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Horse Slaughter Proponents attack Rose Parade Mustang Float

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette Sink Even Lower

Float Scares "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis and Dave "Doink" Duquette

Chicago (EWA) – Sue Wallis, Executive Director of United Organizations of the Horse (UOH) and organizer of an upcoming meeting of horse slaughter proponents in Las Vegas has launched an eleventh hour attack on not just horses, but floats showing horses.

Wallis, in a letter posted on her summit blog, announced a press release from an obscure member group called the National Tribal Horse Coalition. The organization, originally the Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition, was renamed when it joined UOH in May of 2009. The press release claims the float “is an abuse of the reputation of the North American Indian” because a Native American is included on the float looking over the mustangs.

The float, sponsored by Madeleine Pickens, mustang advocate and wife of oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens, depicts the beauty of these American icons. Wallis, who believes mustangs are feral pests, has long advocated their slaughter.

The bizarre attack comes in the wake of an ethics complaint filed against Wallis by Wyoming resident Patricia Fazio, PhD. The complaint alleges Wallis has improperly used her position as a Wyoming state legislator and violated securities regulations by advertising an “investment opportunity” in a non-existent company. And there have been other revelations about Wallis’ dealings.

Temple Grandin, who gained fame as the designer of more humane methods of cattle slaughter, was being touted by Wallis as the designer of a horse slaughter plant in Wyoming. The plant was to be operated by the nonexistent company Unified Equine (a corporate shell has since been created).

This week Dr. Grandin informed Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) that she has demanded Wallis quit using her name, and that she had designed no such plant. Other revelations about the Wallis horse slaughter summit have continued to surface, including the fact that several of the prominent organizations listed as sponsors were not.

EWA President John Holland said in a statement about the attack “I cannot imagine Wallis thinking this is a good idea. Sometimes people lose perspective, like when she announced a boycott of Willie Nelson and other celebrities because of their support for equine welfare.”

This latest attack appears to be equally feckless. Pasadena Rose Parade officials were contacted for comment but only provide official statements for the sponsors. They did indicate they were unaware of any issues surrounding Ms. Pickens’ float and that the parade would be held as planned.

Madeleine Pickens could not be reached for comment.

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  1. Sue does continue to confirm what we’ve known about her from the start–she is truly beyond deranged–she needs an intervention and extended (life-long) rehab. What ever happened to damage her and her cohorts so? They are to be pitied, and locked up for the duration. If only so many innocent and noble equine beings weren’t in jeopardy…


  2. What float design have Sue and Dave entered in the Rose Bowl Parade? Perhaps a big pick-up truck with a “humane” slaughter device in the back. These people are too scary to be funny. Sleep well, Madeleine — your Mustang Monument entry has my vote.


    • And Sue … draped in dripping “horsemeat” couture, a la Lady Gaga? UOH, we just handed you a design for next year’s Rose Parade – free of charge. Let’s see how many votes YOU get!


  3. The photo of the float that came in Madeleine’s email today is absolutely beautiful and is worthy of a win tomorrow! If Sue and Doink and their cohorts have nothing better to do than to make up fantasies about themselves and act out then Sue, at the least, needs to be relieved of her Wyoming state rep status immediately. She has lost her marbles. mar


  4. The float is beyond beautiful and done with Love. I am guessing there are Native Americans who will be very proud to see their heritage and love of horses has been so beautifully and respectfully represented in the float. It sure has our votes!!

    I see that even the article embedded in “Simple Sue’s” letter above features beautiful wild horses standing in front of a mountain~as if each component in the scene is an inseparable part of *nature and American heritage*. In any case, it is disturbing that they not only oppose the float, but also the position this particular group National Tribal Horse Coalition, originally the Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition takes:


    • “… this float is a perfect example of the romanticism affiliated with the North American Indians and their horses …” Over the years, the Indians have displayed plenty of horse “romanticism” themselves, and not just on New Year’s Day.

      I’ve watched every Rose Parade held since the ’50s, and there have been Indian mounted groups and individuals in every one. I know because I always look for the horses. And there have been many floats with Indian symbolism, including horses, that weren’t created by, paid for, or sponsored by tribes.

      Instead of protesting, maybe they should consider Madeleine’s beautiful float free publicity for “Indian Country” tourism.


    • This post accidently landed elsewhere, but I meant for it to be here…

      Well then, its treaty time. Does anyone remember “The Firesign Theatre?”
      Just a bit of humor.


  5. Remember to vote for the Mustang float tomorrow. It would be wonderful for the float to win. So please tell your family and friends to vote. We can all vote 5 times. Sue Wallis’ latest statement does not deserve comment.


  6. When Native Americans vote to kill horses they vote to kill themselves. But then I guess the tribes that joined in this effort are already dead? It was the Horse that gave the tribes their ability’s, and it is the killing of the Horse that will damn them before the Great Spirit. Are there any true Spirits left alive to defend the Horse Tribes?


