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Hometown City Council Gives Thumbs Down to UH President’s Horse Slaughter Fantasy

Hermiston City Manager Ed Brookshier told the City Council this week a proposed horse slaughtering plant would be “detrimental” for the town.

“I do not believe that project is anything but detrimental to the long term development and image of this community, and I believe it has very significant land use problems associated with it,” Brookshier said Monday.

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Update: California Equipment Rental Company Bought Oregon Land for Horse Slaughter Plant

Public records reveal that Liberated L&E LLC, an equipment and machine rental company based in Palmdale California bought a 252-acre parcel of land in Hermiston,OR for $600,000 last March with the expressed intent of building an alleged horse slaughter plant on the location. Hermiston, OR is the hometown of Dave Duquette, president of an anti-horse/pro-slaughter lobbying organization, announced in March that a horse slaughter plant was to be built in his community and that the land would be donated; Duquette was, and still is, short on details.

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Duquette’s Hometown Mayor Says Horse Slaughter Stinks

“​As of late, Dave Duquette, alleged president of the anti-horse/pro-slaughter organization United Horsemen, has been touting the prospect of destroying his local community of Hermiston Oregon by opening up a predatory horse slaughter plant virtually right in his own backyard. With wide-sweeping boasts of acquiring land, in town, and plans to build a multimillion dollar plant for a product with no market Duquette has run into some local resistance from not only the mainline townsfolk but from the very town mayor himself. Duquette, along with his partner in horse butchering Sue Wallis, is hell bent on acquiring attention and grasping a spotlight, or even a flashlight, with no regard to whether the attention is positive or negative. But one thing is now glaringly true, we have been saying it for years and now it comes to us in bold print, “Horse Slaughter Stinks, right along with Duquette and Wallis; it’s enough to make you lose your lunch” ~ R.T.

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Horse Hating Wyoming Politician Sides with Known Animal Abuser

The prattle from the Horse-Eater’s camp has been quiet for about a week or so; only the constant drone of sharpening butcher knives can be heard across the trenches of the battlefield in the quiet of the night. The perverse dredges of society have suffered some pretty serious defeats over the past several weeks and they are all tucked under their rocks licking their putrid wounds. Let’s count their failures (not all but the biggest ones):

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