A Wild Horse Release is a Bittersweet Reminder of Those Who Are No Longer Free

Source:  wildhoofbeats.com

A Wild Horse Release is a Bittersweet Reminder of Those Who Are No Longer Free

by Carol J. Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation


This morning the BLM allowed me to watch the release of the 6 Curlies that were released back into Salt Wells Creek.  Of course I much prefer watching wild horses be released than be rounded up, but as much as I was elated for these 6 lucky horses, I was very sad for those they left behind at the holding facility.


Ike in the trailer

Ike in the trailer

I was not sure which horses were going to be released, but when I asked at 6:30 at the BLM office I was told no pintos were to be released but some curlies.  This meant Maestro would not be released, much to the disappointment of local people who consider him a favorite.

Mares get out

Mares get out

Mares run

Mares run

We stopped on County Road 76 off of Hwy 430.  These horses had been captured near Maggie Springs off 191, so it was not where they were captured.  However, the BLM had not rounded up any horses off County Road 76 so there should be other wild horses around – I saw fresh manure and knew I was right.  The trailer went down the road making sure that the road was still good and not too muddy, then they called for us to follow.  They put us at the top of the hill and as it turns out it was the wrong side of the road, but I did the best I could to take photos in such a way that people could identify the horses.  As it turns out they were all curlies.  The two black mares got out first as they were in their own compartment in the back.  They ran as soon as they got out, two big girls who reminded me of war horses in their outlines.        READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE HERE.


  1. Were the released mares (likely already pregnant) contraceptive darted while captured?

    Was the black Curly mare with the week old foal one of those released and if so, where is that foal now?

    Hard not to notice they are selecting for the largest animals to release for furher breeding.


  2. Look into their eyes, they have names – it is so awful to watch this. It’s got so much in common with prison camps. I guess this is what humanity is, some more than others.


  3. As WONDERFUL as it is that these six wild horses were released, has anyone considered the effect of releasing TWO (likely PZP’d) wild mares with FOUR wild stallions? This will cause accentuated fighting among the stallions which can lead to injury and even death. This will cause the two mares to be bred over and over and over by the stallions because the PZP will cause the mares to continue to go into estrus if not pregnant. BLM has NO idea about how to manage anything. Everything that BLM touches is corrupted and poisoned by their actions – especially our public lands and our wild horses and wild burros.


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