TX Cutting Horse Vet’s Horses Slated for Slaughter

by as published on Weatherford Democrat

“Veterinarian Leea Arnold, through an employee, declined to speak with the Democrat and forwarded links to American Veterinary Medical Association statements and frequently-asked questions regarding horse slaughter and unwanted horses.”

579cda9b10085.imageHorse rescuers say they ended up saving from slaughter several horses formerly owned by a Weatherford veterinary business specializing in cutting horse breeding.

A herd of horses bearing the brand of The Arnold Reproduction Center ended up scheduled for shipment to slaughter, according to social media posts, which the business acknowledged in a statement last week, calling the slaughter designation unintended.

Photos posted by the Kaufman Kill Pen Facebook page on July 22 and July 23 show at least a dozen horses bearing the LA brand and/or distinctive shoulder numbers, with some described as recipient mares.

The posts listed the dollar amounts required to save the horses from death.

Kaufman Kill Pen describes itself as a “page existing to help network homes for slaughter-bound horses” and lists animals for sale from McBarronhorses@yahoo.com in Forney.

Kaufman County horse trader Mike McBarron has drawn criticism from some animal welfare groups for his practices, including purchasing horses to send to Mexico for slaughter.

After social media posts about the horses went viral among the horse rescue community, The Arnold Reproduction Center acknowledged the incident.

“I recently sent some mares to the Cleburne Horse Sale,” The Arnold Reproduction Center wrote on Facebook Sunday. “I certainly never intended for them to end up in the slaughter pen. Many of these mares came to me through the sale barn system, were sick, completely unbroken and certainly destined for slaughter at that time (15 or so years ago). As long as these mares are reproductively sound, they stay in my herd – many probably longer than they are useful. My staff and I have taken the time, money, and resources we have to help these mares become useful and give them a viable purpose.

“I will use another avenue to re-home these mares in the future. If you are a non-profit organization and have your 501(c)3 at hand, I would be more than happy to donate any older or reproductively unsound recipients to your facilities as they become available.”

Veterinarian Leea Arnold, through an employee, declined to speak with the Democrat and forwarded links to American Veterinary Medical Association statements and frequently-asked questions regarding horse slaughter and unwanted horses.

It’s unclear exactly how many of Arnold’s horses ended up in the kill pen and how many were rescued or sent to slaughter. The Democrat reached out to McBarron by email for more information but did not receive a response by deadline.

One of the rescuers, Michelle McCarley, of Mt. Pleasant, told the Democrat that she became aware of the animals’ plight via Facebook.

After another woman identified the LA brand, McCarley said she spoke with Dr. Arnold on Saturday by phone, told her about the situation and confirmed that the animals in question had been recipient mares for Arnold’s business.

Arnold gave her descriptions and numbers for 21 horses, including information that could help rescuers find homes for the mares, such as whether or not the animals were known to be rideable, McCarley said.

McCarley said Arnold told her that a AQHA-registered horse listed on the kill pen page, Smart Jazzy Miss 198, and later rescued had been hers, as well.

Arnold did not otherwise offer to help the animals that were scheduled to be sent for slaughter, according to McCarley’s account.

McCarley said she and others on social media who organized an effort to save the animals were unsuccessful in coming up with enough money to rescue all of the animals in time.

However, McCarley said she and other donors were able to rescue three horses Thursday at $750 each.

According to social media posts, other rescuers purchased several others.

Arnold’s critics say it’s well-known in the horse business that slaughter horse traders, also known as “kill buyers,” often attend horse auctions.

“These people that are using them, these horses are making their fortunes,” McCarley said. “The very least that they can do is make sure that they end up in a safe place and find a retirement home, find a rescue, or establish a rescue for these mares.”

Recipient mares carry embryos for donor mares, enabling the donor mares to continue to race or show or to produce multiple foals each season.

During a 2013 interview with Horse Talk Live, Arnold said she has approximately 650 recipient mares.

The same year, Fort Worth Business reported that the cutting business made up about 60 to 70 percent of Arnold’s clientele, as well as those handling race horses and halter and reining horses.



