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A Candid Conversation & Hard Love With Select Wild Horse Advocates

By William E. Simpson II

“Below is an open letter written by Bill Simpson; the reason that it appears here is quite simple…I agree with him.

Both Terry and I have chased the BLM around our western states attempting to stop their bloody and illegal war against our wild equids utilizing every legal weapon we can think of but after all these years it boils down to just several simple facts:

  1. The federal government has way deeper pockets than we do, and they have been doing the Land Baron, Oil Baron and all the other collusive things that they do way longer than we advocates have been around trying to stop them.
  2. As advocates, if we always do what we always did we will always get what we always got and that is RIGHT where we are at this point in time…we are long overdue for some fresh ideas and to crawl out of the box that we have built around ourselves, Bill has some fresh ideas.

For the sake of the horses and burros, let’s shift gears and consider other options, as some of us are getting too old for the continued BLM abuse and BS.” ~ R.T.



I received the following email today:
—–Original Message—–
From: undisclosed advocate
To: undisclosed advocate
Cc: undisclosed advocate Capt. William E. Simpson – USMM <gemmaster7@aol.com>; R.T. Fitch <rt@rtfitch.com>; undisclosed advocate; undisclosed advocate; undisclosed advocate
Sent: Wed, Jul 27, 2022 9:34 am
Subject: Re: Twin Peaks Capture

All these roundups so very wrong and perverse. They increase the monopoly by ranchers and others. Why didn’t Friends of Animals suit stop this?
The answer to the general question is:

