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BLM Roundup: Blood, Guts and Death


“It’s business as usual; armed with bogus numbers/statistics and backed by welfare cattlemen the BLM has conducted yet another wild horse stampede where precious wild lives have been lost, not to mention that your hard earned tax dollars bankrolled this travesty.  (See below, in their own words)” ~ R.T.

CongerFrisco Stampede

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  1. Why can’t we stop funding for this dysfunctional bunch of federal terrorists? If these damned ranchers want the horses gone they should be required to foot the bill and then if they use an hma they should be forced to pay full price for its use all of which should be earmarked for exclusive use for the horses and donkeys. I’m tired of this bullshit. They keep saying that if we don’t want the horses slaughtered that we have to buy them from the blm…well if they don’t want the horses out there they should foot the bill to have them removed and pay proper lease fees to support these captive horses and donkeys. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander… Case closed.

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    • I totally agree. Most welfare ranchers are nothing more than corporate socialists that believe that they’re entitled to everything. Our tax dollars are supposed to fund the “humane management” of our wild ones, NOT their eradication. If that angers the corporate socialists, they need to grow a pair and learn the hard way that our public lands and our wildlife (wild horses and burros) belong to “We the People”, not “Them the Elite”.


    • I totally Agree Terri Russell.

      Stop tax payer funding Roundups!!!

      What the capture contractor is being paid is UNBELIEVABLE and CORPORATE ROBBERY AGAINST THE TAX PAYERS and ATROCITY on our Wild Horses.


  2. Three thoughts on reading this:

    First, why perpetuate the deadly panels as trapping tools? Surely BLM can demand a safer system if they insist on roundups. Day after day seeing the same injuries and fatalities is unacceptable.

    Second, since BLM incentivizes getting horses to the trap, then can save money if horses die there, we can revise these policies to include serious fines to BLM for any roundup-related fatalities. Since by their own calculations each horse will cost their budget around $50,000 over time, I propose the BLM be fined this amount for each roundup-related fatality, no exceptions.

    Third, it is a sad reality to read that fewer observers were present each day. Since this is a hardship for citizens who must donate all time and money to document roundups, why can’t they be compensated somehow, or failing that, why can’t we require BLM to install sufficient video cameras or even body cameras as they and their contractors go about doing the work paid for by the public. The hundreds of thousands of dollars saved by just the fatalities noted above can be used to pay for reliable cameras and live website links.


  3. Per USASPENDING.GOV, this capture contractor is Shayne F Sampson from Meadow Utah, who used to work for Cattoor until a few years ago when he (and another Cattoor “wanna be” – Cameron Warner) both branched off and started their own wild horse and burro capture businesses. You and I are paying Shayne Sampson $356,450 to capture (abuse, torture and kill) our Conger and Frisco wild horses who are protected from “capture, branding, harassment and death” by Congress. This same contractor has also been trapping our wild horses and burros for the past few years and NO public observation is allowed during trapping – so the deaths, injuries and torture of our wild equine during trapping are not witnessed by any members of the public and I am afraid we can use our imagination to assume how our wild ones are treated by this contractor when nobody is watching. You and I have paid this contractor $2,251,922 in the last few years.,2015,2014,2013,2012,2011,2010&A=0&SS=USA&RN=sampson,+shayne&SB=AD&SD=DESC


  4. From AWHPC

    Summertime roundups are particularly inhumane, as horses are forced to run for miles in soaring high desert temperatures. It’s also the time of year when foals are very young. When these tiny, fragile animals are stampeded by helicopters, they often fall behind and are unable to keep up with their mothers. Left behind on the range, they are either roped by BLM wranglers and dragged into the trap, or are simply lost….orphaned and left alone to die.

    According to the BLM, as of yesterday, 258 wild horses had been captured and permanently removed from the Conger Herd Management Area (HMA). Four horses have died from traumatic injuries:
    • A 2-year old colt rammed into a trap panel, broke his neck and died.
    • A 3-year old pinto mare died slammed into a trap panel, broke her neck and died.
    • A little sorrel foal was kicked in the mouth at the trap site, sustaining a severe fracture. He was euthanized via gunshot by the BLM.
    • A 10-year old dun mare slammed into a trap panel, broke her neck and died. A Return to Freedom observer captured photos of this beautiful mare moments before she died, being stampeded into the trap with her offspring – a lovely yearling and a tiny foal, who is now an orphan.

    It’s possible that the high number of traumatic deaths and the number of foals reported to be left behind in the stampede can be attributed to the relative inexperience of the BLM round up contractor, Samson Livestock,
    as compared to the usual BLM contractor, Cattoor Livestock. It’s also testament to the shortcomings of the BLM’s Comprehensive Animal Welfare Program Standards (CAWPS), which allow helicopter drives to be conducted in temperatures up to 105 degrees F., and even allow roundups at temperatures below 10 degrees F. at the discretion of the BLM staff person in charge. This is counter to a recommendation by livestock handling expert Temple Grandin that the BLM should avoid rounding up wild horses and burros in temperatures that exceed 90 degrees or fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The CAWPS also fail to include any firm restrictions on the distance or speed at which horses or burros can be chased in helicopter drives — everything is left up to the discretion of the BLM.

