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Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette Show Their Butts at the Rose Bowl Parade

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

The Idiots of the West Show their Asses (not Burros)

Sue Walrus and Dave Doink don't protest THIS Native American ponies on it to eat.

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette pull out all stops in an effort to prove that they truly are the most uninformed, uneducated and unethical individuals that live within the borders of this great land.  With Wallis under investigation for fraud and ethics violations she and Duquette have launched an 11th hour attack upon, of all things, a Rose Bowl Parade Float.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Using one of their old yet failed tactics of bringing in a loose band of native American tribes who sell horses to slaughter, Sue and Dave issued a press release in their behalf stating how they were “offended” by the native American image on Madeleine Pickens’ Wild Mustang float.

Awww…ain’t that too bad.  But what the duo of deceit and lies does NOT mention is that the float for RFD TV, their “One Nations” float, is exclusively native American in theme and that one does not seem to offend little Susie Q or David Doink.  Don’t forget, RFD TV is one of Ms. Walrus’ favorite channels.  Maybe it is the wild ponies on Madeleine’s float that scares these two so much, poor babies.

And if these two Neanderthals think that they are picking on a defenseless 60 something year old lady they have another thing coming.  Mrs. Pickens is one of the wealthiest women in the world and could bag-um, tag-um and spit them out as the vermin that they truly are.  Walrus and Doink don’t have clue as to who they are messing with.

But ya gotta love um, they are better than any reality show program and it doesn’t cost a dime to watch them slit their own throats.  Even the horses are rolling in the pasture laughing.

Keep up the great work, you two flipping idiots.  We love ya and you’re the best thing that could ever happen to Equine Advocacy as they just don’t come any stupider than you.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. They don’t realize who they are messing with!!! Such fools!! LOL I also don’t care if the Native Americans that send horses to slaughter are offended over this float. I’m offended that they send horses to slaughter.


  2. I stopped watching RFDTV when Ken McNabb showed his true colors back in February as written in this blog entry!!! hence I will be finding another channel to watch this parade on.

    RT glad that you decided to write this, after your comment on your last post I was afraid that you wouldnt!! Go get ’em RT. Happy New Year from me and all of my four legged critters to you your wonderful wife and yours.


    • I also quit watching RFD-TV over Ken McNabb. And the fact that none of the other so called “clinicians” and self proclaimed natural “horseman” stood up again wild horse round ups or horse slaughter. Not saying anything and letting it happen, but making your living off proclaiming to love and honor horses may be even worse than the misguided but honest views of those who are pro round up and slaughter. I know I spent about a fortune on DVD’s, equipment, clinics, etc. for one who even had an episode of how he is so good he could tame the wild mustangs single handedly out on the plains. Well why isn’t he “passing it forward” to all horses and putting his money he made off them and us to protect them? But the cult like followers do not dare question the great almighty fat pocketed one. Excuse me while I gag for a moment…ok, point is the facts speak for themselves and the TRULY savvy horse loving, independent and intelligent thinkers get it! As for Slaughterhouse Suey is eating her way into an early grave, so bona petit and hope you choke so we are rid of one less disgusting odor on this earth.


  3. RT…what a hoot and so happy the writer’s block has ended.

    GREAT, GREAT op ed!!!!!!!!

    p.s. Everything you said….AIN’T IT THE TRUTH!!!!!!

    BTW, seems DOI is at it again. Maybe this has been brought up here, but does everyone know they are now funding a study to whack equines on Indian Reservations? I kid you not…BIA is funding a study to document the devastation equines are causing on IRs. Wanna’ guess the results??????????????


      • The BLM and DIA, ha!

        That’s why they stay right next door to one another!

        They are hand in hand in corruption, deceit and destruction.

        Many tribal councils work right along with them!

        Most Native American citizens would be PROUD that they were memorialized atop a float in the Rose Parade amongst symbols of the wild horses that they hold sacred and love.


  4. Oh for Gods sake, many wild horses lines go back to Native American personal horses.

    Sue Wallis the horse-eater wants to show what a Evil witch she is…she now wants to control the Native Americans. She sure likes pissing off millions of people doesn’t she..its like she wants to make herself a target to any of the few unbalanced people of the world.

