Horse Slaughter

R.T. Fitch (Pres.) and Debbie Coffey (V.P.) of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, on Dept. of Interior’s plans to kill 46,000 wild horses & burros in BLM holding facilities, and thousands more on public lands (“Voices Carry for Animals,” Tuesday, 10/3/17)

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***CALL TO ACTION*** Tell Congress to STOP – Don’t Kill Our Wild Horses and Burros!

BLM contractor rounding up wild horses using helicopter (photo: Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation)

Guests will be: R.T. Fitch (Pres.) and Debbie Coffey (V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs) for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

R.T. and Debbie will talk about the proposal in the 2018 Budget, to be voted on soon in the U.S. Senate, that will call for the killing of 46,000 wild horses & burros in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) holding facilities, and tens of thousands more on our public lands. There’s also wording in the 2018 Budget that will bring horrendously cruel horse slaughter plants back to the U.S.

R.T. and Debbie will talk about Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s years of investigations that have uncovered and proven that wild horses & burros have been missing from BLM holding facilities, BLM animal cruelty, horse slaughter and more.  They’ll tell you THE TRUTH about what is happening to our wild horses & burros.

Wild Horse Freedom Federation issued a WHITE PAPER (July 2017) that was sent to many Senators and Representatives:


Click to access White-Paper.pdf

Captured wild horses in BLM holding facility, without shelter in winter ~ photo by Carol Walker of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

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  1. Thank you. These two people have so MUCH to say about what has and is going on with our wild ones and the BLM corruption that has pushed our wild horses and burros to this dangerous and deadly point of destruction. The American people need to know.


      • Sent the senators on the committee e-mails and made phone calls with succinct points. One point was new and very disturbing that the BLM wants to send 2000 wild horses to Russia to feed predator animals. I thought of the little burros they wanted to send to Guatemala as work animals – don’t know if that happened. However, both countries are poor, so most likely humans would eat them if horses were sent. It seems the push to reopen horse slaughter houses in the US is strong because the EU put stronger restrictions on Canada and Mexico. Hope that never happens again!


  2. The “disappearance” of our wild horses and burros before, during and after being captured by BLM contractors has always been a concern … and now is a PROVEN FACT.
    One proven example, as discussed on the radio show:
    “… bait trapping contractor Horse Trappers, LLC, which sent three invoices billing for 200 horses that were captured at Murderers Creek. (See Exhibit 16.) However, BLM’s records only indicate receipt of 157 horses from Murderers Creek in the relevant time period. (See Exhibit 17.) WHFF has found no explanation for the 43 missing horses.”
    “This evidence and discussion in this section raises several areas of concern, including
    (1) the potential for fraud (where more horses are claimed to have been shipped or cared for than actually were),
    (2) the falsification of government documents, and
    (3) breaches of the contractual agreements between the BLM and its contractors …
    And as alluded to previously, the biggest question is – if the horses are not where they are supposed to be – WHERE ARE THEY?”

    Click to access White-Paper.pdf

    Anyone who has delved into this issue KNOWS what happened to these and many many many others …


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