  1. This is so disgusting it makes me want to throw up. They know exactly what they are doing. Mum is the word from the kill buyers. They need to end up in Hell! God bless the people who are constantly in the trenches dealing with all these scum bags and saving our horses. Tracking should be done on businesses that use and abuse a large number of horses like this. Wasn’t that nice they saved some from slaughter, feed them up and abused them until they were not useful to them any more. Just shameful!! Another category of people receiving blood money for these poor horses. How many babies did they get rid of before they were caught? Use and abuse and pretend you don’t what happened to them. What a bunch of crap!! Thanks for exposing this trashy company and the abusers. We should also find out who utilizes this business.

    Don’t forget about the Coalition March in DC in Sept. in support of wild and domestic horses and other equines. Ronnie Larson, a retired Marine, will be riding his two Mustangs he saved from slaughter from Texas to DC. If he stops in your city along the way let’s all give him and his horses helping hand. If u can car pool or what ever to.DC please try to make for we are their ONLY hope!


    • There are a host of women in the rescue organizations who got to know Ronnie very well through is work with Salute the Uniform and the Coalition.
      Some of them had become smitten to the “T” who I can confess he deserves all adoration and applause. Just a little info for you all. Getting to know him he’s the most courageous gentlemen I have ever known.
      Huge Mustang Advocate he feeds many bands on private land in Montana by his own expense and has many rescues he purchased during his journey to save “Jolly” who once raced against California Chrome who was set for slaughter. He rescued her through the corruption of many kill buyers who lied and sold her over and over to others. He chased her down through thousands of miles and Love for them and all horses. He’s much more than pictures can ever reach. So any negative comments on Facebook and any blog’s are what I see as unrequited love and obsession by women.


  2. This vet knew EXACTLY that these horses would end up hanging by their heels in a slaughter house. The vet knew and the vet didn’t give one hoot. Not one hoot. This is not veterinarian medical practice … it is “harvesting” for only ONE thing … MONEY.


    • Pretty much what I commented on the article. With years (?) in the horse industry – and she didn’t have a clue where unbroken mares would go when she sent them to a sale barn? Its a business – bottom line & all.


  3. Many breeders and equine colleges send their horses directly to slaughter without their respective registration or I.D. info. Colorado State University is one of the worse.


  4. This is an exert from a talk Wayne Pacelle gave on “A HUMANE Economy”

    We can all agree that there is no such thing as humane slaughter.

    Slaughter is cruel by definition. It is taking the life of an animal who wants to live. It is terrifying, painful, and brutal.

    And it happens to over a billion animals each week.

    A billion is a number beyond most people’s comprehension.

    A billion pennies, stacked on top of each other would reach 1,000 miles.

    A billion seconds ago is 32 years ago. Reagan was running for re-election.

    A billion minutes ago, Jesus was preaching in Galilee.

    A billion hours ago is 115,000 years ago. Humans were still living in caves.

    A billion days ago human ancestors first appeared.

    A billion weeks ago is almost 20 million years ago.

    A billion months ago dinosaurs walked the Earth

    A billion years ago life first emerged from the primordial seas.

    A billion slaughtered animals ago was last week.

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  5. That’s what I have heard too that drug companies that are developing new medications for horses and testing it on them like lab rats also get rid of the horses the same way. Instead of turning them over to rescues along with the description of the drugs that was tested on them they call the local kill buyer to pick them up whether they pay the kill buyer to take them I don’t know. This also happens to brood mares once they are of no use or don’t breed anymore they either call the local kill buyer or haul them to the auction. I know one race horse was used as a brood mare and cranked out at least 6 or 7 foals the horse didn’t win hardly any races was kicked to claiming races and finally sold over and over luckily the last owner dropped her off at a pen that a rescue had where anyone could leave horses and they would pick them up. That’s who got this mare whoever dropped her off at least fed her the photo of her I saw the day she was found in the pen she looked good. The foals she spent her life raising probably ended up sold to kill buyers this mare was 20 years old
    when the rescue got her. They checked her upper lip for the ID numbers that’s how they identified her.