    They could always put a place holder on the float with “this is where the Native American tribute to wild horses was but “Charity Horse Killer Sue Wallis didn’t want it here.”

    Give Slaughterhouse Sue the evil credit she seems to ask for!


  5. As was said on the previous post, just because some so-called “tribal leaders’ sign or take a position on something doesn’t mean the rest of the tribe agrees with or supports what they’re doing. Happens all the time in Indian Country.


    • So true… and this needs to be kept in mind and I am glad this was another empty threat… it seems there are many empty threats meant to discourage and misinform folks… meaning; pay attention to the loose canons because they want to do us damage. mar


  6. This is GOOD…THey are showing the WORLD their TRUE COLOR’S………Gray all the Way…dismal and demising, actions that are NOT suprising to US….Like 2 children that cannot have their way so they are wah, wah, wah, crying like babies….Shall I find your pacifiers that you dropped. It fit’s right in with their comments, spurting one thing out one side of their small lipped mouth’s(AND MINDS) and then something to the contrary. Plzzzzzzzz, keep up the good work Slaughter House Sue (not a poet) and Devious DooDoo Dave..It is fun watching you bury yourselves knee deep in your own poop…I am wondering just one thing, where is your FLOAT…..I called and The Committe said, NO WAY were they going to allow Sue and Dave to adorn the Rose Bowl with SUe, reading her poems as she sat upon a throne(TOILET) and Dave dressed up as Brittney Spears playing bagpipes…Now, when you see The Saving America’s Wild Mustang’s Float, try to contain your tears, be big and put your big panties on Sue, OH, that;s right, your panties are HUGE, bawhaha


  7. Can’t believe they are REALLY this stupid, but I guess they are!!! I too believe they are messing with the wrong person here; they’ve been flying under MP’s personal radar, but now they’ve put a big ol’ target on their butts. She has the power and wealth to really put the hurt on them. There’s an article on her website about how the good ol boys in NV thought she was just some little woman they could blow away. They are finding out they’ve met their match in THIS lady!


  8. Thank you for the updates. I recently found out that this is going on in my back yard and my tax dollars are funding these horrific acts. I have been to protest for anti whaling and anti dolphin slaughter. The lies, manipulation and horror that our government is capable of is scarry. Why is our government not involved in “ROUNDING UP” homeless families in AMERICA and giving them shelter and food. This is the real problem. I find it personally offensive that this ADMINISTRATION yes including KEN $alazar is using my money to fund this desimation. I personally feel all hell should be raised at the South Point and media should be involved. I would personally let Sue Stomp on my to get thru the doors of the South Point. (Ouch that would hurt) She is a SICK person. I mean truly sick and should seek mental health professionals ASAP. I am greatful for your work R.T., Am looking forward to seeing the Float. Brilliant Idea, Thank you Madeline!!


  9. Ok, voting has started, Terry and I just texted to 50649 “float83” and we each were allowed 5 votes for the Wild Mustang Float.

    Sink Wallis and Duquette vote for Maddy’s float!


  10. Sooooooo Looney Tunes ~ ~ Davey Doink D. thanks RT: “Flattery will getcha nowhere.” And M’ Lady, Classy Sue, a-lQQkin’ for her “pretties,” ALL horses: “Notice how I ride side saddle? It proves I’m a LADY of q-u-a-l-it-y!” Ahem~ Yup, true RT, “Even the horses are rolling in the pasture laughing.” At the put boot-in-mouth babbling and/or Suze ridding side saddle ~ ~ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  11. Talk about stupidity personified but as Ginger Katherens said at the Horse Expo last summer, “I believe the angels are on our side”.


  12. God Bless all of you who have supported the Wild Mustangs and Burros. As always eloquently put in exposing the true fraud and deceid of Sue and DD. Please remember to vote on the Parade of Roses either by texting 50649 for the name/number and in the body of the text float83. That is the Wild Mustang Float. You can vote up to 5 times up to 2PM PST. Please, please do this in your support of the Wild Mustangs.