  7. It is very sad that the Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition has strayed so far from a history in which the Lakota called the horse Sunka Wakan “sacred dog.” Even more disturbing is the presence of the Appaloosa Club as a summit sponsor given that in 1877 the US Cavalry attempted to annihilate the Nez Perce Appaloosa because the horse was faster than their own. When Chief Joseph surrendered at the Candian border in 1877, Chief White Bird took the horses across the border to save them from the cavalry. Unfortunately, it appears that some native American groups have joined the Sue Wallis Calvary and their shared goal is annihilation.


    • Yes, Louie, Native Americans are very insulted by the Washington Redskins name and logo. Imagine if it were named the Washington Wetbacks or Washington Slaves. It’s pretty disgusting that big corporations/organizations in our country continue to denigrate Native Americans by modeling them as stereotypes, savages and worse still that these corps/orgs don’t acknowledge it as an insult. It would not fly with any other ethnic group, that is for sure.

      That said, I’m not Native Americans but I’m pretty sure that Madeleine’s float would not been seen as a rude portrayal since it is just an acknowledgment of Native Americans being tied into the history of America’s horses. She certainly isn’t making them the focus or implying savagery as it is implied by ‘warriors’ on a ball field pummeling each other into submission.


  8. There is not a concensus among the Native Peoples on much of anything. This group is a schill that I believe DD labored long and hard to get together with NW tribes persons’. In fact, some of the founders are members of tribes that historically never had equines as part of the tribal culture….they were whalers and fishermen.

    I’m positive SS and DD didn’t come up with this assualt by themselves; they lack the foresight and intellect. Someone or something brought this to their attention.

    I used to go to the parade. I haven’t watched in a long time. I will make a point of doing it today. Count all the equines in the patade, folks….then count all the cattle, swine, sheep, poultry……


  9. I think if we start looking at some of their friends, we will find Asian and European, maybe Danish horse killers.


  10. Here’s a link on what to vote for and how:

    The wild equines have some serious competition (especially the Cal Poly float because of the student body texting contingent), not that their (CPs) or any other float is more beautiful.

    Note that RFD-TV has a float you can vote for and last I checked, they feature equine beaters and eaters in their programming!…some other “questionable” orgs too.

    Can’t seem to find pics of the floats..yet and I can’t do videos on dialup.


    • Its unbelievable to us, that anyone could actually be offended by Madeleine’s Mustang float! Native peoples should be honored by her tribute, and I am sure many more than not, actually are! As Denise said, its a schill. Yet, knowing that they prefer to kill the beautiful innocents rather than come to their aid, and also say its for the good of the horses, its not so shocking after all, that it would make them crazy to see a float with beautiful mustangs, getting support from millions of viewers, live and on broadcast. It appears the pro-slaughter peeps, just cannot tolerate a beautiful thing! Disgustingly absurd to protest the float entry!

      We are supposed to be the stewards of God’s creations. Killing is not part of that plan. The dark side……. Well you know, they crucified Jesus too.


  11. Yuhtahhay!!!! back at ya’ because I too, believe that decent humans can’t be outraged at Ms. Pickens’ efforts.

    Personally, I think BIG AG got the stoopids to do this. They don’t want the wild equines to be featured on one of the biggest media venues, the Rose Parade because so many uninformed watch this event (remember it is the RP that has been documented to convince people to move to CA historically). Regardless of their problems (CA), with good weather it is a beautiful event and I appreciate Ms. Pickens’ efforts.

    Don’t forget to VOTE!!!!!!


  12. I have been sitting in front of this computer for three hours attempting to put together a commentary on all of this stupidity and it amazes me that I CANNOT do it. I simply cannot wrap my mind around the stupidity and unabashed lies that are perpetuated by the likes of Sue Walrus and Dave Doink…I just cannot put it into words.

    These two are the lowest life forms that currently walk on two legs within the borders of this great land. They will ignore fact, science, documentation and reality while they beat their drum for the blood of our horses. What sort of sick and perverted scumbags do such a thing.

    One thing is for sure, we are on to them and will be reporting their lies at every opportunity…we are not going away. The general public deserves to know the truth and these two just prove my standing point, “you just can’t polish a turd!”

    It’s a happy New Year when there are so many good eyes and minds open to the truth…all of you give me hope and strength, but I don’t see an OpEd coming out of here unless either Terry or Vicki T. kick me in the butt to do so…these idiots just wear me out.


    • Consider yourself as just been given a steel toed workboot up the rear end, RT! 😉

      Don’t let the trolls get you down.

      You have to admit, they are like manna from heaven with the stoopid they do.

      Sad it detracts from the plight of our equines, wild and domestic….but a gift none the less.

      We won’t give up! We will never go away!


    • I agree Sue Wallis and the Cartoors, all the horse-killers are “sick and perverted scumbags” horrible, horrible evil people..the world would be a better place if they were all gone.

      In my mind they are all “The Horse Hitlers” of the world. I don’t like to disrespect the humans killed by Hitlers ‘plans’…however in my feeling towards the horse-killers..I put them in the same box of evil people as Hitler.

