Equine Rescue

Amateur Wild Horse Photographer Picked as Finalist in Photo Contest

By R.T. Fitch ~ President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Terry Fitch Photos Selected for Finalists in Equine Photography Competition

"Peaceful Moment" by Terry Fitch

Once again I am proud to report that my wife, Terry, has several photos that have been selected by the nominating committee  of the Equine Ideal: Winter 2012 Photography Contest as finalists in their annual online competition.  In the past she has won honors for a head shot of a rescued horse (click HERE) as we, with Habitat for Horses, released him at Willie Nelson’s ranch on his first day of adopted bliss.  Last year she won ribbons (click HERE) for a shot of the famed wild horses of the Pryor Mountains and this year she is up for ribbons on two different head shots of our very own Pele who was rescued from a slaughter auction through the efforts of Habitat for Horses.  Pele is half quarter horse and from the neck up he is pure wild mustang, we can see the beauty that heralds back to his wild roots as he glides across our pastures in play.

There are many other fine photos entered in this equine photograph contest, including another by Terry, but should you care to support her please click http://www.equinephotocontest.com/peopleschoice.asp and hit the link (Go to Amateur Category) in the bottom of the text box.  Terry’s two “Head Study” shots are currently on row ten halfway down the page and being that awards are a sheer matter of numbers (votes) we are concentrating on the photo, pictured here, Peaceful Moment…which for fun loving Pele is a rare moment, indeed.  If you would like to vote for Terry’s work please note that at the top of the page is a drop down menu that says “Your choice” which would be Peaceful Momentand to that right of that is a spot to enter your email address, simply for a verification response and to ensure that people do not vote more than once from a single email address.  Voting ends at midnight this upcoming Sunday, the 18th of March.I thank you for your support and assistance for if there was ever a time for something positive and happy to twinkle or sparkle in Terry’s life, now would be that time.

Keep the Faith.

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  1. RT: Congrats to Terry, and also a big thanks to you for keeping this horse slaughter horror front and center so everyone can see.


  2. R.T. Just voted. What a beautiful shot of Pele. What a lucky horse he is to have you and Terry loving and protecting him. Thanks for all your work on behalf of our beautiful icons. Terry, you are a fantastic photographer. There were many lovely photos, but of course, there was no better subject than our majestic horse. Congratulations Terry on your past wins and here’s hoping you get another.


  3. Voted & shared. Amazing photos ~ all of them, expressing the beauty of the horse. Thank you R.T. & Terry for all you do.


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