    May we all have good news and prosperity for the New Year and espcially the Wild Mustangs and Burros.


  13. I have just sat through the NBC Rose Bowl parade coverage complete with commercial after commercial and saw Madelines float pass by only briefly with NO mention of the float whatsoever. The float was beautiful but maybe only a couple of seconds viewing time. Politics at play here, do you think?


      • RT, I have a vision of you cackling and giggling uncontrollably while you were trying to be still enough to write this one. LOL Indeed, it doesn’t get any better than this, just laying such gifts right out there for all to see! The desperation and the lunacy are so obvious! So what was the zinger from Maddie? Missed the broadcast…. would sure love to know. Maybe a video of the parade is online somewhere?


    • I unfortunately also chose NBC to watch on and was bitterly dissapointed to see it flash briefly in the background and nothing more … I am rewatching it on Hallmark now with Paula Dean commentating (she was the parade Grand Marshall this year wasnt she?) and am amazed at how many floats they did miss out even at less than half way through. I will be venting on NBC, they need to get new commentators too, Al and friend were pathetic!


    • Were you watching network TV? Their Rose Parade coverage get worse every year!

      I watched (and recorded) both the Hallmark and Home and Garden broadcasts via satellite. H&G aired the entire parade – including ALL the equestrian units – without commercial interruption. The hosts of both channels had positive things to say about the beautiful float, and also talked about how few mustangs are roaming free now vs. in 1900.

      AT THE INTRO, the Hallmark host said the Mustang Monument float was his favorite, and, as the mustangs and the float passed by, he talked about Madeline’s plans for the Monument in ELKO, NV. He even said the Mustangs were/are being taken TO MAKE ROOM FOR CATTLE!

      After the parade, I think the floats are on display for people to visit. If so, I’m sure Madeleine & Co. will take the opportunity to promote her vision, educate folks on all that’s been happening to THEIR mustangs, and provide info on what they can do to help save them.


      • ABC blew it also, fleeting glimpse of the beautiful float in the background as they went to commercial break. Wish I had known it was on Hallmark, glad to know many were able to see it.


    • I watched on HGTV channel and they gave a good long view of the float and talked about the way there used to be millions of mustangs and now there are only around 44,000.


  14. Ya had me scared RT when I saw the email subject that the deadly duo showed their butts at the Rose Parade. EEEEEKKKKKSSSS there are children there!!!!!!


  15. Man, I have never seen such folly proudly walking in public – trying to compete with sane minds yet seemingly having lost hers completely…. I am just at a loss of words. It just seems this fanatic was conceived on another planet, then sent to earth by an alien ship to entertain the humans with rational minds. She is a prime example of arrogance with no borders.
    On another note, Madeleine’s float is beautiful and represents a true classic – in every way. Good job Madeleine, thank you and keep it up –
    Happy New Year to all sane humans and best wishes to keep exposing the moronic mistake that came from Walrus planet in the hopes she’ll fly back to her galaxy where she came from. This year shall be for the horses.


  16. So here’s what I’m visualizing: next year a volunteer team of wild horse supporters will help decorate a victory float titled FOREVER FREE and our equines won’t be stampeding over their enemies because that’s not how we roll 🙂
    Although …


    • You got that right Terri, we don’t need to roll that way. We will look forward and not back to where our enemies are standing. Once we get the win for the mustangs we have no reason to spend the energy being negative and hateful. Ours has ALWAYS been a positive campaign. Our goal is to save lives period. Course if along the way we get to have a little fun with the ammo that is constantly being presented to us well………….


  17. Barbara, same thing here. I was thinking someone from BLM was related to someone at the network, or something like that. But glad to hear from RT that Madeleine pegged them in another interview. The float was really really beautiful! Had to text in my 5 votes cause the parade web site just wasn’t cooperating. I would love to see the mustang float win, especially after the obvious snub it got. If you haven’t voted yet, please do!


  18. For clarification…Madeleine’s American Mustang float was also going to be accompanied by America’s Wounded Soldiers and active military from all branches.


