The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Video – Battle of the Barns Sync Challenge

“Okay, we are all about grins and giggles today.  For those of us who live with equines;s we occasionally have to let our hair down and have a little fun because for those who do not care for a equine companion are probably not aware that our charges have “staff” and that “staff” refers to us.

Some folks pay dearly to house their horses in horse hotels or stables/barns, others may have said barn in their backyard as we do and others provide covered shelter in their pasture, none the less, they all require intensive, daily care.

So sit back and relax as this tight group of equine enthusiasts entertain and have fun as they go about their chores with a smile on their face and several songs on their lips…and with that comes a challenge; can you do the same?  If so, upload your video, here, and lets rock and roll.

To kick it off, I have submitted a loosely equine related lip sync video I made, for Christmas, a few years ago while working in Asia, below. 

Gag Alert: please ensure that you have nothing in your mouth when viewed!!”

Have fun” ~ R.T.

Now, for some more laughs…

“Why Adult Beverages and Computers do not Mix Well!”

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