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Wallis’ Wyoming Horse Slaughter Plant Plans Turn Flaky

from the Equine Welfare Alliance

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Can’t Get Story Straight

"Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis

Chicago (EWA) – In an interview on January 1st with the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, horse slaughter promoter Sue Wallis announced yet another change in plans for her proposed Wyoming horse slaughter plant. The plant will not use facilities in Cheyenne. It also won’t sell horsemeat for human consumption, it won’t be designed by Temple Grandin and won’t open this year as previously announced.

Wallis had initially announced that she planned to open a horse slaughter plant to provide horse meat to Wyoming state prisoners and school children. When that plan was criticized it began to change.

On April 28th of last year, Wallis had announced in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle that she was negotiating to take over the Cheyenne Stockyards as an “intake facility” for a mobile slaughter operation. She claimed the plant would be designed by renowned slaughter plant designer Temple Grandin even though Grandin normally designs complex fixed facilities that specialize in reducing stress and fear in animals before they are slaughtered. The apparent discrepancy was not explained.

On September 14th of last year Wallis wrote a Prairie Star article titled Wyoming proceeds with plans to build state-of-the-art processing plant. In that article, Wallis stated that the plant would provide horse meat for human consumption within Wyoming, admitting that the meat could not be exported across state lines because Congress removed funding for required federal inspectors in 2006. Wallis predicted the plant could open in as little as six months.

Again Wallis touted her relationship with Temple Grandin, substituting a “state-of-the-art” facility for the earlier plan to use mobile killing vans and fixed staging facilities. In the most recent interview Wallis admits negotiations over the stockyards failed but contradicts her earlier statements. Wallis now claims the facilities were never planned to be part of the slaughter operation but rather a kind of “training facility”.

In November, a published analysis issued by the Equine Welfare Alliance predicted that such a plan would not be feasible. That prediction was followed by an ethics complaint filed against Wallis by a Wyoming resident and the announcement by Temple Grandin that she would no longer permit Sue Wallis to use her name in conjunction with the ever changing plans.

The ethics complaint filed by Patricia Fazio, PhD claimed among other things that Wallis had committed securities violations when she promoted an investment opportunity in the slaughter operation that she called Unified Equine, LLC. At the time of the announcement there was no such corporation. Months later Wallis later created a corporate shell for the company.

Even so, the offering of securities to third parties is a complex process involving an offering memorandum with disclosures about every aspect of the operation. The soliciting of such investments is tightly regulated by law.

The latest announcement is puzzling in that the plans now concern only killing horses for zoo meat. There are almost no regulatory restrictions on such an operation and there are several small operations in the US that currently kill horses for that purpose.

At this point, Wallis’ plans have been scaled back to such an extent that her timeframe seems excessive. Most zoo meat slaughter operations, like Bravo Packing in New Jersey, are backyard operations. Wallis could start such an operation right in her own backyard tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Wallis appears to have no problem getting reporters to publish her ever changing plans. One thing is clear; the gleaming slaughterhouse on the hill offering dozens of well paying jobs has begun to tarnish and shrink.

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  1. The worst part of all of this is that the BLM is giving her and her crazy schemes credibility by their presence at the summit. It reminds of the comment that the patients are running the aslyum. That is scary when the assylum is the part of the government. I am proud to say as an event rider, that I do not see a single sponsor/speaker who is tied to our sport. Just the good old cowboy/rodeo folks. No John Lyon or Parelli people nor any representative of Olympic Equestrian Sports or the thoroughbred people. I guess we do not qualify as horse experts or professionals which by the way neither is Wallis by her own definition.


    • It might be the other way around, Faith. The BLM might not give Sue any credibility. She might bring the BLM’s reputation down even further — if that’s even possible. 🙂


  2. I wish this crazy woman and her awful little sidekick would just GO AWAY! I am sick and tired of her silliness. Can’t she find something more worthwhile to do with her time than study on how to kill horses? Surely there are more pressing problems in this world to occupy her time.


  3. FYI the parade photos are up on Saving Americas Mustangs. Surprise surprise Chief Arvol along with his wife, numerous Native Americans, military and wounded vets are all on board. NO horse eaters though!!!!! Madeline Pickens is a true lover of horses. Great job in the service of our beloved horses.


