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Marjorie Farabee on why Wild Burros are in Real Trouble, on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 8/3/16)



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Tonight’s show will be hosted by Marjorie Farabee, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Equine Mgr. of Todd Mission Ranch (TMR Rescue) & founder of Wild Burro Protection League.  Marjorie will be joined by special guests.

Wild burros are in real trouble.  In January of this year, Mojave County Supervisor Steve Moss called for issuing hunting licenses to shoot wild burros in Arizona.  His claims were that the burros were overpopulated based on aerial count done by the BLM.  But, is this true? Are they overpopulated?  We know the numbers are vastly inflated. We know the burros are not genetically healthy due to the fragmentation of their habitat.  We know that their ranges are severely over-grazed.  But, who is doing the damage? And, what are the guidelines the BLM should be following according to law?  Why do BLM employees routinely ignore the grazing guidelines they are supposed to uphold?

Listen tonight and find out.

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1/20/16 – Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, on BLM’s plans to sterilize wild horse and burros.  Listen HERE.

1/27/16 – Marjorie Farabee, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, on threats to shoot wild burros in Arizona.  Listen HERE.

2/8/16 – Representatives of 4 major wild horse & burro advocacy groups and advocates speak out against BLM’s plans for barbaric sterilization experiments on wild mares.  Listen HERE.

2/10/16 – Jonathan Ratner, Western Watersheds Project’s Director for Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, talks about the environmental toll of privately owned livestock grazing on public lands.  Listen HERE.

2/24/16 – Kirsten Stade, Advocacy Director for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), on BLM’s skewed data minimizing the effects of livestock grazing on public lands.  Listen HERE.

3/2/16 – Marjorie Farabee, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Equine Mgr. of Todd Mission Ranch (TMR Rescue) & founder of Wild Burro Protection League, joined by local wild burro advocates fighting to save the wild burros of the Black Mountain Herd Management Area in Arizona.  Listen HERE.

3/23/16 –  Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation interviews Susan W. Watt, Executive Director, Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, located in South Dakota.  Listen HERE.

5/4/16 – Gail A. Eisnitz, author of the book “Slaughterhouse” and Chief Investigator for the Humane Farming Association (HFA).  Listen HERE.

6/22/16 – Charlotte Roe, Founder of Wild Equid League of  Colorado, on BLM’s cruel experiments on wild horses and burros, including sterilization of pregnant wild mares, that are a launching pad for widespread use as “population suppression.”  Listen HERE.

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    • Unfortunately it is an unspoken truth that no prosecutor in any Western state would move a single finger to punish this crime, even in the the event of the culprits being caught on video, their faces totally identifiable, or if there were any witnesses.

      They operate with total impunity, thinking that those lands are theirs and that they can do whatever they want, just like if they were medieval landlords. That the true “rancher” or “salt of the earther” mentality.


  1. 11-25-2014
    EAGLE LAKE BLM Field Office (NE Ca / NW Nv)
    Buffalo Meadows Ranch Bait Trap
    Approx: 20 Burros removed in 2013
    Burros were following feed truck
    Permittee just closed the gate

    Apparently these wild burros were enticed onto private property and trapped when the rancher admittedly allowed the burros to follow the feed truck and then just closed the gate behind the burros and they were trapped?
    This enticement is illegal per the Wild Horse and Burro act and verified by this excerpt from the BLM.

    Sec. 4. If wild free-roaming horses or burros stray from public lands onto privately owned land, the owners of such land may inform the nearest Federal Marshall or agent of the Secretary, who shall arrange to have the animals removed. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit a private landowner from maintaining wild free-roaming horses or burros on his private lands, or lands leased from the Government, if he does so in a manner that protects them from harassment, and if the animals were not willfully removed or enticed from the public lands.

    Enticing wild horses or burros onto private land is in violation of the wild horse and burro act that states:
    Any person who-
    1. willfully removes or attempts to remove a wild free- roaming horse or burro from the public lands, without authority from the Secretary and/or
    2. willfully violates a regulation issued pursuant to this Act, shall be subject to a fine of not more than $2,000, or imprisonment for not more than one year, or both. Any person so charged with such violation by the Secretary may be tried and sentenced by any United States commissioner or magistrate designated for that purpose by the court by which he was appointed, in the same manner and subject to the same conditions as provided for in section 3401, title 18, United States Code.

