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Wild horses face extinction in Namibia

Namibia is a country in southern Africa.


PREDATORS … Hyenas are threatening the survival of the Namib wild horses.

Namib wild horses face extinction

by Staff Reporter

THE feral horses of Namib Nauklauft in the Garub area are on the verge of extinction due to predation by hyenas.

This was revealed in a statement issued by the Namibia Wild Horses’ Foundation yesterday.

The foundation said no foal has survived since 2013, and that the horse population has steadily declined.

“Due to the drought, most of the other migratory game has moved north and east, looking for greener pastures, which leaves mainly horses as easy prey in the Garub area,” the statement reads.

Because of this, the rate of predation on the horses has increased significantly in the area over the past two months, which saw the number of mares dropping to 42.

“We estimate that at this rate, the wild horses’ population will be functionally extinct – some may still be around, but it’s inevitable that they will go extinct – by August,” the foundation said.

In its efforts to save the wild horses from extinction, the foundation intends to find suitable land that could be turned into a sanctuary in which the horses would live with the integrity of a wild population.

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  1. Something very interesting to note. This suggest that maybe the presumed overpopulation and related management problems of wild horses in the American West are consequence of the mass elimination of predators to protect cattle herds.


    • Isnt it strange that our government agencies cant seem to get that thru their tiny little heads – when its been written about & researched – BUT not by BLM. Consider that one whole agency of our government – Wildlife Services – was apparently put into place to actually mass eliminate our wild predators – which frankly is really hard for me to get my head around. Wouldnt you think that after the massive slaughter of wolves, mountain lion, bears, coyotes AND, oh yes, our bison and wild horses back in the “old days” that there would be an epiphany SOMEWHERE?


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