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Visiting Arizona’s Salt River Wild Horses

Wild Horse Freedom Federation Meets Salt River Wild Horse Management Group

Left to Right, Terry Fitch, Simone Netherlands, Robin O’Donnell

It’s been a long time coming but finally the planets came into alignment and the circumstances coincided so that Terry and I could visit our long time friend, Simone Netherlands and many of her local friends and members of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.  We have been promising to stop by and visit the aquatic ponies for year and with a motorized trip across the U.S. things worked out perfectly for a day of wild equine observation.

Salt River Wild Horse Management Group members Destini Rhone, Simone Netherlands and Robin O’Donnell

With this short post I am not including any pictures of the horses, proper, because my main mission on such excursions is to take pictures of the photographers who are taking the real pictures (using my iPhone no less).  So with that said, I will be including Terry’s photos once we are static and no longer moving.

Terry and Simone…horses behind

While at the river, I had the opportunity to participate in a live feed with Simone on Facebook and posted on Salt River Wild Horse Management Group’s page, if you clink on the link/image you are free to view.

Click Image to view video on timeline

And with that said I will let the video and the pictures do the talking as we load up the Jeep for another day of adventure.

Many thanks to Salt River Wild Horse Management Group president Simone Netherlands and members Robin O’Donnell and Destini Rhone for donating an entire day to take the time to show us the beautiful wild equines that reside along Arizona’s picturesque Salt River…ya’all must go see for yourselves.

Keep the faith.

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  1. Welcome to Arizona R.T.! As you can see, viewing these horses in person is a real treat! I had the privilege of visiting these beauties back in November with a SRWHMG volunteer and got to meet Simone and some of the other volunteers last month. They are a wonderful group of people doing everything in their power to preserve these animals for generations to come. ❤


  2. Kudos to you R.T. this is my hometown. As a much younger lady we would do rides & camp on the Salt River. We got the pleasure when being there seeing these beautiful horses. Thank you for all that you do. Kindest regards to You & Terry. 😁


  3. If only I had stuck to my original plans & went to the river that day, I might have had the pleasure of meeting you & Terri. Sadly, I didn’t know you were here until the following day. After reading Straight from the Horse’s Heart, I kind of feel like I already know you. I was so moved by your book. I’m glad you got to visit our Salt River wild horses! I have spent so many hours out there enjoying their beauty & admiring their freedom. They are my zen, my therapy, & my escape. Thank you for all you do to help horses & burros everywhere.


  4. I am in Scottsdale for another morning, afternoon…I so want to see the horses. I was wondering if you could tell me where to see them to take photos. I am staying off Lincoln at the Omni. My email is I would appreciate any info. Thank you so much. I go home to Florida Wed. morning.


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