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Horse Hating Wyoming Politician Sides with Known Animal Abuser

(In My Outraged Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ author and President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Slaughterhouse $ue Wallis Sinks Deeper into Depravity

The prattle from the Horse-Eater’s camp has been quiet for about a week or so; only the constant drone of sharpening butcher knives can be heard across the trenches of the battlefield in the quiet of the night.  The perverse dredges of society have suffered some pretty serious defeats over the past several weeks and they are all tucked under their rocks licking their putrid wounds.  Let’s count their failures (not all but the biggest ones):

1.)  Several weeks ago the Queen of Cut and Paste, Wyoming state Rep. $ue Wallis, issued a a press release from one of her dubious organizations with a “united” in it that she was opening up a predatory foreign owned horse slaughter plant in Missouri and the residents were “100%” behind it.  Yeah, she looked kind of cute in all those tar and feathers as the good towns folk ran her out on a very big rail when she showed her bloated face in town. (Click HERE for story)

2.)  United Dead Horsemen (another “united”) prez., Dave Duquette, gave a miserable performance when he attempted to debate the horse killing issue on Oregon public radio with Scott Beckstead, Oregon HSUS director.  Caught in several lies, as usual, and unable to answer direct questions Duquette ducked and dodged to such an extent that the PBS radio show actually researched some of Duquette’s spew, after his failed debate, and updated their website with the truth as pointed out by Beckstead.  (Click HERE for story)

3.)  Not to be outdone, or miss any press, Sue Wallis, grand marshal. poobah and potentate of anything that has the word “United” in it, knowingly accepted an invitation to another PBS/NPR radio talk show which included equine welfare advocates, Wayne Pacelle, Madelaine Pickens and myself.  The show was advertised around the web, including on our blog, with Wallis getting full billing but when asked a simple question the delusional psychopath (in my humble opinion) hung-up and ran for the hills; she is just a tad smarter than Duquette as she knew when she was out gunned.  (Click HERE)  Within hours she released a press release through one of her puppet organizations with a “united” in it where she slammed the show, host and guests saying she was ambushed and ranted like a little 6 year old sissy with a pathological propensity to be disengaged from the truth.

4.)  Days after her demise on national radio Wallis’ genius and bigoted husband, Rod McQuery, (yes, that is really his name) penned a rant on Facebook where he labeled anyone who shows compassion for companion animals to be “Nazis” and no, he is not behind bars, yet.  (Click HERE for story)

5.)  Days before their much heralded Scummit of the Dead Horse in Oklahoma City the Duo of Dishonesty, Wallis and Duquette, announced that the big annual event was “postponed” until next year while the two redirected their mental resources to figuring out how they could screw people by building a horse rescue operation on the grounds of a bloody, foreign owned slaughter plant.  What happened?  Did the fact that in New York a Pro-Horse Summit was being held during the same time frame have anything to do with it?  Was it because Respect4Horses and Wild Horse Freedom Federation mounted a huge “Don’t Slaughter Me!” billboard in front of their proposed hotel push their buttons or was it the fact that there was a press conference planned on their opening day called the Summit of the LIVE Horse within walking distance from their intended debacle just too much to handle?  Probably closer to the truth is that their major, covert financial backers couldn’t handle the bad press from the two bafoons any longer and pulled the plug.  Inquiring minds want to know.  (more on that to follow)

So it’s been kind of quiet for a few days which means that Wallis has been in front of that cracked and distorted mirror chanting, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most perverse of them all!” and suddenly BLAMO, she has an idea, something sick, twisted and so disgustingly perverted that everyone will be awed and dumbstruck by her stupidity.  It worked when she felt sorry for the woman who got naked and climbed into the dead carcass of a horse to be photographed prior to slicing and dicing the equine into BBQ burgers, poor girl, she was so misunderstood.  But now this is even better…

Watch out, take cover as we just heard the turd launcher go off over in enemy territory…

Here it comes, screaming through the air and, SPLAT, the turd has landed and the stench is enough to make even the strongest stomach hurl it’s cookies and the biggest man call for “Buick”…

Get this, the plump sicko has written to the Governor of New Mexico, under the guise of yet another bogus business with a “United” in it, to extol and thank the known and documented kill buyer Dennis Chaves for all the wonderful things he does to help all those homeless and sick ponies.  BARF!!! (Click HERE to read Chaves investigation)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is no bottom to the slimy barrel that Wallis and company try to sink to, they exceed their own depravity and set new records for reproach each time her fingers touch the magic keyboard, it is truly revolting.

