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Majority of Canadians Oppose Horse Slaughter According to New Nanos Poll

News provided by Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

  • A Nanos Poll was taken across Canada in June 2019 by Ottawa, ON lobbying firm, The Parliamentary Group.
  • Findings show that over two-thirds of Canadians say they are uncomfortable or somewhat uncomfortable with the export of horse meat from Canada for human consumption.
  • Nearly seven in ten Canadians say they would most support stopping the slaughtering of horses in Canada for human consumption rather than continue the policy.
  • Canadians are over four times more likely to say they would have a more positive impression rather than a more negative impression of a politician that supported a ban in Canada on the slaughter of horses for human consumption

TORONTO, July 22, 2019 /CNW/ – When asked about the continuation of this practice, 69% said they would like to stop the slaughtering of horses in Canada for human consumption. Only 17% said they’d like to see it continue, while 14% were unsure.

“Over the last fifteen years, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition has continued to expose findings of cruelty, neglect and suffering of horses on feedlots, during air and ground transportation, and in the slaughter plants. This evidence, combined with these poll findings, proves that horses cannot be slaughtered humanely on a mass scale, and that the majority of Canadians would like to see it abolished”, says Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director of the CHDC.

This poll confirms similar findings to another national poll taken in 2004, where 64% of Canadians said they opposed the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

Sinikka Crosland goes on to say, “Nearly half of all horses are imported from the US where horse slaughter is illegal. Neither US nor Canadian horses can be traced effectively. Canada’s Equine Information Document system is highly flawed and does not guarantee truth or accuracy. There are instances in Europe where banned substances, such as a commonly used pain killer for horses called phenylbutazone, have been found in horsemeat exported by Canada, as recently as June 2019.”

The CHDC and the majority of Canadians call on our Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture, and all MPs to take the necessary steps to end the slaughter of horses in our country.

Click here to see the survey in its entirety.

SOURCE Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

For further information: Sinikka Crosland, Canadian Horse Defence Coalition,,

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  1. Shame on You Canada, it is like eating your pet or dog/cats. It reminds me of a 3rd world country, who have never grown to above a savage!!! Our Horses have always been the mans work horse, taken the treatment and horrible care in some instances. The Human Race has not progressed much & certainly men and their compassion, you get a D!!!

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    27 page report with lots of photos
    The Horse Slaughter Empire of Bouvry Exports Calgary LTD – an Animals’ Angels Investigation

    Conclusion: The investigation revealed the enormosity of the Bouvry Exports Calgary LTD slaughter horse empire. Thousands of horses are kept in their feedlots any given day to ensure a reliable and steady supply for the Fort MacLeod plant. Hundreds of mares & foals were found, which might be an indication that horses are bred for slaughter to accommodate European demands in regards to drug residues. Concerns: •
    Lack of shelter in harsh weather conditions with heavy snow and temperatures as low as 11 degrees •
    Horses, including foals, covered with snow and ice and left to suffer in the harsh elements •
    Hooves that had not seen care and would therefore make standing and walking painful •
    Obese and extremely lethargic animals, gross overfeeding •
    Fighting • Crowded conditions • Untreated injuries •
    Emaciated horses • Horses in great distress due to medical emergencies with no workers around to even take notice
    Observations suggest that the massive feedlots are operated with only a few workers who focus on ensuring that the feed troughs are never empty. It is questionable that they are capable of detecting animal welfare problems, injuries and diseases in a timely manner. Investigators witnessed a medical emergency that was only addressed after several hours and after law enforcement had been contacted.

    Bouvry Exports Calgary Ltd
    254072 Township Road 92 / Highway 3
    Fort Macleod, Alberta
    Claude Bouvry is the president of Bouvry Exports Calgary Ltd.

    Click to access Animals%27%20Angels%20investigation%20of%20Bouvry%20Exports%20Calgary%20Ltd.pdf


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