  4. These people have no credibility…. grasping at straws and using her elected position in Wyoming has given her the gall to run everyone around too long. This dead horse summit may still uncover more changes. From the lot of them gathering today in Vegas, I say; Expect the worst, hope for the best…. mar


  5. Now lets now push Sue and Dave off the map too fast. The cattlemen need some place to focus their support and I think it best for us if they put everything they’ve got into this incompetent duo.


  6. Backyard Slaughtrer? Look out here comes Kudo!
    Please just don’t make me look at her Back side anymore.
    Eweee….Stuplow Sue


  7. Suze is sooooo busy doing damage control! And bet she will give this as an excuse for not working full time ~ “For The Horses” ~ you know, for their “welfare.” With all this backtracking, change of plans, statements, topics, I would presume the Slaughterfest Summit’s written program, for those attending, has needed to be changed many, many times. That said, I wonder if any have backed out. But then, they would lose their $100….NO REFUNDS. And Temple Grandin. I have my “issues” with her, but just maybe she is in a tizzy as to how, to now present as a featured speaker. Bet her plans/topics have changed many times too. Well, “You make your bed & need to lie in it” ~ ~:) Seems to me the Spectacular Summit is in a continuing Dizzy Tizzy ~ ~ Stay tuned for more, for sure!!


  8. What a SICK woman!! Is she just looking for attention, or what? It’s a damn shame the people of Wyoming elected her….they didn’t see this coming?! To have “her” represent your state, is sad indeed.


  9. This woman and her constant change to her horse killing plans makes me dizzy. Thankfully she is so incredibly stupid that she can’t put a viable business plan together. She cannot research law (although she is in the legislature, scary) nor can she get it through her thick stupid head that people will not go to the butcher and order horse meat. And the idea of feeding horses to prisoners, I spoke with the ACLU who have a track record of standing up for prisoners rights, and they were already aware of this plan and where it stood. Now for the next few days we have to put up with “news” from the horse killer scummit. ARRRGGGHHHH


  10. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee try not to post anymore of her photos, they are disgusting I cant even look at this imbecile anymore, she makes me sick to my stomach Give her enough rope she will hang herself……………….. ……………………………


  11. Makes no sense how this poetry comes from Sue Wallis and then we get this other voice from her.

    Systems and Signs

    At twilight
    approach a pinion juniper

    down wind

    a lift of the reins

    be quiet…no talking
    to your chestnut accomplice.

    in a late summer
    palomino hollow
    watch a blood roan stud
    stalk through his charges,
    intimidating adolescents,
    reassuring mothers,
    (who ignore him completely,)
    asserting his authority
    while gaily colored colts
    squealing and bucking,
    exhibiting their ignorance.

    Beneath an iridescent sunset
    they flow



    through dapple tones of
    tobiano sorrel, soft bay, flick of
    flaxen flash of strip, snip, and stocking
    as he comes walking
    of all he surveys
    through the grullo dusk,

    just as a coyote cries
    to long desert shadows

    and chirping chicadas.

    The old mare
    takes charge,
    knickers and scolds her foal to her flank,
    nips her sister,
    and leads the way

    to water.

    He circles and worries behind them.

    you think

    of systems…and signs,

    think of your warrior sons,
    your daughters…grown,
    and going now so far
    from your protective eyes,

    consider the transitions of peace,
    and the subtleties of power,

    watch the dark swell out of the grass,
    night rise to meet an appaloosa blanket
    of sky
    shoving aside the last voluptuous
    purple sighs of a dying


    Do not allow the fading, strident harangue
    of a blood roan stud
    follow you now.

    Slough your concern,
    settle and turn

    to your own circle



  12. This from the Reno Gazette Journal:

    Such a fine & reasoned response to pro-horse advocacy, and the measured evenness we’ve come to expect from bob abbey.

    I’d like to speak with the Wild Horse Advocates he’s held court with; they seem to be playing those meetings pretty close to the vest.


    • Absolutely, Louie. It’s kinda sad – the article’s never really what the comments are about – it’s ‘horse’ & ‘wild’ & ‘advocate’, then off to the races.


  13. Just wondering, since the article above says, “Temple Grandin won’t be building the plant…”. Maybe that was just a generalization. Would like to know for accuracy before word spreads that she’s not building a plant. I’d rather the other side be the one known for giving out misinformation.


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