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BLM Helicopter Stampede Contractor Speaks Out

Letter from Sue Cattoor to Horseback Magazine Editor Steven Long

Sue Cattoor: Raw and Unedited

Sue Cattoor speaking at Pryor Mt. Roundup while Ginger Kathrens films - Photo by R.T. Fitch

I know the damage has already been done and that your headlines have already accomplished what you wanted but I am going to ask you to print what I have written here because your two articles contains many statements that are simply not the truth. I am asking you to print all of it not just bits and pieces.

This wild horse issue is so very controversial. It is imperative that you clearly understand the situations we were faced with and the actions we took. It is imperative that you understand the dynamics of these areas. So first lets look at the areas. The BLM web site has a good map of the three HMA’s and of the three different pastures that make up the one Owhyee HMA. The Owhyee HMA consists of three separate pastures – wild horses live in each pasture but the majority of the wild horses were and still are in the Star Ridge Pasture. There are fences between these pastures and open gates in the fences – the wild horses could – but appeared not to be moving between the different pastures.

I never ever, as you say, acknowledged there was plenty of water in this Star Ridge pasture of the Owhyee HMA. I distinctly remember saying that the water sources were almost dried up and that the only other water was the river. Then you were correct that I said the river was like a miniature grand canyon and that there were other access trails but that the wild horses were using this main steep trail. I never said multiple trails and I certainly never said any wild horses were kept in pastures far away. That is such a false statement. I said other wild horses lived in the ajoining pastures.

When you say Judge Larry Hicks imposed a temporary injunction that had stopped the agency from capturing horses after one day in which 12 horses died after being run eight miles in more than 100 degree July Nevada desert heat. All of that statement is false. First of all capture operations took place early in the morning when it was quite cool. Second we do not run the wild horses nor do we stampede them – they are herded towards the trap as is described on my web site. The first group of wild horses that were corralled came less than ½ mile. The pilot found this group of wild horses between two dried up seeps looking for water. In this group were 5 of the very dehydrated animals that later died or had to be euthanized. The second group were all together above the trap area approximately 5 miles from the trap. Third Dave and the BLM COR suspended all gather operations on Sunday morning July 11th. The BLM brought in water trucks and began to haul water up to one of the reservoirs in this Star Ridge pasture. We brought in our other gather crew from Oregon with more corral panels and water tanks. Dave and Chad flew several hours assessing the conditions in each of the three pastures. This is also the day that they went to the river to talk to the campers and found and moved the wild horses that were up in the ledges. Then later went back and humanely euthanized the other two wild horses.

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  1. “I know the damage has already been done and that your headlines have already accomplished what you wanted”

    To Sue Cattoor: Nice try to turn this around and play the victim, but you appear to forget how many INJURED AND DEAD HORSES you and Dave and the BLM have under your belts now, these are only the dozens we are aware of of late – God knows how many hundreds are missing or dead over the years.

    Nothing you ever say or do is ever going to alter your actions.

    I have to say this to you: I find you and your husband utterly detestable. To think my tax dollars put food on your table or gave you shopping money makes me physically sick. If I were a local business in your neighborhood I would not allow you onto my property or offer you my services, I don’t care how badly you were in need. Your actions in my opinion are utterly and totally unconscionable.


  2. I guess ole Sue had time to think about what she had said and to put the spin to it. If what she is ascertaining is so truthful lets see the flight records for ALL flying in the Owyhee area for at least 2 weeks prior and then after the horse raid. Sue you so graciously offer to answer any questions that people have but when I wrote you and very politely–without any prejudice–asked you a question you failed to ever get back to me even after personally inviting me to ask questions. Whaddup Sue? When I extend an invite I don’t rescind it or just drop all communication, that was your chance Sue. One strike you are out!


  3. I’m really not sure if I should laugh or I should puke at the stupidity of these statements. If ‘our headlines had already accomplished what we wanted’, the BLM would quit rounding up America’s horses and the Cattoors, along with any other BLM contractor, would be out of a job. I honestly don’t know how you people can sleep at night. I guess instead of counting sheep, you just count dead horses.