      • I should add that I am not a complete vegetarian, but do no eat beef, veal, pork, or lamb, and never horses. This really cannot be sustainable for the future.


      • I’m no vegetarian – but do NOT eat veal or lamb – do not buy beef – eat very little of it. People who think slaughter is horrible for horses yet not for cows,pigs,sheep and animals that are “””raised for this purpose”””? Do they honestly believe that these animals are ok with the fact they are only meant to be food for humans?????? Until the public has these awful factory farms pushed in their face – I guess we all are like the 3 monkeys – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!! Seems to be working!


  6. This is really just a variation of a CAFO, with donor mares being used as surrogate mothers until they are used up and thrown away. That this disposable horse method is part of the AQHA business model should surprise nobody.

    Maybe it’s time to consider an upfront charge on horse breeders (along with taxes on feed etc.) that would fund refuges, humane euthanasia, and horse cemeteries in every state in America. This would reduce the supply of “disposable” horses and ensure that all those bred would find a humane end, regardless of the morals or finances of their owners. It would also clamp down hard on the black market for slaughter.


    • PS this is really possible. If a horse’s humane end is already paid for, the only costs to the owner are the hauling, which they would do anyway to get to a sale barn. The cost of euthanasia is not much, and a hole can be dug for only a few hundred dollars in most instances. Think on this everyone, there is potential to make a substantial difference in this (or some similar) approach.


      • And although nobody likes to think about this … we who own/befriended/have adopted horses and burros or other animals need to consider their welfare after WE are gone. We OWE this to our beloved animals. We owe it to our animals to NOT be sold at auction to KB. This includes rescue groups as well as individuals. Make your wishes known to your loved ones (and written in black and white) and be SURE that your loved animal friends are not “lost” at your passing.


      • This is so important for our animal “kids”. Too many dogs & cats end up at shelters because no one consider what happens after they are gone. I used to worry about what could happen to my horse – fortunately he went before me. I know my dog & cat would be taken care of by my kids (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – in their case).


      • Several years ago my equine vet saved my young horses life.As I continued to do business with him as well as his master assistant I could not believe they entered my barn helping my injured mare while this vet and his assistant bragged about going to a sale in Ky getting horses for virtually nothing.
        Both expressed the desire to reopen horse slaughter plants in this country to up the value of some horses.
        Needless to say I have never done business with this vet even though I thought the world of him and his knowledge and skills.


    • Icy Spots
      As an appaloosa owner in Tn I have had a hard time finding any appaloosa breeders in the south who opposes slaughter.
      I am interested in supporting anti slaughter efforts
      Would you please contact me at my email address Wendyroohoo33@gmail.com?


  7. nother vet that needs to be reported. Contact the Texas Board of Veterinarian Medical Examiners. Matter of fact, report any vet that violates their oath to do protect animals from suffering. Horse slaughter is not humane.

    “Veterinarian’s Oath”

    Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.

    I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.

    I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.



  8. The sad truth is that 99 percent of horse breeders support horse slaughter.
    Look at any journal representing all horse breeds.
    They advertise multiple stallions and offer multiple mare discounts.
    They could care less about what happens to the progeny of their stallions

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  9. Several years ago my equine vet saved my young horses life.As I continued to do business with him as well as his master assistant I could not believe they entered my barn helping my injured mare while this vet and his assistant bragged about going to a sale in Ky getting horses for virtually nothing.
    Both expressed the desire to reopen horse slaughter plants in this country to up the value of some horses.
    Needless to say I have never done business with this vet even though I thought the world of him and his knowledge and skills.


  10. My brother Ronnie Larson is making his way to DC to get all the Help he can to save the Horses. I know he has a long way to go. And has met a lot of very nice people on this great trip. He really enjoys being with horses and helping them in any way he can. So lets all get together and back him up in saving the wonderful Horses. The people that are killing them have no heart. Lets be better then them and stand up for these wonderful loving animals that do need our help. Thank You. And be safe Ronnie. Love You. Susie


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