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Hometown City Council Gives Thumbs Down to UH President’s Horse Slaughter Fantasy

from the pages of Oregon’s Hermiston Herald

United Horseman’s President Wins No Friends in own Hometown

With butchering and eating horses on his mind, United Horseman’s president Dave Duquette and his ambitions are unpopular even in his own hometown

Hermiston City Manager Ed Brookshier told the City Council this week a proposed horse slaughtering plant would be “detrimental” for the town.

“I do not believe that project is anything but detrimental to the long term development and image of this community, and I believe it has very significant land use problems associated with it,” Brookshier said Monday.

The City Council approved a motion to authorize the city’s land use attorney, Mike Robinson, to investigate potential issues for the proposed site near the intersection of Westland Road and Interstate 84.

Brookshier said Robinson will prepare a report to bring back to the council for review within the next two months. The report should show how the potential horse slaughtering plant site would “stack up under Oregon land use law,” according to the city manager.

Legal costs for the land use review are slated to cost about $1,000.

According to the Umatilla County Assessor’s Office, four parcels of land totaling about 243 acres at the potential plant site were sold to a California company in June. Dave Duquette, president of the United Horsemen’s Association, initially proposed the facility in March. Duquette asked the company to purchase the land until it can be utilized as the site for a horse slaughtering facility.

No land use application has been submitted for a horse slaughter facility, according to Tamra Mabbott, county planning director. Mabbott said the city has the option to object to the application if a formal land use application for a horse slaughtering plant is submitted to the county.

Brookshier said if the City of Hermiston decides to object to a formal land use application for a plant in the future, legal costs could range between $7,500 and $15,000.

Councilor Frank Harkenrider spoke out against the proposed horse slaughtering facility.

“We’ve got to fight that,” Harkenrider said.

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  1. Tar and feather him and run him out of town !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats what they used to do , to the likes of him…………………………………..


  2. This may not be on slaughter directly, but it is a kind of facilitated slaughter, none the less, and a follow-up on the enablers to the BLM spin machine—-

    As you all know, the report of hogtying a foal, witnessed by Holly Hazard of Humane Society has had NO publicity to the general membership of HSUS through the channels ‘Wayne’s Blog’ or the ‘Action Alert’. The Desatoya roundup atrocities have been given no coverage, but have been buried far into the archives of the Humane Society where no one looks. Finally, here is yesterday’s “Humane Nation” entry on the wild horses—-bundled together with “wildlife” and elephant PZP programs—and the usual bland delivery, insinuation of overpopulation, etc. we all are so familiar with from BLM propaganda. I give the Humane Society a “F” in advocacy Susan Rudnicki


    • I commented on Wayne’s blog but I bet they don’t get posted.
      My comments : Only when there is an excess of our wild horses and burros should any contraceptives be used and then only a safe one like PZP . There is no excess of wild horses or burros now. Instead they are being “managed for extinction ” and few herds are genetically viable and sustainable. All roudups and removals need to stop now.


    • savewildhorses:

      Thanks to you.

      Bashing HSUS does not help our equines. As I have said before, I think they (HSUS) could and should do more, but they are not the humans rounding up (wild and domestic), murdering our equines, eating and abusing them; Duquette, the Cattoors, the KBs, bad politicians and the slaughter plants are.


    • I love the threat comments, yet no evidence is provided by those investigating the threats as validated (you know, verifiable source confirms threats) by the “journalist” at AGWEEK who just seems to revomit the gospel truth according to double D.

      And if any antislaughter ARE threatening Douche D-bag…STOP IT… you are hurting the equines and our cause.


  3. ve Dequette and his likes, need to “take a hike!!” Send him and his friends to a slaughter facility.
    For sure, noone would eat their meat!!!
    Sad that the Humane Society of the US, did not follow through with their condemnation of the were witnessed at the DeSoyota Roundup!! Continue the fight:somehow!!


    • Jane…where did HSUS “not follow through with their condemnation of the were witnessed at the DeSoyota Roundup!!”…????? What did they or did not say? Silence does not mean they are not working on this problem. What do you recommend they do?

      I think they made a deal with the devil with regard to PZP. I also think they infrequently take on battles they don’t think they will easily win.


      • I also want to add, the HSUS is the least of wild equines’ and domestic equines’ concerns.



      • Such ignorance when it comes to the work and lobbying efforts of the HSUS. Does anyone realize the GOLIATH the Humane Society is up against? They are very vocal opponents of horse slaughter, they are in every fight against it, they are against round ups, yet feel fit to be hogtied like we are to stop it. CONGRESS has the power to control the BLM. No one else. Congress is 95% dysfunctional and is almost a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Ag and Big Oil at this point. With Citizens United, it is just going to get worse. The HSUS does tremendous work on behalf of ALL animals facing exploitation, neglect, abuse and suffering. I do not believe anyone who consistently tries to bash them does not have another agenda altogether.