    Although private landowners have the right to use and enjoy their property free from incursions, private landowners adjacent to federal regions are required by law to fence out unwanted animals.

    Subsequently a call was made to nearby Palomino Valley BLM holding facility and the BLM employee admitted that a truckload of Burros had been brought in within the last 6 months …all Sale Authority. He didn’t have the exact data, but they were approximately 7 Jennies and 7 Jacks.

    Removal of Nuisance Burros from Stony Creek, Heller and Buffalo Ranches
    Allotment or Area Name:
    Stony Creek Ranch-Deep Cut Grazing Allotment
    Heller and Buffalo Ranches-Twin Peaks Grazing Allotment


  2. I am excited to have Marjorie on the show, she is the individual that has insisted I ALWAYS add “& burros” every time I write anything that has the words “wild horses” in it…and she is spot on. We cannot either forget or leave our long eared friends behind.


  3. Marjorie is the Protector of All things Burro.
    The Burros have just quietly disappeared from Public Lands. They don’t get the same attention as Wild Horses and they suffer even worse treatment during and after roundups.
    Far fewer are adopted


    • One Jennie was found dead in the trailer after all of the captured Burros had been left in the heat all day with no water

      Elyse Gardner


  4. This is type of treatment they get….. and people see it as “entertainment”?
    These intelligent little Creatures deserve better than this

    Wild donkey catch & ride event at Ranch Rodeo 11/15/14


    • Good question in this article! WHY don’t the allotment users treat public land grazing as they would their own land – rotate grazing areas, etc. Possibly because it ISNT their own land! As long as bad management doesn’t affect their bottom line – as it would if they treated their own property this way – it just doesn’t matter!


  5. Private/Corporate domestic livestock (cattle and sheep) are a non-native species and have no right to be on MY public land.
    What can be done to address the problems associated with public lands livestock grazing? There is a simple answer: end it. Get the cows and sheep off, let the wild creatures reclaim their native habitat, and send the ranchers a bill for the cost of restoration.
    Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West


  6. Take special notice of this wording

    “Comments are not considered substantive that are EMOTIONAL in nature or IN FAVOR or AGAINST THE PROJECT
    The BLM does not take into consideration the amount of comments on one particular issue”

    Release Date: 07/19/16
    Contacts: Media Contact: Lee Tucker

    BLM Seeking Public Comments on Environmental Assessment of Burro Contraceptive Pilot Program

    KINGMAN, Ariz. – The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Kingman Field Office is seeking public input on the Environmental Assessment (EA) of a fertility management pilot program as proposed by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

    Approximately 5,000 wild burros currently roam public lands in the state of Arizona. The BLM protects and manages wild horses and burros under the authority of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 as amended, to ensure that healthy herds thrive on healthy rangelands. Because these animals have virtually no natural predators, their herd sizes can double nearly every four years.

    The HSUS in cooperation with the BLM proposes to treat female burros in the Black Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) with the immunocontraceptive vaccine Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP), also known as ZonaStat-H PZP.

    The HSUS’s focus for this project is to assess whether booster doses of ZonaStat-H PZP could be applied via opportunistic darting in a safe, effective, and economical manner as one method of reducing reproduction rates to wild and free roaming burros.

    The BLM is accepting substantive comments through August 15, 2016 (for a total of 30 days). Substantive comments either question with reasonable basis the accuracy of information or present new information relevant to the analysis. Comments are not considered substantive that are emotional in nature or in favor or against the project. The BLM does not take into consideration the amount of comments on one particular issue.

    The EA titled DOI BLM-AZ-C010-2016-0004, as well as online comment submissions are available on the BLM ePlanning portal at:

    A printed copy is available for public review during business hours at the Kingman Field Office located at 2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman, AZ 86401.

    Written comments may be mailed or delivered to the Bureau of Land Management, Kingman Field Office, 2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman, AZ 86401.

    All comments will be made available to the public.

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  7. THANK YOU to Grandma Gregg
    This is an excellent report (377 pages)
    Here is just one excerpt regarding Wild Burros

    A report presented to the National Academy
    of Sciences Committee to Review the
    Management of Wild Horses and Burros
    Prepared by:
    Animal Welfare Institute
    October 2012

    Click to access FinalWildHorseandBurroReportWithStateMaps10-26-12.pdf

    The BLM should consult with population modelers, equid biologists, and persons
    with expertise in burro population demographics and behavior to develop a burro
    population model. At present, no model is available to predict the impact of management actions on burros


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