Equine Rescue


by Elaine Nash as published on FaceBook

15326519_10212080846363016_7514677105363278423_nApparently there was a misunderstanding on the part of the Sheriff about the adoption campaign, who was notifying people that no horses could leave the ISPMB property after midnight tonight- adopted or not, and that they would be sent to auction later this month. However, this is the official word from the State’s Attorney to Fleet of Angels through our attorney this evening: ‘Anyone who has applied to adopt horses by midnight tonight will still be able to pick up horses approved for them.’

Now- here’s the good news/bad news situation: We have now received more applications for horses than there are horses to adopt. For the moment, we can honor all adoptions that have been approved. We will continue to explore what the future holds for this adoption campaign and for those innocent horses. So, forward ho- and thank you ALL for helping save as many of the ISPMB horses as possible! 11-30-2016

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  1. Elaine Nash you are a super hero! Its good to know more applications than horses. The Sheriff should put out all stops to get them adopted. Here in lies the problem. Its hard for law enforcement to take on this challenge. Thus is why states should have humane rescues with trained investigators and certified by the states dept of AG. As Horse people they are connected to the Horse community as Elaine Nash is. There should also be federal funding for these Wild horses when the bottom drips out. Let the BLM let loose of some if that cash that they have. I hope the Sheriff allows extra time for those who have adoption forms in. It would be great PR for the county sheriff if all went to private hones because people truly want them. He has done a good job so far. Remember law enforcement officers may not be humane investigators but are placed in that position unfortunately. Many people stepped up to the plate. I know the Sheriff is probably overwhelmed. But it’s Christmas time so I hope he doesn’t make any decisions he will be sorry for later. Give him some credit too for taking on this challenge. If your state does not have certified human investigators consider getting together with your Horse community and the states dept if AG. It can only get better for the horses and other equines. Dog and cat investigators do not have the training that equine investigators have. So think about that. And may God bless all the people involved in this massive under taking If you see something do not wait to make a call. Its better to have someone go out and see it may not be starvation. You can also call the national humane societies if you don’t have one in your state. They do have people in the field who do investigative work. And it just goes to show the nsy sayers that there are NO unwanted horses! Get all of them homes for Christmas!! I think this is one of the biggest saves I’ve seen in a long time!, Kudos to all involved!!And 1,000 neighs for Elaine Nash a true Horse Warrior!!!

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  2. thank you to all the adopters who stepped up. and to the heros behind the scenes and on the ground thru out this tragedy, and there was only a few- no matter what people say who were there for the horses from the get go, they deserve medals of honor..and to those who were obstructionists thru out-screw you

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  3. We had friends there yesterday and said it was a terrible situation. Injured, sick, skinny, blind horses all in big herds. Pick ups are not going smoothly. They said thank God for the volunteers, but it was not a good situation. They said all pick ups were ceased yesterday because rescuers were helping each other getting horses out.

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    • MIchele, did they take photos, and did they see sufficient hay around? What few reports I’ve seen mentioned belly deep snow drifts already – very difficult for foals and hard to keep hay from blowing away, too. The adoption FB page showed a video of the storm… and THE PROPANE TANK, but nothing much at all of the horses. ?????


  4. Wow. This really was a huge effort, so relieved. I still wish there was a way for those who want to adopt a horse but don’t have the room themselves to contribute to a sanctuary for them. I was hesitant at first because I believed that law enforcement would be on the side of ranching interests, and not putting the horses’ welfare and safety first.


  5. Thanks for reporting the update. It’s good to see the Sheriff being somewhat pragmatic and clearly there are some huge volunteer efforts at play that the Sheriff recognizes.

    These latest adjustments in the county’s and Sheriff’s positions are quite encouraging. Fingers crossed.

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  6. Great news all adoptable horses are spoken for, but since most were free or $1, how does that cover the sheriff’s costs of labor and feed? They may be forced to send horses to auction to recover their costs! Hopefully we will hear more on the financial situation since that means the remaining (possibly hundreds?) of horses may still be at risk. Crossing fingers the cash flow has been sufficient to prevent this.


  7. If these horses were originally under the responsibility of the BLM, then the BLM needs to let go of some of those millions of taxpayer dollars they get every year to help with the care of these horses and to reimburse those who have been caring for them over the past few weeks. Those idiots at the BLM whine about not having enough resources/money to care for all of the horses they currently have in holding, yet they continue spending millions on unnecessary roundups. Isn’t there any government oversight agencies to hold them accountable for the mismanagement of taxpayer funds? I’m happy so many of these horses will be adopted, but there are still so many needing homes, both at this sanctuary and in BLM holding facilities. These are WANTED horses, and many more people would adopt if they had the resources. How about some of that taxpayer money be funneled into programs to help people adopt instead of to keep them in hellish holding facilities where they get minimal care.

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    • These horses came from a variety of places originally, but many were born there. This is not a BLM issue, it’s a rescue situation gone bad–not enough money and not enough care for the horses. They were allowed to breed indiscriminately and multiply over the capability of the resources–land and money.


      • The core of the problem if that they were removed from Public Lands in the first place. There is no possible way for any sanctuary to even begin to duplicate their natural environment as the checks and balances are not in place.
        The only options would be to have non-reproducing Herds like the BLM/Privately owned long term holding facilities. We don’t know happens to them there either as the Public is not allowed.
        Once captured they are neither fish nor fowl.


  8. Vickie McClintock, THANK YOU. Those Horses should NEVER have been removed from their native habitats in the first place.
    There should be NO need of Wild Horse or Burro sanctuaries where directors have to continually beg for donations. Right now WH&B are still being removed from our Public Lands and thrown into BLM holding facility/concentration camps.
    Conservation studies SHOULD be conducted on their Legal Herd Management Areas where they so rightfully belong.
    22 MILLION acres ( a very conservative estimate) have been taken from them and that land needs to be returned.

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  9. Elaine and all the volunteers are doing terrific work, but they only saved 200 horses – this is a miracle considering the problems including the weather. The rest will go to ISPMB and to slaughter to refund the county. Very much hope the slaughter part will not happen, and BLM will step up and pay the county’s bill.


  10. I totally agree with Vickie and Louie. The BLM needs to stop all roundups and an investigation needs to be done concerning their spending. They are losing money on grazing leases when you consider what it costs to keep these animals in long term prisons. DUH? Wouldn’t you like to meet the people who are making these dumb decisions? Leave these animals on the range and use the money for birth control. I think what has happened here is great with all the adoptions. This needs to happen on a national level and clear out the holding pens once and for all. Thanks for listening.I will keep complaining until someone listens and things change for the Wild Horses and Burros!


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