Of course, all the evil, lying and disgusting animal (rights)? Nazis are to blame for Chaves ‘woes and while sitting in a family commune amidst the mountains of Wyoming Wallis KNOWS all the facts, just like she KNEW all the facts about Kaufman Texas and was caught lying on the PBS show; quoting a city engineer…Kaufman didn’t even have a city engineer you bombastic twit.

So grab yourself a bucket to puke into and curl up in your reading chair and wade the latest, greatest collection of cut and paste propaganda to spew out of anyone’s mouth since the great war, it’s vintage Wallis and more documented proof that the men in white coats should be coming to Recluse, WY soon to help this poor, lost tortured soul and NO…it is not Halloween, for the real world, the ghouls and goblins dance only in Wallis’ head and we are forced to witness their aftermath.

We give you two options in which to abuse your sensibilities; you may read the revolting letter inserted, below, or you may click (HERE) to download it if you would like to make yourself sick offline.  The choice is yours but please remember, you have been warned:


April 12, 2012

The Honorable Susana Martinez

Governor of New Mexico

490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Room 400

Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501

Dear Governor Martinez,

The International Equine Business Association (IEBA) has been formed to protect and promote the horse industry and steps forward to assist equine businesses under attack from dishonest, and unethical, radical animal rights organizations.

Dennis Chavez and Southwest Livestock of Los Lunas have been under scrutiny, and have been vilified on the Internet and in media outlets because of disturbing videos of horses in very poor condition, that were subsequently euthanized. Most of these reports contain biased and speculative information implying that the horses were mistreated by Mr. Chavez.

Missing from the public discussion are any voices from the livestock industry, veterinarians, or experts in animal care and handling. While we wait for the results of the New Mexico Livestock Board’s investigation, IEBA has been gathering facts and testimony. The analysis of these findings results in an alarming picture of special interest group stalking and harassment of a legitimate livestock business.

Here are the facts so far as we have been able to ascertain:

  • On a busy sale day, March 10th, 2012, when hundreds of horses and hundreds of people were at Southwest Livestock, two activists found four horses in very poor condition.
  • According to the activists’ own reports they arrived on the scene at 7:19 am.
  • It is indisputable that they spent an extended period of time videoing each of these horses from every angle before they reported their condition to anyone.
  • They did not show up in the office to report the horses until 2:30 pm.
  • The horses were not part of the auction. They were in a separate area.
  • The horses in question were in a “hospital pen” with plenty of hay and water, which was carefully framed out of the videos, as were the hundreds of healthy horses in good condition on the premises.
  • The video was not released until weeks later when the carcasses had been long disposed of; preventing any examination to determine whether there was foul play.
  • Horses in poor condition who are given the kind of feed and care given to every horse at Southwest Livestock usually recover in 60 to 90 days.
  • Mr. Chavez has documentation to prove that he has purchased nearly a million dollars of hay, feed, and veterinary supplies in the past year. His livestock are never without free choice hay, and clean water.
  • Practically all of Dennis Chavez’s customers are repeat customers, if horses were abused he would soon be out of business, and this is a well-respected and successful operation that has been in business for over forty years.

Dennis Chavez has the support of his neighbors, Native Americans, the entire agriculture industry, and people who understand the realities of livestock and the circle of Life. It is sad that these horses died, but it was not the fault of Mr. Chavez or Southwest Livestock. We do not believe that it was the result of any sort of intentional animal abuse.

It is the position of the IEBA that the fate of these suffering horses, and far too many others, are the direct result of the actions of animal activists who in a misguided attempt to “save horses from slaughter,” have instead rendered them worthless, or nearly so, and have condemned good horses to a fate far worse.

Instead of charging Mr. Chavez with negligent mistreatment or animal cruelty, and trying to ruin his business…if these groups really cared about horses they would be honoring and applauding him, as we do, for providing care and sustenance to horses that would otherwise have no chance of survival.