    • I saw the servicemen in uniform but in the coverage I saw they did not mention them. I saw the Hallmark coverage and taped coverage of one of the networks. At least Hallmark made quite a few comments on the mustangs so there was not time to talk about the service men and women before the next float came up.


  19. I watched the parade commercial free on KTLA channel 5, with Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards and upon seeing Madeleines float I got all welled up inside from the awesomeness of it. It was beautiful, and those big, gorgeous horses just took your breath away! Bob Eubanks gave a rundown of how the BLM was removing our wild horses and burros because of the cattle ranchers wanting more land…and he talked about Madeleines Sanctuary thats going to be in Elko, Nevada, and all in all I think KTLA, Bob & Stephanie did a great job. But I didn’t see Doink and Slaughterhorse Sue showing their asses….is this for real, or is it just a catch-phrase? I’m gonna watch the parade over again and look for it, lol.


  20. I voted..didn’t see the float but loved the picture! I also saw the mounted marines on all palamino mustangs as well as some other mustang groups..They were fantastic, it wouldn’t let me vote until 1:45..hope that was all of us plugging the lines! Lets here it for the Spanish Angels!


  21. I also want to bring to everyones attention..this alliance between some of the Indian tribes and the slaughter organization..may bear a message..The intention to located slaughter houses on reservation land..these are soveregn nations lands under federal jurisdiction..many laws are not applicable..they have federal protections..can apply for economic hardship exemptions..public can be excluded-I think this is in the works reading between the lines.keep your eyes and ears open


  22. Sandra is on to something. Connect the dots….
    Department of the Inferior- sovereign Tribal Lands–HOW CLEVER. Native Americans should BEWARE. It would not be the first time they have been given empty promises by the government.
    Slaughter plants are a horror that no community could or should tolerate.


  23. Thank you Sandra. I don’t know much about this, but do know the Indian Reservations have popped in and out in the news re horse slaughter. Even that there may be horse slaughter going in some areas on the Reservations. Never-the-less, Wallis and group will “court” and look for any loop-hole she/they can find to kill horses. She will not stop. Neither will WE!


      • Thanks RT. Now a new chapter has opened up for me in this saga. In advocacy, one can never feel complacent or all bases are covered. Always learning. I have now created another “Google Alert.” Btw, maybe others have seen this article in Horseback Magazine, today. Thought I’d pass it on. About Wallis grabbing a “loose band,” as you aptly stated above, for opposing M. Pickens’ float. The comments were very informative for me. My, my, Sue is very busy. Running here and there. Ok…”Beep, Beep…” Roadrunner Sue >>>>>


  24. Don’t forget that the 1840 Marshall decision officially stated that Native Americans are savages not capable of governing themselves or making decisions so the Fed gov put them in a guardian/ward situation. Marshall did regret this decision to his dying day but fat lot of good that did. Anything the Native Americans have can be taken as “wards” cannot sign binding contracts. So you have depleted uranium being dumped on reservation lands, mines, mowing down sacred landmarks and burial grounds. The rez lands are nothing more than a dumping ground for the conquerors waste. If it is a despicable, ugly, land raping, toxic, polluting enterprise look for it to arrive on a reservation near you. It’s easier to dangle a carrot in front of people who have been left in poverty living with the same kind of decisions that are made on the horses. When you got nothing, including dignity and hope, it’s easier to just acquiesce. The Native American lives as a disenfranchised refugee within what was once their own country.


  25. Take the Lakota people for example:

    Rights, justice, preservation and human welfare are not a viable consideration.

    HOT OFF the WIRE!!!!! From EWA!!!!!

    I just received the following press release from Keith Rabin with a new statement from David Swallow, Jr..

    Statement by David Swallow, Jr., Wowitan Yuha Mani
    Teton Lakota Spiritual Leader, Sun dance Chief of the Medicine Wheel Sun dance, and a Headman of the Lakota Nation Band of Wana Way Gu (Broken Bow)

    *For Immediate Release

    Statement Date; May 8th 2010
    Transcribed To and edited by Keith Rabin

    Hau, Mitakuyapi Na Mita Kola.
    Mitakuyapi Sunka Wakan Oyate
    Lakota Nation, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota
    The Lakota people of Pine Ridge South Dakota continue their struggle to protect their Sacred Horses from the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council and the Parks and Recreation Department.

