotion for these sensitive animals, and psychological suffering may be even more unbearable for them than physical pain.

Rodeo events couldn’t exist without inflicting distress: Animals don’t run because they want to; they run because they are afraid.

Inflicting this pain and fear is arguably illegal. Alberta law prohibits causing distress to an animal, and there’s little question that steers wrestled to the ground, baby calves who are brutally roped around the neck, and the horses who predictably die in chuckwagon races experience distress.

Yet the Calgary Humane Society, tasked with enforcing animal protection laws, has so far refused to lay charges even in the most extreme cases of abuse, injuries, and deaths in rodeo events. A competitor disqualified in 2015 for excessive horse whipping faced no legal sanction; nor were charges laid after a bull was repeatedly kicked in the head in 2013 to force him to perform.

You can bet that if cats and dogs were subjected to rodeo practices simply for our amusement, animal cruelty charges would be laid without delay.

The Stampede admitted last year that it’s not proud of its record after four horses died in chuckwagon races, and event officials can no longer hide from the public’s legitimate concerns…(CONTINUED)

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  1. Oh they ain’t going down without a fight. This is the PCRA avid they are a bunch of hard headed abusive Bastards who make money off of those like them who enjoy watching this it entertainment. They always use the tradition speech as their excuse to continue the abuse. It’s bullshit and so are they!!


  2. Not sure the current exact status, but in the past one of the largest rodeo contractors (Harry Vold family) bought many of our wild horses. “He’ll call [cull] some of the 80 wild Nevada horses he just bought from the government.” Conveniently other Vold family owned major livestock auctions in Canada.
    I have also read that Tom Davis once worked for this Vold family … and the sickening animal abuse story goes on and on.



    Canadian Horse Defence Coalition
    Calgary Airport (YYC) Horse Loading Footage March 16 and April 3/4 2016
    Jul 10, 2016 This video shows draft horses from Alberta Canada being loaded on trucks to be taken to Calgary Airport. From there they are flown to Japan where they are slaughtered for their meat within a short time of arrival. Oil is harvested from their bodies to be used in beauty products and other parts of the body used for different purposes.


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