  4. I read the agweek article about poor old Dave – and also read the 5 year old article.
    Now that will make you grit your teeth! This “poor” horse breeder who couldnt make
    money on his “culls” anymore & had to SHOOT 25 of his horses. Couldnt even take
    his “old used up” mares to sell so he could buy NEW mares. YUCK.
    Guess that tells it like it is, right?


  5. I agree with you Denise. If HSUS were not working effectively for our horses and the other animals we share our lives with, animal agriculture would not be trying to get everyone they know to bash the HSUS in letters to their Representatives and Senators. In fact, the enormous amounts of energy being generated by animal agriculture lobbyists to undermine the HSUS’s moral authority is a testament to their effectiveness. I don’t know if you all read the actual petitions HSUS and Front Range Equine Rescue Sponsored as well as the list of 115 drugs given to horses that are not to be used in food animals, their veterinary use, specific laws prhibiting the drugs, and the health risks to humans put together by Bruce Wagman, but this was extraordinary work. Any US citizen has the right to petition our government about laws or regulations that we do not think we can live with, but few of us ever think to use the petition route. Another strategy that HSUS is using is the purchase of stock shares in companies whose business is built around animals or animal products. This enables them to have voting power, and thereby, influence decision making of corporations. There are many ways to advocate for animal welfare. While it would be good to have HSUS present on the range to observe at some gathers, the truth is that they have been hard at work on the horse slaughter and the horse soring issues in the TWH world. The first thing I thought about when I saw the investigative video where the horse was being beaten for being unable to get up, was that the people being investigated were extremely brutal and dangerous—simply out of their minds. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out them into this kind of environment where you could just disappear into a ravine and never been seen again or beaten into vegetable pulp.

    I am aware that there have been issues regarding communication about advocacy that could be handled much better, but in any organization, what does or does not happen comes down to the people in charge. It is possible given the scope of HSUS’s agenda and the nature of their work requiring employees to be at their desks one wekk and in the field the next that occasionally some information could get mishandled.

    HSUS stands between our domestic and wild horses and the people who want to line their pockets with blood money. I, for one, am grateful that they have chosen to dedicate their resources to combat the Reign of Terror that the AQHA and crony Charlie Stenholm want to bring down on our horses. Our horses need each and every one of our voices doing whatever we can wherever we are to fight for them.


  6. And who would know better than his own community. Even the sight of him (DUQUETTE) is revolting. All i see is evil there..


  7. Somebody should warn the Hermiston city council to NOT attend any BBQs at Duquette’s due to his habit of serving up horse meat. They should also have a little talk with Kaufman, TX former mayor about how having a slaughter facility worked out for them. Check out this article about how Rockville is still going to happen……then somebody informed them of the real truth and they added some hilarity a day later….


  8. What’s with Duquette’s beard? I can just see the blood dripping from it; he’s nothing but a disgusting person. Thank goodness the city council gave thumbs down. Hope it stays that way.


  9. A big Thank You to the Manager of Hermiston City, Ed Brookshier, for taking a stand against the proposel of a horse slaughtering plant. It certainly would be detrimental for the town and the people of Oregon should be very thankful that he’s taken this approach. He made the right decision for everyone and for that he’s to be admired. (-:


  10. I tried to comment on the Hermiston Hearld site, and because I do not pay the 15.00 or so a month for a SUBSCRIPTION, I am not able to. I LIVE in Hermiston! I have emailed, and mailed a ton of information on what the repercussions would be to have this plant open! Duquette has a very nice facility, that goes pretty much unused lately, and heard that he is hurting for $$$ and he is pushing for this plant because he is going to make a lot of money from it. Also he will totally wipe out the BLM WILD horses that roam the Washington state lands. HE said he is already in negotiations with the Indian tribes there to slaughter 26,000 horses PER YEAR!!!!!! How many years will it take to desimate the herds? This is not a good think, and I totally thank the city councel members for not going ahead with this right away.


  11. Found this* 1 blurb of Follow-up at “the Herniston Herald” (like Ms. Britain commented , I don’t Pay for a subscription for entire article.)
    And I AGREE; HSUS * is definitely N0T who we should be Fighting , here! ….{HSUS actually does a lot of Good – for ALL animals….}
    • this is (in part) what their land-use atty. Reported :
    “City to contest horse slaughter

    City funded study shows proposed facility doesn’t meet land-use codes

    Holly Dillemuth | Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 11:38 am

    Hermiston City Manager Ed Brookshier and the City Council are in agreement they would fight a proposed horse slaughter facility near Hermiston on the basis of potential land use issues identified by the city’s legal counsel.

    After reviewing an analysis report compiled by Mike Robinson of Perkins Coie, Brookshier said the land does not allow such a facility under an exclusive farm use zone, either by the Umatilla County Development Code or state statute. According to the Robinson memorandum, an applicant for the proposed facility would also need to obtain a water right and a “number of environmental permits.””


  12. We can stop the ones on our grounds but what about the supposed tribal nations? There no one has a say but those on the reservation.

    I still wonder what is up the PSA are way to quiet now.


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