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Feel Good Sunday: Idiot Tourist Pets Wild Horse and Gets Kicked in the Neigh-ther Region

by R.T. Fitch

by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

I know it is supposed to be Feel Good Sunday and for the main character in this story there is nothing about him that feels good, from gonads right down to his ego, he is a mess.  But for me, I am laughing and hard.  He got JUST what he deserved because he:

  1. did not heed the warning signs to leave the horses alone (rules don’t apply to him)
  2. approached the horse from behind (poor dumb city boy)
  3. is going to be burned to a crisp with that blue vein white skin (sunscreen anyone?)
  4. should not have been allowed to leave the house with that insane swim suit (sick)

And for the ‘poor city boy’ who is above the rules and regulations here’s a little tip for you, all horses know EXACTLY where they are placing their hooves, exactly.  That one was for you, Jack.

Score: Horse – 10  Loser human – 0

This video on YouTube has become viral, which caused thousands of Internet users to be impacted, because it shows the precise moments in which a man receives a painful lesson after caressing a horse while strolling through the National Park of Assateague Island, in Maryland, United States.

The curious moment was recorded by some of the people who were on location, who witnessed the unusual outcome that obtained the brain damaged individual and shared it on YouTube and other social networks.

In the images, which already have more than 14,000 reproductions on YouTube, a group of vacationers from the aforementioned island are observed attentively observing the passage of a horse on the sand, until a dumb-ass tourist decides to get closer to the animal, without foretelling the fatal outcome he would obtain in front of all the people who were in the place.

And it is that, as it is seen in the recording, the man protagonist of the clip decides to ignore the signs with warning signs to avoid the contact with the horses, and approaches without major precaution to the horse to try to caress it. An act that, apparently, the stallion did not like at all and reacted in an untimely manner against the reckless tourist, giving him a strong kick in his intimate parts.

After the mortal kick of the horse, the man falls spectacularly on the sand before the surprising look of the tourists, who observe him with an expression of concern for the strong blow he has just received.

The diffusion of the images caused various reactions among YouTube users, who described the fatal outcome of the man as a lesson for ignoring the indications and trying to “disturb the horse”.

Watch the YouTube video, below:  (warning, we have no control where YouTube will send you at the conclusion of the video.  It will be up to you to stop and/or re-direct)

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  1. No matter how many times I read or see this type of idiocy around a wild animal – it certainly reinforces some sort of penalty for stupidity! There is much signage stating that these (and other WILD animals) are NOT tame or domestic. Just shows that humans should not be able to interact with wild animals – and frankly this guy got what he deserved – possibly made it obvious (more so) that thats a moronic thing to do. This is what happens – stupid people with no concept of another specie’s space.

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