Mr. Chavez, and other hardworking, taxpaying, livestock businesses in New Mexico deserve our support and appreciation for the care and feeding of otherwise doomed horses. They do not deserve the blatant stalking and harassment of out-of-state special interest groups, the negative impact to their ability to conduct business, nor the mental stress and anguish of hate mail and death threats to family members incited by this vicious, uncalled for public vilification.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, and to provide you with documentation of the nationwide scope of the animal rights activist threat to agriculture and our food supply, and the consistent pattern of attack of innocent individuals and businesses. Below are statements provided by Mr. Chavez in regards to this matter, in which he expresses very articulately the attitude and beliefs of the horse industry in particular, and of animal agriculture as a whole.



Sue Wallis, Chair, United States

International Equine Business Association


New Mexico Livestock Board

New Mexico Agricultural Organizations



“Our number one concern is the care and condition of all animals, and our concern is as great, or greater, than the concern of those who have brought these accusations. “

“Southwest Livestock receives all kinds of horses in all kinds of conditions. Some are brought to the facility because they have been abandoned. Some are left tied to the fence overnight by anonymous people. Many come off of Indian reservations and other facilities. Some arrive off of trucks and trailers already in sad condition. We do everything in our power to handle horses that arrive in a compromised condition appropriately.”

“We have and will continue to fully cooperate with the New Mexico Livestock Board investigation of this incident. We are confident that the political motives behind the complaints will be revealed, and that we will be cleared of any wrong doing.”

“Far too many poor horses arrive at this facility and other livestock facilities across the Nation as a result of the poor economy, the drought, and the high price of feed.   When they arrive we supply feed, clean water, and care.”

“We appreciate the support of the entire livestock industry.”


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  1. Oh, Sue Wallis, oh how you spurt such lies about those 4 horses, you act like you were a fly sitting on top the manure watching everything go on…I WOULD NOT BELIEVE YOU IF YOUR TONGUE CAME NOTARIZED………..You truly are a very disturbed person to conjure up all you do..Wow, you never stop throwing the manure….Shaking my head…..


  2. i couldn’t even finish reading the whole peice of fecal matter. what an idiot. does she not know thousands of people saw the video of the tormented, starving, suffering horses? fresh feed and water my arse! this freak needs to be exiled from the good old U.S.A.


  3. The interpretation of SS Walrus( darn typos) while she sharpens her preditory knife to scrutinize and BUTCHER, Our American Horses and sell them to foriegn market of horse eating people, hardly any truths can be extracted amongst the lies, and disception she condones to line her pockets with, at the expense of our beautiful allies the horse, he has given his all in wars, lay dead next to our soldiers in honor of his Service to the UNITED STATES of America , his services have always been given out of Love and Honor !!! for the caretakers of his Freedom….. He stands mightyer then a well sharpen knife to defend us , 1 horse stands for 5 great men …. I stand for the defense, and for the protection and preservation of the all Horses who in fact built America…………. SS walrus, someone would call what you are doing is Tresan


  4. I am in NO way a champion for Chavez, but even HE couldn’t blame supporters of live horses for the glut of equines being sent over the borders to be butchered:

    “Far too many poor horses arrive at this facility and other livestock facilities across the Nation as a result of “the poor economy, the drought, and the high price of feed”. When they arrive we supply feed, clean water, and care.”

    If her drivel had even a the lint off a gnat’s backside’s worth of credibility, wouldn’t she or one of her zombies actually be a little pissed that these (4) horses, or the hundreds of others abused and negelected at feedlots and auction yards, were in the state they were? NO. she claims to be advocating for humane treatment of animals destined to die anyway and assures her potential clients that this is foremost in her agenda but seriously – whenever the dead and dying are suffering in the clutches of ‘brokers’, where exactly IS her Chubbiness or her minions? No Where. Are they horror-struck by the shabby treatment of a potential product? NO.

    And after her Public support of that dimwit rollin’ in a dead horse and all her other unfortunate missteps made along her way, sue’s made it very clear: she is an Advocate FOR Animal Abuse.

    Safe from the dirt and dust and the visuals of horses at Death’s Door, she rallies the cry from her desktop and her ‘office’ (an ugly joke if ever there was one) – save the world from animal nazis who dare put the humane treatment of animals above the profit margin.