      I don’t think its right to ‘hate’ people but Sue Wallis, the Cartoors and assorted other horse killers..I hate them and wish their bad Karma would smite them dead.

      Isn’t it amazing how horses never forget but horses have an ability to forgive and move on and enjoy life.

      I also have the ability to never forget…but horse killers..I can never bring myself to forgive them of all the sorrow, suffering and deaths. It makes me feel like if I ever saw them in person..I would be the person in the crowd, standing up and shouting “HORSE KILLER” YOU FILTHY KILLER OF CHILDRENS PONIES”

      Happy New Year Horse Lovers 🙂


  13. I feel the same way….I read and read everyone’s input and get myself so worked up I can barely think! Keep up the good….great work, RT and all those doing everything possible to help our wild horses! Happy New Year to all & may this be the year that our beautiful horses are set free from the horrors of the BLM, Doink & Walrus!


  14. Hope their stupidity gets more curious as to what the float is about. It may work in our favor!! I’m posting a link to this to all my friends along with a link to the vote.


  15. I am a Chickasaw Tribal member,i am hurt that some have supported Wallis,shame,Grandmother’s told the story to all Tribes of the Sacred Beings,some have forgotten.My right as an American,i supported the float,my legal right,so they have the right to use Indians in it.I am so shamed by the ones so lost supporting Wallis,the Horses,the Float,LET THEM BE!REMEMBER WHAT WAS TAUGHT.Who helped the ones brought thru the Trail of Tears,you now repay.


    • I too feel that horses are very close to God, Sacred Beings or however we wish to express this feeling.

      I think that is why Evil swarms and has such focus towards horses…the ‘devil’ is always after God and his loved ones.

      I also am ashamed of the americans who would slay horses in they ways they do and go after those who love horses, are hurt, deeply offended and just want horses to have a little protection and respect.

      I am also ashamed of Pres. Obama, that he would ignore Americans in this issue. Of all the people in America he has the ability to change the tide of evil with so little effort.


  16. Looks to me like SS and the others are getting more desperate all the time. Just how low can they get anyway ?! To them horses are only something to use and then abuse by slaughtering for money. Those sub-humans are so cold-blooded they don’t even have souls. They are the scum of the earth IMO.


  17. 11:30 EST This float is an incredible tribute to our Native American friends, AND to the Mustangs. As a matter of fact, WE CAN VOTE FOR THE FLOAT in the People’s Choice awards right now, as voting has started. Just text “float83” to 50649!

    How dare this mindless nitwit, Sue Wallis, try to turn a tribute to Native Americans and Mustangs into an insult? She has truly lost her mind.


  18. They say when you find yourself stuck in a hole- stop digging… it pleases me to know the slaughter twins couldn’t find a shovel if they had one sticking out their a** well you know where!


  19. I did not see the mustang float in Rose Parade????? Did anyone else? Can someone confirm it WAS included? Thanks….from Alabama


  20. I am not for any Horse Summit but few Horse Advocates know that if you go to the Summit of The Horse website
    and go to remote pay 25 bucks you can hear our horse heros and advoactes speak if the Summit of the horse takes place….. Your cursor need to go over the horse picture.


  21. SS and DD will probably want to ban all horses on floats and the live ones from the parade next year. That is how much they hate them. What would the parade be like without horses ?!
    And what would life be without horses ? I know of an instance where a woman would have committed suicide except she had horses that she had to care for.
    Horses have been part of our culture and lives for centuries even in art with them as statues and in paintings. Evidently SS and DD have no appreciation of art or anything else except money. They can’t buy their way into heaven though and I think as evil as they are I know where they will end up anyway. Besides I bet horses will be in heaven.


  22. I can appreciate the passion so evident in the comments posted here. I hope everyone who feels as we do are also taking a few minutes to let their elected legislators, Ben Salazar, BLM Director Abby, know how they feel and that we are paying attention. That can easily be done from numerous web sites including:

    Just go to one of those sites and do it while you are thinking about it.

    Comment to Barbara Warner: “God forbid that I should go to any Heaven in which there are no horses.” R.B. Cunningham Graham

    And let outfits like Sun J Livestock who conducted that inexcusably cruel roundup in Oregon last November where they killed Blue Moon and others, and contractors that have and are conducting others equally as cruel and inhumane know your opinion. Not that they will care as they are obviously sub-human themselves and only looking for profit from our tax dollars, but it might allow you to feel better for taking action. Keep putting the pressure on BLM as they are the main perpetrators in this on-going and systematic destruction of OUR wild horse herds.


  23. I didn’t know where to put this, but a Happy and Thoughtful 2011 all the same. So many humans have lost connection with nature and her blessings, especially all her wonderful animals … including wild horses.

    The wild horses are stunning, but I noticed what appears to be jute in the lower left corner of one of the clips. The horses are running and sweated up, so they’re likely “formerly wild horses”. I wonder where and when this was shot, and by whom.


    • Linda- I watched the video and yes, @4:44 the horses are definitely running into a trap. Very sad she probably has no idea the horses were loosing their freedom.


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