  4. I forgot to hit the button and also mention that I gave Sue every contact method I have but guess you couldn’t find a way to justify the end to your means. Look back at your email records and you’ll see I’M telling the truth–try it, its refreshing to the spirit.


  5. I hope Sue, Dave and all the lying horse murderers at BLM all get what they deserve for lying, killing and abusing Americas Treasured Wild Horses. It is a tragic the terror and destruction theses ignorant corrupt murders have wrought to Americas Wild Horses.


  6. Sue:
    You are a liar, and a horrible person, I hope you and your loser husband sleep well at night knowing that you killed several innoncent horses…..I would never believe one thing that comes out of your lying mouth….remember , “what goes around, comes around.” What you and your husband have done to these beautiful animals will come back to haunt you.


  7. I know for a fact that some of the things she is telling in this new version did not yet happen for days and she is compressing time.

    Hi Sue, do we have a surprise for you! mar


  8. “Vengence is Mine”…. Sayeth the Lord God… I sure as hell hope you feel good about what you do for a living, Sue, cuz MY GOD will be coming back, it says in Revelation, on a HORSE to JUDGE…. Hope it’s not on one you lied about murdering…. You can’t run from Him…. I pray you get a conscience and stop your evil.


    • “Debbie,” such threatening posts have no place in this discussion, in my humble opinion. Vengeance is a threatening term and I am certain your IP address has been noted by those monitoring. 🙂


  9. No sue thats not what happened..the first thing that happened is that the BLm said they couldn’t get water to the horses and they(75%) were going to die, then BLM or YOU, one and the same put full water troughs 3 miles from where the horses were-expecting them to know water troughs were 3 miles away..I remember that day well, because an advocate was on the phone trying to explain that to BLM personel, and it was she that was telling them to haul water to the water hole where the horses were..she had maps trying to find roads to get into star ridge with water. and WE were planning how the advocates could get that water hauled in there, because the BLM was running around like the keystone cops holloring “there is no way to get water to the horses..and there was a ranch…yes, 1/4 mile away to get water..BLM was giving her all the reasons they could not get water..and thats how I remember that day..I also remember the first photos of dead horses, and 2 of them lay at the edge of the water hole that still had water in it..No one has ever explained that to me Sue..but I am sure you have some fricking tale about old and blind you can conjure up for me. And this is the reason NONE of you should ever be involved with the wild horse progam


    • Yes Sandra, I remember the blm coming out and saying they could not get water out there.that’s why advocates were suggesting helicopter water drops–give those copters a human purpose. Sue have you not yet figured you cannot keep changing the steps to your tap dance without people noticing. Can’t wait till the day that all is revealed. I think I will be smiling while Sue is still drama queening about no one liking her. Sandra–thanks for putting the facts out.


    • Yes and had there REALLY been a water emergency…..not caused by the contractor pregathering and dropping them into an area with limited water sources…they all damn sure would have died, while they kept trying to make an executive decison and form a comittee to decide what to do, advocates had already sprung into I have said before calling this a ‘rescue” is a slap in the face to organizations who do this on a daily basis, out of the goodness of their heart..not from a black hole in their chest.!


  10. Headlines are not the cause of any damage. Headlines have only published the TRUTH.
    The Horses are the ones that have been damaged.


  11. Wow the more and more I hear this lady speak, the more I feel sick. Sue Cattoor and Debbie Collins got one thing in common; a lot of B.S.


  12. We all still have to remember that the buck stops at the TOP. This has all been done Under the Department of the Interior, Under the Bureau of Land Management, Under the Wild Horse and Burro Program. That is where all of the decisions were made and that is where all of the orders were signed. Those people must be called on the carpet, as they are the ones who bear the most responsiblilty for all of these atrocities–they signed the orders and looked the other way.


