The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: A Cornucopia of Equine, Video Laughter

“It’s my only day off from my paid profession so I, too, look for a few laughs and moments of enjoyment and after viewing this compilation of equine frivolity I deem that it is exactly what the doctor ordered ;there are some really, really great clips in here…BUT, and there is always a BUTT, I would like to, in good conscious, make the following statements:

  • It is never, ever, a good thing to put yourself in a position (pinch-point) where you could be hit or squeezed by a horse’s body, head and/or hooves.
  • I would NEVER put an infant in a carryall with a handle on the floor before a horse.
  • Putting an irate bull in a corral with a horse is nothing short of sadistic and sick.

Butt with those issues disclaimed, the rest of the video is a gas, less the commercials.

(Sorry, the ole Safety Engineer in me just won’t take a break)” ~ R.T.

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  1. Knowing that hundreds and hundreds of OUR Devils Garden wild horses are about to go to slaughter because of the corrupt USFS and their filthy henchmen … I just can’t find anything to smile about these days but thanks for trying.


  2. ok, I did enjoy all of these with the exception of the one showing the horse and gator and the last one with the horse and bull. I just hope none of them were hurt. And I too am having a hard time knowing beginning Oct. 9 will be the last day of freedom for many of the Devils Garden horses. I did share on FB, Twitter, sent my email and will call tomorrow but this just makes me sick. Know I have lots of company.

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  3. Between Devils Garden, Warm Springs and all the other attempts to remove & experiment on our wild horses it really is not a good time for any of the herds. Seems no matter who we contact – what we say – the push continues – because they can! The same people who have gotten away with this crap in the past – they get rewarded & promoted & there are no consequences. And always its the wild ones who are suffering.

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