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Auction Date Set for “Sanctuary” Wild Horses

Source: SD Dewey County Sheriff’s Office

Neglected Former Wild Horses Face Auction Block

SALE DATE 12-20-16
57ef2233a898e-imageThe sale had been set with Phillip Livestock in Phillip SD on Dec. 20th, 2016. It had not been determined the exact date that the horses will be loaded out to go to the sale at this time. The sale barn and the wrangler we have hired will arrange that date depending on weather and foreseen problems.

Also we got word that the road had not been cleared and a loader from the Ziebach County Highway Dept will be over at about 0700 tomorrow morning to clear the road for access to the property.

Also I plan on making a trip to the property tomorrow to see what else is needed as we near the end of the adoptions and transition to the sale. Please keep in mind that this is a very large impoundment with many complicated issues and we are all doing the best we can to get through this. If there is a problem we can fix, we will, but some things we just cannot help or fix.

Also I have seen some injuries that have occurred at the ranch and I remind everyone that safety is first and that you must think safety as we work to get through this.

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    • I agree. It seems that special interests have chipped away at this noble pledge for our horses and burros for years, and today is the result. The ugly side of human nature. I don’t even want to hear from those who say ‘but they are not native wildlife’. Even if they were not, there’s no excuse for treating another living thing so heartlessly and cruel, for any reason. I am thoroughly disgusted.

      My fingers are crossed, even though I’ll probably be disappointed, that a new Interior Secretary will give us more hope they’ll wrangle in the BLM after Sally Jewell rides off into the sunset.

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    • this is horrible – isn’t that the same company (phillips) that Salazar’s neighbor used? or is that one & the same person?? The anti PZP stupidity of this rescue/sanctuary has cost these horses and many others their lives – geeeeezzzzz


      • At those prices the sheriffs depts. will not even begin to recover their costs – which will now have to include loading and shipping them to the auction. This info is from 2012 so perhaps the market now is higher, but not likely at this time of year and with so many to offload.

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      • One last thought – if 540 horses sold at $20 each that comes to only $10,800. This amount could be raised FAST on a go fund me or similar site. The problem is where then do they go and how will they then be fed? Least cost is to allow them to find their own food on adequate lands. Annie is probably looking right now, pointing at some places. Can anyone see?


  1. This Needs to be in the media by Advocates Asking Everyone to purchase horses so Killers cannot buy any at all. Not one. I knew from day one this would be the direction it would head. I predicted it would get railroaded prior to Christmas. These horsesshouldnt go to slaughter at Christmas. This is incredulous! Focus on using the media Not Solely Facebook to get buyers who are not slaughter.

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      • The conditions of this sale are stacked from the beginning against these horses…. I don’t want to sound conspiranoic but I’m sure many folks in the county are more than eager to see most of these horses go to slaughter, if only to make a point and give us “a lesson”.


      • Daniel, a lesson in what, exactly? Ignoring out of control and unnaccountable nonprofits who take possession of innocent animals? There are no winners here, none whatsoever.



    The ripples from this debacle are being felt across the country. Aside from volunteers (including those with one of our crews) having to drop what they were doing to try to make whatever headway they could with this mess, it’s totally screwed up holding capacity by a number of groups that otherwise could have dealt with other needed rescues.

    An example involves some 23 state-managed VIrginia Range wild horses that were picked up because they kept getting onto highways. Ordinarily the groups would absorb them and place them. Thanks to ISPMB, our group now only has room for 2 and the other local groups are full. If the horses aren’t placed, by law the department has to take them to the auction.

    The sick irony in all of this is that Karen’s stewardship (or lack thereof) of the organization started by Velma Johnston has now put horses at risk here in Nevada that Velma first set out to protect.

    Having received RT’s permission, I’m posting a link to the catalog of these horses. Their times are running out this week, although the state can legally delay their sale if we can cover their board at $6.00/head per day. (Adopters are coming forward but for most of the horses the adoptions aren’t going to come through before board starts accruing.)

    So any help with finding good homes or sanctuaries, and assistance with board so we have time to get the horses placed, would be immensely appreciated. We’re at a dead run out here trying to avoid another sale yard crisis.




    • Saw the pictures on AWHP site – really good looking bunch of horses. Hopefully the publicity from these pictures will help them get to good homes. And yes, this whole debacle will affect many horses & their rescues.


    • There are still some horses from the Virginia Range here needing adopters. I couldn’t take any but offered to pay the adoption fee so one filly could go to a new home with her sister, maybe others could do the same?


      • Shelley, no charges filed. The VR horses on the link I provided were recently removed from NV and have no connection to ISPMB, other than that Wild Horse Annie’s first wild horse protection efforts involved the VR horses.


      • thank you for your response. I guess I replied to the wrong link, I was wondering about the ISPMB horses and Karen Sussman who let them get in that deplorable condition – are humane charges being filed against her??? re: Virginia Range horses – what is the adoption fee?


  3. There’s been a lot of money raised and it’s in different accounts.
    Invoices and receipts for hay as well as any other monetary transactions should be made public…always a good idea.

    The Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary Alliance (WHSBA) is a coalition founded in a collaborative effort by Return to Freedom, Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, and Habitat for Horses.


  4. Just when more chaos seemed impossible, the auction site FB page shows this today. One can only guess they didn’t want the negative publicity?


    PHILIP LIVESTOCK has announced they are NOT holding the ISPMB Auction.

    Stay tuned to ISPMB Auction Horses FB page for updates.

    PLEASE PLEASE SHARE. Nobody knows what this means yet.
    Pray for the horses.


    Nothing new showing up on the Dewey County Sheriffs page:


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