    Way past time to Step Off, sue. Your only hope might be the International community because the majority of regular folks here at home? don’t believe any of your Bull S**t.


  5. When an animal is slaughtered for human consumption he is slaughtered not euthanized. This is not about livestock or lack of understanding the circle of life. All one has to do is watch one of Ginger’s video’s to understand what a mountain lion does–I’m speaking to the loss of Dusty. We are all saddened when we think of Dusty but at the same time we understand why that mother mountain lion killed Dusty.

    I have some serious questions about drug residuals in horses–the ones that are banned and have no withdrawal times. I’m speaking of Bute and worming medications. We have enough problems with other countries sending us poisoned pet treats–why are we sending horse meat that can and will cause human deaths down the road?

    If those countries want horse meat let them raise and slaughter their own. Let them deal with EU regs. We don’t follow the EU regs and kill buyers certainly don’t exactly have a horses medical history when he buys them at slaughter or receives a stolen horse. EU regs are there for food safety not exactly something our country is big on. Read GMO products…


  6. By the way SS Sue your new moniker is not meant as Slaughterhouse Sue its meant as SS as in NAZI Sue. Congrats to your husband who successfully teed off a whole bunch of Americans.

    I can’t decide who is more offensive you or husband. Both of you are offensive to man. I’ve never been a victim of hate speech (except for school) and now I sort of know what it feels like. Suzy I usually promote forgiving others–but in the case of your dear hubby NOPE!

    As much of a cow as you are he is your truly your bull in your rear end.


  7. Maybe $usie W. is being paid under the table by Kenny S. and Bobby A. to perform her perverse sideshow. Her buffoonery makes the DOI/BLM bigwigs look like angels in comparison and distracts our attention from the wild ones being kidnapped out from under our noses.


  8. I first want to state that I in no way support or even like Sue Wallis. She is a horrid human being. but I wish that you hadn’t used her being overweight as a point of attack. As a person who has strugges with weight all my life I found it hurtful. People are not fat because they are bad nor are they bad bcause they are fat. They are bad because they want to be.


  9. You out-did yourself today R.T. and thank you very much.
    Horses do not live forever but does anyone in the world believe that a few weeks of feed by Chavez was going to make those suffering horses better when they could not even get to the water? They were obvioiusly very painfully suffering beyond any “care” (I am feeling ill) that a kill-buyer auction house was going to give them. Too many of us have seen animal abuse to think that Chavez gave a #&%@ about those horses or any others that come within a hundred miles of him and other people like him.


  10. Surely this should not come as a surprise: This is from the same woman who authored an op-ed last year titled “Killer Horse Buyers Are Heroes and Saviors.”

    Only in the World of Wallis, along with her rag-tag assortment of supporters, could Mr Chavez be regarded with such hushed reverence. In their very strange universe, Mr Chavez has acheived a near god-like status.


  11. I will never understand how people can vote this self serving wannabe into public office, regardless of their side of the slaughter issue. All pomp but no circumstance; so many times she has proven herself to be ignorant not only of relevant facts, but of plain old common sense.

    She is a heartless parasite, and R.T. captures her history with precision and deservedly biting zing.


  12. Thanks RT awesome description of the “bombastic twit” you should have warned us all on that one. I don’t like to waste beer like that…

    Can’t read the bombastic twit’s letter right now cause I just ate.


  13. She really believes that she is some sort of spokesperson for the horse industry. Unbelievable crap. Why does the name of her so called organization change daily? I wonder if she actually takes the time to incorporate these names. Good news Charleroi Pa just passed a resolution supporting the federal ban on horse slaughter and has asked our federal representatives to support the ban. I am an animal rights person and damn proud of it because the label radical animal rights person can be applied to such people as Pythagoras, Leonardo DaVinci, Ghandi, and Mark Twain to name only a very few. Please notice none of them were violent individuals. She has no degrees no horse experience and certainly no clue about ethical theory. What a joke. We really need to raise the bar with regards to required qualifications to hold public office. It seems like the patients are running the asylum in Wyoming. I wish we could export her to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A more fitting place for her to roost could not be found. Go away evil woman and crawl back into your hole.


  14. God, I can’t stand to look at her. She’s obsessed with food, and eating. It’s disgusting. Hide your children. Not only does she want to poison them, she just may eat them too. In my opinion of course.