    The roundup now continues in the Frisco HMA, where the BLM intends to permanently remove 272 wild horses from their home on the range in a roundup that will continue traumatize these federally-protected animals and rob them of the two things they cherish most – their freedom and their families.
    After removing more than 50% of the Conger and Frisco wild horse populations and leaving just 100 horses behind in each of these HMAs, the BLM intends to conduct a research study on the “natural behavior” of these herds. However, no valid data on natural behavior can be obtained from wild horse populations that have been completely fractured and traumatized with a violent roundup, which removed over half the population and shattered the social organization of these herds.

    Even worse, the BLM intends to use this research as an excuse to geld (castrate) 75% of the stallions in the Conger HMA, an action that will further destroy the integrity and viability of this federally-protected wild horse herd.


  5. From Return to Freedom (capture photos)

    While Americans celebrated our historic independence from Great Britain, our iconic wild horses, symbols of freedom, are running for their lives – straight into traps in the Conger Herd Management Area (HMA) in Utah.

    In a twist of irony, the chase and captures began on July 1.
    July 4 marked Day Four of the planned eight-day roundup within the Conger HMA. By the end of Day 5, four horses have died and 185 horses were removed from the range. The Conger roundup ended today, with 12 more horses caught, making the total 257. These deeply bonded family bands and stallion bachelor groups have lost their families and freedom – forever.

    Casualties: The trap site was poorly located and the trap looks badly designed. Three mature mares with foals by their sides died senselessly as they crashed into a badly designed panel trap, breaking their necks and dying instantly.
    One foal had to be destroyed due to injuries sustained when his panic-stricken mother kicked him in the jaw.
    One mare was killed while her nursing foal and yearling were by her side.

    BLM stated that there were more nursing foals than usual for July and many were unable to keep up with their family bands.
    More casualties of the uncompromising impact occurred from helicopter roundups and captures.


    Bruce Nock, PhD

    It isn’t surprising that the BLM reported 20 – 30 mares “miscarried”
    in association with the Calico Complex Gather. In addition to the miscarriages,
    one wonders whether and how many fetuses were resorbed by mares?
    You might also recall what I said above about digestion. It came to a
    screeching halt as soon as the horse was alarmed. Perfect conditions for the
    development of intestinal compactions and colic–the #1 killer of horses.
    Again, it is no surprise the BLM reported colics associated with the Calico Complex
    Of course not! Let’s be honest. It has nothing at all to do with the hay and
    probably little to do with the change of diet. It’s about being scared our of their
    wits and the sympathetic tone shutting down processes related to appetite and

    But these overt consequences are just the tip of the iceberg. Let me explain.
    Here’s the thing, psychological stress regardless of the source also activates the
    fight-or-flight reaction. The body doesn’t distinguish between a fight-or-flight
    situation, like being chased by a helicopter, and a psychological stressor.
    That means the bad news for wild horses only begins with the gather.

    Once in captivity, there are all sorts of unnatural stressors to deal with …
    things that go against some of the most basic instincts of horses. And they cause
    the same bodily changes as the “chase.”

    There’s the confinement itself. Imagine how stressful confinement in an
    unfamiliar place must be to a species who depends on running for survival and
    who instinctively avoids places where they might get trapped.

    On top of that, there’s the social unrest from confinement in close quarters
    with unfamiliar horses. And don’t overlook the importance of such things as the
    loss of or separation from lifelong herd mates … companions and family. It is
    egocentric to think such things are only important to our species.

    Click to access Wild%20Horse%20Stress_1.pdf


    Bruce Nock, PhD

    I’m 63 years old. There was a time when I was very proud of my generation.
    During the years of the Viet Nam war, we took a stand … spoke out against the
    war, civil injustices and so on. We protested, marched and preached peace, love
    and kindness. We condemned apathy.

    It’s now thirty five plus years later. Perhaps we can step forward again and
    leave our mark on history. We started out passionate about making things right,
    why not make some noise on the way out too. What our government is doing to
    the wild horses of the western US and the way it is being done is an atrocity. It is
    an injustices against nature. Even the horses left behind or turned back out suffer
    from the social disorder gathers cause.

    We have had people from 15 different countries come to our Liberated
    Horsemanship clinics here in Warrenton, MO. We also traveled to Italy and
    British Columbia for clinics in 2009. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard
    people from other countries ask something like, “What’s wrong with people who
    allow an icon of their country to be unnecessarily brutalized and exterminated by
    their government?”

    It’s an embarrassment and I don’t have a good answer.
    Apathy and self-indulgence maybe.
    But I believe it is more likely just too few people are aware of what is being done and its short and long-term consequences… for the horses themselves and for our country.

    Mahatma Ghandi once said, “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” For me, and many others that includes animals.”