Twin Peaks Wild Horses prior to the terror of the BLM 2011~ photo by Terry Fitch

Because nobody (Org & advocates) has learned a damn thing over the past 30-years!
A Review of Wild Horse Advocacy Efforts Over Past 30-years:
*Parades of hundreds of Big-time Celebrities didn’t work
*Lawsuits by the hundreds didn’t work (and cost taxpayers $-millions)
*Sit-ins, capitol protests, billboards, petitions with over 100k sigs, didn’t work
* Dozens of TV, Hollywood and Indie Documentary movies didn’t work
*Millions of rants, emails, letters, ZOOMs, phone calls, didn’t work
*Over 10-million Tweets and Facebook posts condemning BLM, didn’t work
*Orgs with $-Millions in the fight, didn’t work
*Expected changes in government (Repub vs. Dem) didn’t work
RESULTS of ALL of the foregoing combined actions didn’t work!
And now, American Wild Horses are in their darkest hours, suffering a final move to decimate their species using two KEY Tactics from the diabolical & insidious wild horse management plan called the ‘PATH FORWARD’, which is based in the science that supports effective eradication through genocide:
1) Unrelenting brutal roundups to reduce wild horse populations to levels (about 25,000 total), which makes tactic #2 most effective; and,
2) Chemically treat remaining populations with Genetic Poisons (PZP & GonaCon) that sterilizes wild horses remaining on range.
This chemical treatment is augmented by mutilating wild stallions via castration, which further reduces critically required competition between stallions for breeding rights, another form of critically important evolutionary Natural Selection.
These combined actions result in what well-established science and animal husbandry calls Selective Breeding, which leads to Genetic Erosion, and resulting in genetically based disease.
The Genetic Poisons (PZP and GonaCon) chosen are potent Toxins!
HSUS (has over $150-Million in their bank account) who is the U.S. Patent holder for the chemical known as ‘PZP’, was somehow able convince the FDA to waive the required safeguards to study adverse effects on horses and other environmental impacts from the use of PZP in and around landscapes where other species may be impacted.
The FDA Labeling WARNS of ‘Indirect’ effects of PZP on other flora and fauna in areas where it is used. READ THE LABEL BELOW:
Given the cited toxicity of PZP, why on earth would anyone inject this stuff into any living animal, unless the intention was eradication.
People ignorant of the power of economics will counter by saying that the ‘National Academy of Sciences’ supports the use of PZP.  However, critically thinking minds must ask; who funds the Academy? 
The simple answer is funding comes from a myriad of sources which are all directly and indirectly linked to the Mega-Corps who wield $-trillions in annual revenues. So the Academy cleverly and in a very diplomatic manner supports what the Mega-Corps want… after all, the Mega-Corps also fund many academic programs and make grant money available as well.
This tactic of Chemical Treatment of wild horses with PZP (and newer more effective sterilization chemical; GonaCon) will eventually eliminate the need for roundups ONLY because the relatively few remaining chemically-treated wild horses will no longer be producing offspring at required levels to naturally maintain their numbers on the landscape.
Essentially, these small remaining, genetically substandard sized herds, will be ‘walking dead’… suffering from social disarray, and living their remaining days without procreation.
The final desired effect is achieved; Wild Horses just FADE AWAY from the landscape without any drama for reporters or TV cameras.
Nobody offered a plan for managing wild horses that was acceptable to the powers who are running America.
Advocates and well-funded wild horse and burro non-profit Orgs have been fighting insurmountable Economic forces related to American Consumerism that is served by Mega-Corps who own and operate all the businesses serving American consumers.
These Mega-Corps wield over $20-Trillion in annual revenue! That dwarfs the entire U.S. Budget!
Clearly, I am talking about advocates and non-profit Orgs who keep doing the same failed things over and over ad-nausea for the past 30-years with zero net results, ignorantly expecting a new result, all the while, wild horses are being wiped out right before their eyes.
And amazingly and illogically, they wonder why?
Most advocacy organizations and people keep pontificating ideas that are NOT, and never will be, economically acceptable to the Mega-Corps who RUN the entire government TOP to bottom, including ALL the agencies therein.
Only a Wild Horse management plan that provides significant economic benefits and doesn’t conflict with demands of Consumerism and 97% of Americans who buy and use the products that are made from resources coming off Public Lands can succeed.
For example: People who buy Tesla cars don’t do enough critical thinking; they suck-up marketing propaganda about not using fossil fuels… yet they fail to realize the bigger picture impacts… that those cars require Copper, Cobalt, Lithium and Aluminum to manufacture, some of which comes from Public Lands that are in conflict with Wild Horse grazing, and some of those lands are in Nevada and other western states.
ECONOMICS is a power and an unstoppable force (and religion for some) today where 97% of American consumers are buying/supporting livestock-based products, mineral based products, oil and gas based products. That is a fact.
People don’t think… even OTC drugs and pharmaceuticals use petroleum distillates and minerals, so even Big-Pharma has a stake is public land use.
So American are voting with their dollars to continue to remove wild horses (which Mega-Corps feel have no value).  That’s a Fact! And avoiding it, ignoring it, or discounting it, is what has led to the current massacre of Wild Horses we see on the National Media. 
If people want to be environmental or spiritual warriors that’s fine. But those people need to accept responsibility for the outcome of bringing such debates forward in the wild horse debate, and the result of that decision;  there will casualties in that war.
And the first to die, as we all can clearly see are the Wild Horses! They have little time left.
Other than Wild Horse Fire Brigade, which by its design, gives great value to rewilding American wild horses into economically and ecologically appropriate wilderness / forest areas without placing them in conflict with Economic Enterprises that have control of Public Lands, there is no other plan that can save wild horses.
When engaged in the Wild Horse Fire Brigade plan, each horse rewilded under that plan has a provable value of approximately $72,000.00! 
Like it or not, that is just a simple fact based on facts, logic and reality.
What is happening today will not stop unless we implement a PLAN that assigns economic value to wild horses.  That plan is Wild Horse Fire Brigade.
Such a plan will garner some level of cooperation of the MEGA-CORPS who own virtually all of the politicians via massive campaign contributions…
Most Legislators answer to MONEY first and votes second…
Unfortunately, morals mean nothing to many of the people running the world today.
Speaking for myself, I don’t engage in battles that are un-winnable.
I am only interested in a PLAN that can realistically save wild horses. 
I am not interested in any plans that have virtually ZERO chance of being accepted by the powerhouse Mega-Corps running the show. 
Any plan that suggests putting horses back into areas where they were recently removed at great cost to taxpayers, and with great prejudice is simply a non-starter and shows a lack of understanding of the economic and political dynamics that are controlling and in play.