  15. I just hope that the Governor of New Mexico has a little bit on the ball, in which case it might have been fun to be a fly on the wall when she was reading this letter.

    I am waiting, hopefully, for the responsible members and producers in animal agriculture to come to the conclusion that keeping quiet while Sue Wallis and her minions drag down the entire livestock industry with them to cut her and the whole horse slaughter fiasco behind them. The beef industry is just beginning to understand the potential danger these ignorant and uninformed spokespersons are about to rein down upon them.


  16. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to champion horse slaughter as their life’s work, their legacy? Never mind. Just answered that. She’s not in her right mind. She better hope there’s no reincarnation.


  17. Very sick person…I think the livestock industry would be wise to step down from the issue of horse slaughter for human consumption in this country. Approximately 80% of Americans do not the support this inhumane and torturous end to a horse’s life. I think the meat producers of this country seem to have enough problems of their own with various other tainted meat sources. It appears recalls are happening quite fruequently these days. I think Americans are making up their own minds when it comes to meat consumption. Certainly no one wants any of their family members to become sick from ecoli or any of the other illnesses caused by tainted meat. Sorry, but the livestock and cattlemen are changing the minds of many Americans when it comes to meat consumption. These foreign companies need to be reminded that WE do not want their companies to open anywhere in the United States..Our Legislators need to get off their butts and finish this once and for all by passing the appropriate laws banning slaughter and the transportation of ALL equines to foreign countries for slaughter.


    • Gail, I totally agree with everything you stated in your comment. I’ve been involved in this situation for many years. The more I learn and research the more I am repulsed by our meat industry and have adjusted my life accordingly and I know I’m not the only one. Common sense would seem to be to stop the hauling and slaughtering of our horses across the borders and not start it back up in the US.


  18. If we can keep breeders from raising to slaughter I feel we will have a good chance to stop horse slaughter. Once all the wild ones are murdered and the excess or unwanteds are gone it will take several years to build up to the amount of horses to make it profitable to keep the plants open. Remember just before they were shutdown here the KB’s had to import them from Canada to keep their contracts. I hope we can shut them down before that though. I would hate to see them even open here ever again.


  19. Such criminal abuse of these wonderful presences, the horses! What kind of a moral stone age are people in to think such treatment of the horses was doing them a favor?! I recommend you read my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy (available on where I talk about some other wild horse holding facilities and the gross underbelly of what is happening to our mustangs, who should be living out wild and free as naturally self stabilizing herds rather than just being set up for more violent capture, imprisonment, boredom, suffering, disease, being tinkered with, exploited and treated as mere objects, and pitiful death! this is surely not what the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act had in mind! Happy Spring, season of renewal and progress to a new and better relationship among all sentient beings and their respective kinds.


    • At the risk of sounding like an airhead, this is Awesome. Gov. Martinez not only expressing her indignity for animals at feedlots, but in informing the federal government she has no wish to see horse slaughter in her state.

      However, now sue’s gonna have some terrible things to say about the governor – she always does when she can’t bully folks into her way of looking at the world. But I suspect Gov. Martinez probably doesn’t care.


    • Dear Lynnette, As good as this is , i would have liked her to have said Take the whole entire Horse Slaughter deal and shove it !!!!!


  20. Don’t WY tax payers care that she is traveling and scheming constantly to kill horses on their dime??? Doesn’t she have a job in WY already? Enough about that knat. I just read Ginger’s report on Pauls Valley, OK LTH. I am sickened to hear that 2 mos. old foals are lying in the mud already ripped from their mothers. When asked why some excuse about $ was given. WTF? These LTH contractors get paid OUR tax dollars to provide for these “treasured icons”. What are they doing with the wet mares???? Why are breeding age mares even in LTH? How much extra would it cost to keep nursing foals with their mothers? Something stinks worse than usual here.


  21. This whole entire senario makes me sick, it keeps getting worse for all horses, what in the heck is wrong with these people, Horses are very close knit, their foals and families are everything to them !!!!!! They are so much like us………how can anyone one do this unspeakable horror to them………………….. Dont these people know about horses and their devotion to each other >>????/ I cannot believe that anyone who understands them can do this to them, have they all lost their minds with greed????????????????////


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