    Since June 2009, the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council and the Parks and Recreation (OSTPR) have been removing horses owned by the Lakota People of Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota without permission, without notice and without any warrant issued or receipt. Despite repeated efforts, continued obstacles have made it impossible for the Lakota People to get their horses back.

    The horses were to be delivered to the St. Onge Livestock Company LTD by the OSTPR to be auctioned off on Sunday, 5/9/10 as loose horses.

    In A statement from Elder and Spiritual leader David Swallow, on May 7, 2010, based on the grounds of trespassing on private property, a temporary injunction was granted by the Tribal Court to stop the “Oglala Sioux Tribe “Parks and Recreation Department” from auctioning off these horses on 5/9/10 [Mothers Day]. (Further details regarding the injunction to follow early next week).

    The ” Mitakuyapi Sunka Wakan Oyate ” is working to establish a designated fund where supporters will be able to donate funds to help return these Sacred horses to the safety and care of The People. Supporters are encouraged not to send any money at this time.

    Please watch for updates as to how to help.

    Mitakuyapi Sunka Wakan Oyate (Relatives of the Sacred Horses)
    Lakota Nation, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

    Our Horses are sacred to us and they are our relatives.
    We are family and we take care of each other and help each other in times of need.

    That is the Lakota way.


  26. Thanks RT for another well written, interesting and informative article! I don’t know how you do it young man, but you hit the nail on the head everytime! (-: I know I don’t have to tell you, but we all MUST keep forging ahead for the welfare of these majestic creatures! Thanks again, RT for your wonderful reporting.


  27. I am surprised that a helicopter didn’t swoop down out of the sky and try to “gather” the float and the horse units and funnel them all into processing……….

    I’m sure that parade management “vetted” Madeleine’s float design — there’s bound to be criticism. (What does she care–she can buy trucks and land.) It was a beautiful tribute to the wild horses. It took a while to get thru on the voting–


    • LOL..yes that would have been a perfect addition..tho contraversial -to the float..being pusued by BLM contractors helicopters and semi livestock haulers following-with signs that read-“wild horse oblivion-or bust” Maybe next year the BLM and Wallis can partner up along with Catoors and put their own float together..reflecting the future they envision for the wild horses..everyone bring eggs and tomatoes to show your appreciation.


  28. The float was perfect! Each horse so realistic. Proud! Magnificent! Then I teared-up when I heard the music coming from “Saving America’s Mustangs” : ~*~ Amazing Grace ~*~


  29. Thank you RT for telling us that Walrus and Doink showed up at the Rose Bowl Parade did they think they could stop the Mustang Monument float from being in the parade? I guess their next stop is Las Vegas. Personally I hope their so called Summit of the Horse has no one show up! This dirty Senator needs to be booted out of DC and Wyoming before they exterminate all our Wild Mustangs. RT how can I subscribe to your blog?


  30. I knew those “texting crazy” college students would get the Cal Poly float (2 awards: Bob Hope Humor & Viewers Choice) the Viewers Choice Award. Here’s a link and it references KTLA (local LA tv station) in the title of the award, so I’m not sure that’s the official “viewers choice”:

    The official TOR parade website is painfully slow. And RFD-TV DID get an award for their float.


    • Denise, this link is about the 2010 Cal-Poly Viewer’s Choice win. They also won in 2009. I read somewhere the 2011 VC Award will be announced today, but haven’t been able to find anything so far.


      • I dont think this is the main Viewers’ Choice award as they say it is the KTLA (local channel) award and that they got 20 000 odd of the 50 000 odd votes cast. I am sure that in the nationwide vote they got more than 50 000 votes. Where can we check on the poll that we voted on?


      • Cal Poly won the Viewers’ Choice Award.

        Raise your hands if you understood, from what the TORP put up, that each voter could cast up to 10 VOTES – 5 text & 5 online.