We all must accept the reality of today’s world.

Emotionally-driven solutions are inappropriate and illogical.
 A solution that is; pragmatic, holistic, humane, natural and is ecologically and economically supported is tenable for all logical stakeholders.
If we don’t implement such a solution now, then we can and should expect the final demise of  wild horses.
That’s the logical result of pushing a bad position and insisting on what can never work!
Regards, William
Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM Ret.
Founder-CEO  Wild Horse Fire Brigade
Ethologist – Author – Conservationist 
Wild Horse Ranch
P.O. Bx. 202 – Yreka, CA 96097
Author @ HorseTalk

Member:  IMDb

William E. Simpson II is an ethologist living among and studying free-roaming native species American wild horses. William is the award-winning producer of the micro-documentary film ‘Wild Horses‘.  He is the author of a new Study about the behavioral ecology of wild horses, two published books and more than 150 published articles on subjects related to wild horses, wildlife, wildfire, and public land (forest) management. He has appeared on NBC NEWS, ABC NEWS, CBS NEWS, theDoveTV and has been a guest on numerous talk radio shows including the Lars Larson Show, the Bill Meyer Show, and on NPR Jefferson Public Radio.

Check out William’s Film Freeway account for films, studies, TV & radio interviews, and more HERE:  https://filmfreeway.com/WilliamESimpsonII

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  1. Hey,  It is “A     T  R  A  P  ‘   My computer was hacked ~ My patent info cleverly stolen.    Unemployed due to Pandemic.   just the tip of the Iceberg.  God Bless You!  The Nuns had me write and rewrite and rewrite an essay about the American Dream.  Guess who won.  A Boy is all they said when they told me I had an Honorable mention.  (from then President of the United States).   Reminder~ no pictures I get bad Nightmares Thank You,Regina Jordan    

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  2. Mr Simpson,
    I enjoyed reading your article. I am glad that you are NOT in favor of our corrupt gov’t & some so-called horse-loving orgs that are injecting/darting our WH&Bs with pesticides. My question is how do WE stop the roundups & stockpiling of our WH&Bs? Get the govt to release WH&Bs within their federal prisons? Get the WH&Bs released from off-range corrals-where the welfare ranchers are making millions w/our tax dollars to imprison them?

    I understand your wild horse fire brigade theory-hope I used the correct terminology “theory”. How do we convince the govt, Congress, all the corrupt powers-to-be to implement the wild horse fire brigade and who will lead the charge? All of gov’t coward down to the welfare ranchers. No one has the gonads to stand up to them. They make millions (our tax dollars) with govt contracts to inhumanely round them up with helicopters; they make millions with govt contracts to stockpile them within their off-range corrals.

    In addition, the BLMs AIP (Adoption Incentive Program) is a fraud, Our WH&Bs our ending up within the slaughter pipeline.

    The bottom line is I just want our WH&Bs protected & saved. I want all of the WH&Bs in holding to be released. I want the DOI/BLM defunded & disbanded. I am sick of my legislatures either ignoring my letters or responding with words to make me think that they will do something “if it comes across their desk”. None of them will take charge. The president & his administration are just worthless.

    I know that you know all of the issues I mentioned above. Obviously, that is why you came up with the wild horse fire brigade. We absolutely need to get our WH&Bs removed out from under the DOI/BLM. And, I am not prejudice, but I don’t want them under the management of native tribes either. Hence, the hell-hole pack animals (horses/mules) in AZ are forced to endure at the hands of Havasupai wranglers.

    Thank you for your time,
    Joy Burk


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