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BLM to give tour of wild horses on private property at the Indian Lakes Rd. holding facility on Oct. 26

Wild horse with foal at the Indian Lakes Rd. facility (hours before snow, with no shelter) Photo: Debbie Coffey

Below is the BLM’s notification of this tour:

Source:  BLM

RENO, Nev. —The Bureau of Land Management will host a public tour of the Indian Lakes Off-Range Wild Horse and Burro Corral in Fallon, Nevada, on Friday, October 26. Attendees will have the opportunity to view horses recently gathered from overpopulated herds in Nevada.

The privately owned and operated corral is located at 5676 Indian Lakes Road, Fallon, about a 90-minute drive east of Reno. The public tour will begin at 10 a.m. and will last about one hour and accommodate up to 20 people. Tour attendees will be taken as a group by wagon around the facility to learn about it, the animals and BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program. Attendees should wear comfortable shoes and clothes; hats and sunscreen are recommended, and photography is welcome. On-site portable toilets will be available.

The Indian Lakes Corral can provide care for up to 3,200 wild horses or burros. The facility encompasses 320 acres containing 43 large holding pens, each measuring 70,000 square feet that will safely hold about 100 horses. The horses receive an abundance of feed tailored to their needs each day, along with a constant supply of fresh water through automatic watering troughs. Free choice mineral block supplements are also provided to the animals in each pen. A veterinarian routinely inspects the horses and provides necessary veterinary care as needed.

BLM strives to place horses removed from public lands into good, private homes. Horses at the Indian Lakes facility are made available to the public for adoption or purchase throughout the year at off-site adoption events and through BLM’s online program. For more information on upcoming events and opportunities, visit or

To register for the tour or to get driving directions to the facility, please contact the BLM at (775) 475-2222.

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  1. Wow, how generous. Perhaps 3,200 horses (if full) at perhaps $2/day comes to over $6,000 income per day. Allowing those who pay this to visit for one hour, and then only twenty people, simply doesn’t equate as accountable.

    We paid over $18M for 5 years horse holding:

    The press release from 2016 is almost identical to this one, with the exception that now only a single one-hour tour is being provided. Guess we get what we pay for???

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    On Saturday’s rally in Elko, Trump will back incumbent Sen. Dean Heller over Democratic challenger Jacky Rosen


  3. These horses belong to the taxpayers. The BLM doesn’t have the right to decide what he wants to do with our property. This needs to be done with our knowledge and acceptance not hiding and sneaking around which just means they are pulling off something
    The reports are they are shooting our horses. Are the cattlemen filling their pockets?


  4. Does anyone have the newest update on the Silver King captures in Nevada?
    This( privately owned ) Indian Hills off-range is the destination for the projected 1000 to be removed.
    The Day 1-3 has been posted with around 183 (?) taken so far, and thankfully no deaths reported except for two with ‘pre-existing’ blindness issues. ‘No Deaths’ I would attribute to ‘No Bloody Cattoor’ involved in this latest criminal raid. It is a different helicoptor outfit surprisingly.


    • Hi Deborah, these wild horses will be taken to the BLM’s Indian Lakes Rd. off-range facility in Fallon, NV.
      With so much going, it’s hard for advocacy groups to keep up with each and every issue/event.
      But collectively, all groups are working hard to save the wild horses & burros.


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