        From the above Tournament of Roses Parade announcement:

        “The (Cal Poly) float … received 10,802 votes out of a total of 44,730 votes submitted. For the first time ever, fans were able to cast their votes via text message in addition to an online poll. Out of a total 44,730 votes, 25,122 were cast via text message and 19,608 were cast (online). Parade fans were able to vote for their favorite float UP TO 5 TIMES.”

        True to their “techie” reputation, the Cal Poly folks not only understood the implications of what had been said, but promoted it on a Dec. 29th message FROM THE UNIVERSITY ITSELF:

        Quote: “This year, the Tournament of Roses has added a cell phone text message option for voting on the Viewer’s Choice award IN ADDITION TO WEB VOTING. Text voting hours are 8 a.m. to 2:10 p.m. New Year’s morning. Up to five text votes per phone are allowed.”

        Maybe some folks (other than Cal Poly’s) knew about this, maybe not. I had my suspicions.


      • Maybe I’m off base in this, but my “inquiring mind” wants to know. I’m going to call the TORP officials tomorrow and I’ll post what I find out.


      • Yep I understood that we got ten votes, 5 online and 5 text but find it really hard to believe that there were only 50 000 votes cast total????? I had to try continually for nearly 6 hours before I was able to cast my online vote. Something doesnt seem right here??


      • I talked with Vanessa of the Tournament of Roses Parade PR department. Congratulated TORP on a wonderful parade, and then began my questions. This isn’t verbatim, but pretty close:

        Q: Why did it take so long (about 3 hours for me) just to get Viewer’s Choice page to OPEN so I could vote?
        A: We weren’t anticipating so many people voting online.
        (Over 50,000 people voted online last year, and about 19,600 this year. What’s that about?)

        Q: Why did the text number keep kicking back my calls?
        A: More call volume than we had anticipated.
        (This is a HUGE event – I should think they would have been better prepared!)

        Q: Do you realize, from the way the “rules” were presented on your website, many people didn’t know they could actually cast 10 votes – 5 online and 5 by text?
        (Direct quote from the TORP website: “Viewers will be able to submit their vote for the Viewer’s Choice Award by texting the keyword FLOAT followed by the Float I.D. to 50649 ***OR*** by voting online. Fans can vote ***UP TO FIVE TIMES*** for their favorite float.” I mentioned the message from Cal Poly to it’s voters, which seemed to make her uncomfortable.)
        A: I guess some people knew they could do that.

        Q: Was it your intent that people should be able to vote more than 5 times?
        A: (Brief silence, followed by) I’ll bring your concerns to the attention of the Committee.
        (Is that an ANSWER?)

        Anyway, Vanessa was very nice and polite, and I was very nice and polite. I left her with a request that, if the Committee intends to allow both types of voting next year, they make it clear how many votes will be allowed by each method.

        I’m going to follow-up with an email (including direct links to the TORP quotes and the Cal Poly message) in case I didn’t make myself clear.


  31. Thank You RT you are totally awesome !!!!!!! I watched the Parade on the Hallmark Channel I believe it was full Awesome coverage…………………. NBC, Missed a lot of important Floats, the horses who attended were Stunningly beautiful………….all of them perfect examples of perfection…………..The gates talked about and shown were most beautiful and interesting for all. loved the explanations for the gates presented !!!!


  32. Slaughterhouse Sue Wallis doesn’t even like Mustang floats and flowers? Huh? What is wrong with her? She is beyond comprehension. Does she see a horse and want to eat it? Slaughterhouse horse eater Wallis doesn’t need anymore calories and even plastic horses in a float make her think of eating horses? Do you know how severely obsessed this is? Does she feel the same way about antelope or longhorn sheep? She has a very severe eating disorder among other things. I am not even sure a psychiatrist can help this type of obsession. Sue, what is wrong with just eating your cows? What did Horse Eater Wallis parents do to her? Does anyone know? This is the strangest obsession I have ever heard about.


  33. I watched it on Hallmark TV Good Coverage there, NBC s coverage was shotty to say the least……………..Also when i voted you were allowed to vote 5 times, everyone i know voted 5 times thats at least 100 votes……………………


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