    Click to access Wild%20Horse%20Stress_1.pdf


    • Louie, with all due respect. Its apathy on part of American citizens. My posts are public and have been for years. Americans are so serif absorbed in their own little lives that they just don’t care. In the thirteen or so years that I’ve been involved in the anti horse slaughter movement having talked to people all over the place and having contacted my representative left and right to the point where he’s tired of me. Having left messages on media pages and spoken on the radio station in Chicago I still don’t see any response to this. Can’t blame the lack of action on ignorance of the subject. America has dumbed down but are so serif absorbed that they just don’t care..


      • Terri–you are so on the money in MHO, here in CO the only thing people seem to care about anymore is feeding (these already fat and over weight) children.
        I thought I was the only one, my reps have a rapid response on me I get an email back from them, before mine can even hit the inbox.(with my name none the less)


  8. A complete cottage industry of extraction and conversion of a federal protected special status species is funded by the taxpayer. These are the folks that are making a profit on the capture, transport across state lines,sale and slaughter of our wild horse and burro herds. This is a gross mis use of public funds that should be spent on habitat rehab and extending migratory ranges. The intent of the 1971 legislation is sabotaged by amendments i.e Burns


  9. Are they paid to destroy these horses? To murder them? To kill them from a fake sterilization? To continue to run them to death? In my opinion they should have been prosecuted years ago, but as we know we have cowards in Congress and no leaders who will do anything other than strut around and try to look important.
    What has been done to these horses by these ignorant barbarians has always been criminal. We have no leaders to stop them. Clearly we can’t stop them. Writing them doesn’t help. They are nothing but government employees paid by us, the taxpayers of this country. They don’t have the intelligence to handle their jobs. They appear to enjoy killing and maiming horses, Burros and foals. Of all the loathsome government employees I have witnessed they are the worst.


  10. Shayne Sampson wild horse capture contractor apparently was “paid” not only cash but also was given the wild horses he captured as “payment”. Anyone doubt they were sold to slaughter by the pound?

    Nearly 300 horses removed from hills – excerpts of article by Wil Phinney of the CUJ
    Mission, Oregon
    The monthly newspaper of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation ~ Pendleton, Oregon
    A helicopter horse roundup during the last week of October [2014] captured 292 animals, leaving 26 on the south side of the Umatilla River above Kanine Ridge. Following the Feral Horse Management Policy of the Confederated Tribes, two dozen mares and colts were selected from the penned horses and released to the range to maintain a herd of at least 50 horses. The horses were taken from hills, timbered draws, and open range stretching from Mission Creek to Meacham Creek. Another 26 horses were adopted out by Tribal members, leaving the total at 242 horses for Sampson Livestock, the company that brought in the dragonfly looking helicopter and 10 wranglers to complete the job. Sampson Livestock was paid $325 per horse for a total of $78,650. NOBODY EXCEPT FOR THE LIVESTOCK COMPANY KNOWS THE DISPOSITION OF THE HORSES HAULED AWAY. “WE GAVE THE CONTRACTOR A BILL OF SALE FOR THE REMAINING HORSES AND THAT’S THE LAST I KNOW ABOUT THEM,” Schumacher said.

    Click to access cuj%20nov%202014.pdf


  11. What can we do to stop our tax money from being used in these ways? I’m so sick of it. More fly-by-nighters! Scum. It has to stop.


  12. I am so sick of the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act being continually bastardized the way it is – they get away with it because it isn’t on most peoples’ radar.


  13. Conger Wild Horse Roundup – BLM
    Arla Ruggles

    A death a day at Conger HMA. Wild mare was driven into a fence panel, breaking her neck as her mate and very young foal looked on in horror


    • Saw the pictures of this on WHE site. It just breaks my heart to see this. Three of the four horses killed from “running into a panel”! How much smarts does it take to think – my I should change this to something safer! Altho, I guess safer doesn’t matter if you get paid for every animal that makes it into the pens! One way or another.


  14. And the stallion hit the dam panel too – just higher up! Only stunned him. Hope these pictures get shown all over – hard as it is to see – people HAVE to realize how these horses are being treated!


  15. Yes it’s bogus … An outright lie.. The blm is good for that being that one quality that they look for is being a pathological liar (Ginger excluded). Those experts that they offered are all bogus. That vet wouldn’t be allowed on my property let alone touch my horses…not in this lifetime..ALL CATTLE RANCHERS ALL HORSE HATERS.. It’s the wannabe cowboy of the new west..nothing wild or old about the west.. Just a memory…


  16. Remember the “lack of shade” at Palomino Valley? Maybe this is common knowledge – but apparently the “research study” that was done cost us $37,000.00 so that people who certainly should have had the smarts to realize – yes you need to provide shade/shelter for wild horses – same as for domestic horses! I know, this has been an ongoing thing -and probably always will be, but I remember a horse advocate group that OFFERED TO PAY & INSTALL shade shelters – not costing the taxpayers anything & not costing the BLM any effort!
    Anyway – bottom line is – nothing has changed! Always seems like if there is one step forward in this battle – then 2 or maybe 3 steps back.


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