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Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Thanks to Deb, Carol, Geri and all who speak for those who cannot

“A personal, and way too long, message thanking all of those who have given so much of themselves in an effort to improve the safety and well-being of our American equines be they domestic or wild. 

Contained within this video op-ed is the historic quote, “I like to talk while I speak”…answering the decades old question of whether or not I am brain damaged; yes, would be your answer or I should use notes next time.  Thank you all.” ~ R.T.

Our White Paper can be downloaded at: http://wildhorsefreedomfederation.org/white-paper/

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  1. Great video, RT – scary hearing that far too many wonderful advocates are easing back. Hate to admit it, but we are all getting (sigh) older.
    It does seem far far far past the time that our domestic & wild horses should be safe from slaughter. Sometimes feels like we all are banging our heads against a brick wall – but we are all fighting on the side of right – should count for something. So keep up the good fight & I know I’ll follow along as long as I can!

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  2. R.T – I agree that there have been many VERY important researcher and writer and photographer volunteers involved with relentless energy to educate and fight for our wild ones over the years and I personally thank each and every one. Your hearts of gold shine brightly. This includes many people behind the scenes who have made zillions of calls and sent zillions of emails and faxes (and talked to strangers in grocery stores … hahaha) to promote the safety of our wild ones. We may or may not know their names but they have been there and are still there and all will continue to do whatever they can. I also want to take this moment to thank Terry and you, RT for being the nucleus of this group of wonderful people.

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  3. My Call to Action

    How animal rights activism has changed over the past three decades but remains as important as ever.
    By Chris DeRose, Founder at Last Chance for Animals

    Over time, the law became more stringent for activists. Some acts of civil disobedience can now be classified as a felony and so-called agriculture gag (Ag-Gag) laws in many states seek to silence whistleblowers when animals are mistreated.

    Being an activist for over 40 years, I have seen the immense changes that social media and the 24-hour news cycle have brought about. It’s far easier to engage people directly and we have come a long way from using public telephone booths and cumbersome undercover camera equipment. The good news is that the results of our activism are apparent; global outrage over animal abuse grows each year as we and other animal rights groups adapt to how the news and social media handle animal cruelty. However, it will always remain that the nucleus of “getting the word out” is based on excellent well-based factual investigations with visual proof. The combination of global news, social media saturation and great investigations have advanced the “animal rights movement” to the point at which all persons can be engaged and called to action.
    — Published on December 3, 2019

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  4. You can know that Wild Horse & Burro advocates are making headway when the ACTING director of the BLM (appointed without confirmation) publicly states that wild horses and burros are the “biggest problem facing public lands”

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