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Horse Hater pleads Guilty in Louisiana

by R.T. Fitch – author of Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Jerry Finch Speaks Out on Animal Cruelty Case

The Louisiana Mare, June 9, 2007, upon arrival at her new foster home - HfH Photo

March 30, 2010 was the day that Tony Meyers was scheduled to stand trial in St. Martins Parish, Louisiana for animal cruelty charges where he inflicted grievous harm to a mare, three years ago.  He pleaded guilty as charged the day before, after jury selection.

Jerry Finch, President of Habitat for Horses spoke to us regarding the case:

You remember the story of Naysa, the mare we retrieved from Louisiana after she was violently attacked by a “trainer” when she would not load in a trailer so he could haul her down the road and sell her for $100. Meyers had just bought her at an auction for $35 and, in an effort to increase his retirement income by $65, started loading her in a trailer. Her resistance led him to wrap her halter in barbed wire and drag her 3/4th of a mile down the road. After she fell, he decided to put a bullet through her head, unhook the trailer so it ran over the top of her, and left to go do whatever these type of professional trainers do.

Long story short, she ended up in one of our trailers and made the trip to a foster home, Debbie Pendleton, where she went through three major operations and some intense daily care for 11 months. At that point a wonderful lady named Jolee came and took her to a horse heaven in Florida, where she is treated like the Queen that she is.

Naysa fully recovered with new "Mom" - HfH Photo

The survival and rehab of Naysa is a dramatic story that is still being celebrated, but the punishment of Tony Meyers for his horrible abuse has been lacking, despite more than enough emails, phone calls and letters to the District Attorney handling the case. Twice before I’ve had my bags packed and ready for the drive to St Martinsville to testify and both times the trial has been postponed, now the time has come.

Meyers pleaded guilty.” Jerry continued, “Once he took a look at the jury, he caved in, started CRYING and said he was guilty as charged. That charge in Louisiana is Aggravated Animal Cruelty, a felony.

Sentenced to three years at hard labor, sentence probated, may not be around horses for three years in that Parish or anywhere until he completes a psychological evaluation and completes whatever they assign him, plus pays all court costs and $50 a month probation fee.

Question is; does the punishment fit the crime?

In a world with throw-away pets and people who couldn’t care less, those of us who do care should be satisfied with whatever small slap on the wrist we can elicit from the judicial system, but we cannot let go of the dream. Wild horses and burros should stay wild, domestic animals should treated with love and respect. Until that time, there will always be cruelty and destruction of life.

Did anyone learn a lesson from this? Is our society wiser or kinder or more gentle? Or was the lesson taught that cruelty should be hidden from the public? Perhaps that is why the BLM refuses to let the public view what they are doing. Seems that the BLM is little more than a group of people like Meyers who have the protection of the government.

We couldn’t agree more.

For more information on Naysa’s recovery and Habitat for Horses great work, please click HERE

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  1. Dear Jerry and connections:

    Yes, something is better than nothing with regard to punishment. I wouldn’t be surprised if the defense attorney had a private meeting with the DA and the result is the quilty plea with this level of punishment.

    A decent, religious Cajun doesn’t beat up animals or humans….maybe Myers is a transplant.

    Anyone know if this mare has a tattoo?…what breed she most likely is? If she is a TB (should be any breed in my book), this would hit the racing breeding world of Louisianna hard. Of course, that assumes that it ever got media attention down there in the first place.

    Live long and well, Naya.


  2. I don’t think the punishment fit the crime. That sorry excuse for a man should have been sent to prison for at least 3 years–the time it took for this to finally come to a settlement.
    I wonder how he treats his familky and other animals ?


  3. I believe she is a QH and of course her papers were no longer with her by the time she sold for $37 at auction. I hope that someday someone does recognize her and realize what happened to their horse. I know that she has been responsible, through her story, for numerous horses staying in the loving homes they are currently in – so there is a silver lining to this even if it wasn’t the punishment we’d have all like to have seen meted out to Mr. Meyers. At least he is a felon now, and that will follow him the rest of his miserable life.


  4. I have another indictment of the horse business….papers (and history) must go with the horse. You want to dump it? Fine…but you can’t restrict title. Holy God, we in the US do more for cars and houses than horses.

    The papers are their birthright. If you want to skank a sale, it doesn’t become anything goes. And for those BYBs without records….you doom your horses; unless of course, you’re raising/competing/raising horses for an end destition of meat.



  5. I’d love to see all these low class abuser ‘hoss traders/trainers’ charged and convicted of animal abuse!no contact with horses forever. Including the BLM and their buddies, their neglect causes preventable sickness and disease! and over-running horses is also abuse.

    And yeah I agree with you, all they do is more of the same old crap..they HIDE in shame the abuse!


  6. I first saw this on my FB page yesterday and shared it, it is heartbreaking and this despicable excuse for a human being got off way too lightly. So good to see her today and my thanks and gratitude to all involved with her recovery, you deserve medals for the time, patience and love that you all showed this mare. Sadly this is all too common, I think I would have a nervous breakdown if every case was brought to our attention, it just escapes me how someone could do something like this!!!


  7. Has anyone seen this photo yet of a sick horse at Fallon? What do you think the problem is? Is this pigeon fever or something else? It is horrifying. What the hell is going on in that place?

    Calico Mustang #0096 @BLM's Sick Pens.


    • It’s pigeon fever, and yes it does look horrifying. However, when the abscess opens like that and drains, it means the horse is on the road to recovery – with some halfway decent care that is.

      The worst case is when the abscesses are internal. That is very difficult to treat, and somehow I can’t imagine the BLM going to that much trouble. Worries me greatly.


  8. Just saw on a blog where this is being brought up again. It’s the duty of every human being to point out abuse and neglect whenever possible. It’s a shame that these animals were allowed to be treated like this. derbydeals.com


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