    • Yes…this is true. But EVERYONE taking part in the Round Up is a fault….there is such a thing as Personal Responsibility. Personal Responsibility separates Integrity from lack of Conscious. If a person is acting from a point of Integrity he/she will take the High Road and disassociate from Ill Deeds. A person without Feelings and a Conscious will not be effected by inflicting any type of Pain & Suffering. I do not think Sue is having a change of heart…I do not think she gives a Rat’s Ass about the Atrocities committed against the Mustangs. I feel she is surprised at the Back Lash and Public Out Cry of this Horrendous Deed…..and she is trying to Save Face.
      As my Dad, who fought in WW!!, would say…”I wouldn’t want to be caught in a Fox Hole with This One!!!”


  13. For sure, all involved are responsible—JUST DON’T STOP HERE. Compare it to an infection. You have to get at the root cause.


  14. Why was it Sue if those horse were in such serious shape when they were brought in that morning that it was not noted on the report…none were treated for dehydration, and the vet arrived to put the mare with the fractured knee down, and treated or noted nothing of consequence..and you all went home for the night and had NO idea there was a problem…that already was serious and dire? You didn’t have a clue there was anything wrong until you got back there the next morning and 3-4 ..were dead..I say 3 to 4 because I have seen both numbers posted at one time or another..and sue, every horse that arrives at the gather pens is tucked up..even in the dead of winter. It obviously was not out of normal..or you frickin people would have done something in that 24 was this like the Calico holding pens..where you decided freshly gathered horses could go without water for 24 hours, and it backfired..thats the more likely scenerio.


    • So yes Sue, those first horses did die of water starvation, then you rushed water to the rest and they coliced and died from water intoxification, thats how those necropsys are lining up..and then you and the BLM started “the water-loo coverup”


    • Ok, got the story on the next Article.

      Sue is flattering herself that there is anything left to her to be damaged at the time of this roundup.

      No, Sue, you have been totally damaged goods for some time now. These Article titles that you blame are nothing more than dust in the wind around you.

      Dearie, If you really wanted us to beleive you “strolled” those wild horses for 8 miles (now its shrunk to 6 miles?) in well under 2 hours, none of them tried to get away, just all lined up like good little soldiers and only acted out that last 1/2 mile or so, for what – some knowledge that are now on camerea and so now must fight back – you could put cams on your chopper – live feed – its called “tansparency” and its called “proof” of what occured.


    • No you are not the only one, you can not get the whole story , the click does not work just like they set it up not to work, as I said “liars”.


      • S**t! Ops sorry that just slipped out and is now stuck on the screen!

        So THEY write a sob story and ask us to read the whole thing, then THEY make it impossible for us to do so – typical.

        Next THEY will say we did not read the whole story?

        However, we can get to the whole story in R.T.s next article – fooled THEM!


    • Wow, Laura I had not seen that video. My heart was in my throat as they raced along the edge of that cliff. Was afraid that one or more would go over and that there would be a picture just like that palomino.


    • Laura, I could not get the link to work for this one. Rick Harmon Of Cayuse, Inc. Out of Worland, Wyoming, Flies his Helicopter at Twin Peaks, CA in 2007.

      This pilot touches an exhausted wild horse with the runners of his helicopter. This is what these guys are like; hot shots in the air. It is so easy to bully a wild horse with a helicopter!

      Hit my name and go to my blog and see the video. mar


    • Poor babies, one and all, again – we must get rid of these helicopters somehow.

      I recall reading about one reservation where they issue permits for scheduled wild horse runs – it is an event. Not by helicopter – maybe by horse back, ATV or even by foot? Anyone else recall that?

      How is that different than our horse racing tracks, polo, fox hunts, etc? I think it is expremely different because one is trained domestic horses and the other is just brutallity to wild animals.

      I suppose they could argue that if they do it regularly the horses are not truly wild, they are “somewhat” trained for this event just from repitition? Curious what everyone might think.

      I myself am pretty much apposed to anything that provides for gambling, trophies and further breeding at the expense of the animal.


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