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Update: Hold your Horses…Wild Burros and Horses not to be Murdered by BLM, YET!

“In my Humble Opinion” ~ R.T. Fitch, president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Last Friday, with only one dissenting vote, the BLM’s appointed Advisory Board recommended that all horses and burros in holding should be either killed or sold. That’s it, down and dirty.

Message to the BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board

Message to the BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board

The above inane recommendation came as no surprise to many of us as we have been saying for years that the BLM is deliberately creating a crisis by pulling wild horses and burros off from their rightful range and placing them on contractor’s land across the country at taxpayers expense. Such an idiotic plan is not sustainable and they are hoping for some drastic action to take place to get rid of the native wild animals so that their welfare cattle bedfellows can have the public land all to themselves.

Getting the hand picked and appointed special interest members of the board to vote to do so kept the BLM’s hands clean and allowed the lemmings on the board to be their fall guys, although they are too dense to know it. The recommendation was/is non-binding BUT it opens up the door and begins the discussion, again.

Back in 2011 the sitting “Boared” recommended researching and experimenting with sterilizing wild mares in the field, and five years later what did the federal governments most corrupt agency attempt to do, conduct experiments on sterilizing wild mares in the field. (Plans now nixed)

Tom Gory, mouthpiece for the BLM, stated yesterday that the BLM, proper, had made no decision to murder (and that IS the correct word) 45,000 wild equines in holding and will continue to care for the horses and burros that they have ripped from their rightful land, separated from their families and shoved into gender specific herds.. Everything is okay, don’t bet on it!

There IS a silver lining to this gross and demonic recommendation, though:

  1. It has revealed to the public the corrupt and cruel intent of this handpicked board of fools. They are an embarrassment to this country and should all be removed from their volunteer positions. Good air is being wasted.
  2. The wild ones finally found a voice in the mainstream press, although the story might have been skewed a bit people still sat up and paid attention, that is a mega-win for the horses and burros.
  3. Super bad press for the BLM; their idiot plan backfired and although they did not make the recommendation, they were whispering in the ears of their little demented buddies to do so. It is always a good day when the horse haters get a little bad press as they speak nothing but lies and untruths to the press and public. Good to see their big fat backsides singed a little bit.

But don’t let your guard down, this has been the plan of the BLM for years and the only way to stop it is to either wrest the control of the wild ones out of their bloody little fists or legally chop them off at the knees and stick a fork in them.

What would be YOUR preference?

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  2. Awesome! And excellent point. This whole fiasco propelled the wild horse and burro issue into the media, possibly informing hundreds if not thousands of individuals who were previously unaware of the plight of these animals. Hopefully, such persons will educate themselves on the issues and get involved in advocacy. And yes, we ought to remain alert. You never know what the BLM is going to throw at our wild ones.


  3. We also need to find out about how to create a sanctuary for these horses. I’m not happy about roadblock after roadblock put up for Ms. Pickens, when she offers to help.

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    • I don’t think their plan backfired. At least two of their board stated that this would make DC sit up and take notice and give them more money. One board member even said BLM needs more money to do more roundups. Now anything else they recommend will seem mild in comparison and the public will go along with it.


  4. Shelva J Wood
    You can’t put the horses back on land the cattle have destroyed until it can grow back. The reason is that cattle eat differently than horses. Cattle do not have front teeth like horses do when cattle graze they wrap their tongue around grass and pull it up by the roots killing the root system the same way a person pulls up weeds in your yard or garden. A horse on the other hand, bite off the grass at ground level like a mower would do leaving the root intact so it grows back. These rancher’s have a habit of leaving their cow’s on public as long as they can no matter how much damage is done telling their BLM buddies that the horses did it. The more the public finds out about how crooked and rotten the BLM is the harder every one will fight them. One petition I signed has 120,000 name’s on it, the BLM never thought that so many people would go after them when they found out what was going on. All I can say is good for all the folks that are signing petitions, calling, writing and threatening to kick the BLM’s azz.


  5. How can the BLM be stopped? By proving their fraud – including their fraudulent wild horse and burro populations. Many people are already aware of the BLM’s fraudulent annual herd increases such as the Wheeler Pass herd area of 548% and the Big Sandy herd area increase of 202% and the Chemehuevi herd area increase of 240% and the Gold Field herd area increase of 186% but the one that takes the cake is the Lava Beds herd area increase of 700% followed in a few years by another annual increase of 775%!

    As incredible as these above counterfeit increases might be, perhaps the most despicable and obvious piece of evidence proving BLM’s fraud is the BLM chart for the Feb. 19, 2010 Wild Burro Gather in the Black Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) in northwestern Arizona. BLM states the following:

    175 Estimated pre-gather population
    84 Number of animals (burros) gathered
    80 Number of animals (burros) removed
    2 Number of animals (burros) that died
    635 Estimated post-gather population

    Click to access Completed%20FY%2010%20Gathers.pdf

    Because population estimates drive nearly all management decisions pertaining to wild horses and burros, accuracy is important. Given the demand for reliable information on which to base management decisions, wild horse and burro managers need standardized, tested, scientifically defensible, and credible population estimates for wild horse and burro herds. Even the NAS report stated, “KEY FINDINGS: Management of free-ranging horses and burros is not based on rigorous population-monitoring procedures.”

    The census numbers are important but what is also important is the documentation proving or disproving accuracy of BLM’s census and population counts. What is required is objective science and not political pressure from government officials and for-private-profit corporations who realize the financial importance of these lands that were once believed to be worthless and are now found to be very valuable.

    With the documented examples of the BLM’s selling many hundreds (likely thousands) of our wild horses and burros down the slaughter pipeline, the BLM still denied it; so it appears the only way to stop the BLM is to prove their “numbers” as fraudulent. The old term for this is “follow the money” and more specifically “follow the numbers”.

    Speaking of fraudulent “numbers” … legendary crime boss Alfonse “Scarface” Capone controlled Chicago’s criminal underworld. There’s no telling how many people died by his hand or his command. But when it came down to it, the federal prosecutors who worked for years to build a case against Scarface could only pin charges of tax evasion on the gangster. So why couldn’t the law pin anything more on him? The short answer is that Capone was careful. He managed to create plausible deniability, removing himself enough from the illegality so that no connections could be drawn between him and the crimes he authorized.

    Sound familiar? Sounds like the BLM to me.


  6. The BLM and Livestock ranchers have working together for years known as the lier’s club.
    Professional at altering statics, committing crimes against animals, breaking Federal Laws that are employed by the Federal Government laws that they broke that were enacted by their own employers the Federal Government, misuse of taxpayers dollars and more than half of America are unaware that their dollars are being used to commit crimes against animals, protecting livestock ranchers who are getting taxpayers money in subsidies to rise beef that Americans don’t get the privilege to eat and Americans are buying garbage that comes from Mexico and Canada and the politicians vote to remove the label of origin from all meat products.
    Livestock has broken Federal Laws rounding up wild horses and illegally selling for slaughter in Mexico, Canada and in the U.S before horse slaughter plants in the U.S were closed down. Committed crimes against animals not just only horse’s. Their have many different species of Wildlife.
    The Livestock Rancher hasn’t changed over a hundred years plus. What ever stands in their way there are always victims.
    Who else is better at breaking Federal Laws. The BLM and Livestock ranchers are being protected and lies for them by the very own people who are their employers the U.S. Government.
    The US. Government are just as guilty for allowing the employee’s of the U.S. Government and to break the laws that the US Government enacted and they are not being held responsible for their actions.


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