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Press and Guests Turn On Slaughterfest Organizers

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Speakers didn’t conform and press turned ugly

It doesn’t take someone with much more than a grade school education to quickly figure out that self-appointed horse eaters, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette have managed, once again, to shoot each other squarely between the eyes with their failed SlaughterFest being held in Las Vegas this week.  Their message that Eating horses is Helping Horses has not only fallen on its perverted face but it has brought their entire bloody and distorted message before the public in a very profound and informative way.

News coverage on the dirty event has been brutal against the agenda to turn companion horses into fillets and steaks for human consumption while the same coverage has been extensive and is actually working to support the pro-horse movement to bring the truth on the issue of horse slaughter to the American public.

With greed and deception being the major drivers behind the Wallis/Duquette agenda their hopes that the BLM Director, Bob Abbey, would side with them regarding wild horses and the Director just would not go there or support such a ludicrous stance.  After months of touting Abbey’s much-anticipated speech, Duquette simply glossed over his appearance on his Facbook page as the Director did not say what Wallis and Duquette wanted to hear.

Wallis and Duquette made a very serious tactical error in attempting to deceive the public regarding their trumped-up issue of the unwanted horse and have managed to not only energize the movement against them but to help expand and educate the public on the truth of their bloody agenda.  Wallis is already under investigation for fraud and ethics violations while a personal friend of Duquette’s won the long-awaited drawing of a Dodge Truck as a door prize to the BloodFest.

To see George Knapp‘s detailed coverage of this travesty gone bad click (HERE).

For additional Channel 8 video coverage of the Wallis/Duquette fiasco click (HERE)

Warning, both of these reports are graphic and exactly the truth that Wallis and Duquette do not want you to see.  Two people who promote Horse Slaughter yet neither have been to a Horse Slaughter plant.

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  1. I listened to what I could tolerate yesterday, today, unlike the people who paid to be at this “summit”, I will not waste my time. Once again the duo of horse death have proven themselves to be pathetic losers. Them and Trent, the summit clown.


  2. I agree! And I will be sending an email to Frank Bowman of Illinois Horse Council for proof of horses being hit by cars and being left in parks because as an Illinois resident I don’t see any of this. So since I am one of the miss lead I would like to see his proof. Besides I’m getting tired of carrying this halter and lead rope around with me all the time just in case I see one of those abandoned horses running down my street. Nothing yet!!


    • LOL..good job..I too shall take to carrying halters and leadropes to find those abandoned horses..I live in horse country-surrounded by NFS and BLM land within walking distance- and have only heard of 2 cases and those were cases where they took their horse out there to shoot it and didn’t get the job done..i used to ride all the time on public lands and would always find areas where people had been dumping their carcasses of farm animals-more of a case of illegal dumping than anything else..I have serious questions about reservation claims that many horses are being dumped onto reservation land and thats how they have a horse problem..this claim needs to be challenged and exposed for what it is..a direct result of their failed business proposition to raise horses for slaughter ..and they now want us to bail them out..if we do not call them out on the facts of this will just become a revolving door,,Make them take responsability for their own actions..lets not JUST-bail them out.


  3. There really isn’t much of a difference between the morons and gov’t savy BLM; with SS and DD, at least you reasonabley know what you are getting….the gov’t liars do the same thing, wish the same end, handle the equines the same way as if they (the equines) are nothing more than parasites on OUR lands. Even the dumb duo are more transparent than the taxpayer funded, special interest peddling governments.

    BTW, I’ve come to the conclusion that the wild equine issue is nothing more than a budget cash cow for states and Feds in dire need of justification.

    But they are running out of wild equines…and the CNN piece from Zarella left alot to be desired this morning. He talked about PZP, didn’t mention who is paying for it, didn’t have the timeline right and featured not one advocate. They hosts are still calling us/US “animal rights” persons. Ignorant hosts…NOT journalists.


    • I watched the CNN report as well. While I sort of appreciate the coverage, all the misinformation – or NO information – is steadily getting worse. I sure wish Anderson Cooper would get on this. I don’t think he’d devote an entire report to the wild ones, but he SHOULD take the DOI/BLM to task for their abuses of power and Congressional mandate, including MMS, selling California land and other land “too difficult” to manage, opening up public lands for questionable extraction projects and extractors, etc. AND mismanagement of the WH&Bs over how many years?

      Who wrote the BLM scandal was one of the three most under-report stories of 2010? Could someone please put the link up again? I think sending it reporter-to-reporter, along with other credible public info, might light a fire under some butts. Anyway, SOMEBODY in the media has to have the conscience to wake up and smell the coffee before all our public lands – and the wild horses and burros supposedly “held in trust” for the American people – are “managed” and/or “damaged” out of existance!


  4. I have heard the same BS here in MO. Horses wandering the streets, bla bla bla. Here in the puppy mill state (and the puppy mill and let me abuse my animals my way people are trying to get rid of Prop B by the way) times are tight but over breeding is not highlighted as having much to do with the market being shot re horses. And then there’s the land fills brimming full of dog and cat carcasses. I would like to see vets step up and address this issue not only in terms of educating the public but offering (and some thankfully do) low cost spay and neuter clinics as well as info. on how not to over vaccinate and over medicate your animals. It applies to equines as well. This is a monetary issue of course. In a civil society the dollar bill is not the bottom line.


    • I’d like to see “deposits” on all puppies bred for resale- the breeders would get their money back when the pups sell. If it COST them $20 per pup upfront they would be breeding a lot fewer litters. Same goes for “professional” horse breeders. $100 for every equine they breed. Don’t even get me started on the backyard producers… you have an unplanned litter? Fine- let’s start at $50 and go up. Everybody can have an unplanned pregnancy- but litter after litter is inexcusable!


  5. I too could only tolerate listening to just so much Slaughterfest Summit. In addition to the lunatic rhetoric, how could any sane individual sit through hours and days of hearing talk of the brutal, heinous, bloody slaughter of horses…of any animal. The visual imagery, as the spewing slaughter talk continued, ad nauseum, must have been powerful. And I presume there were some relatively intact, sane people in attendance at the Summit. And some who did love their special horse/horses as “pet” companions. From Day 1, to FIRST hear, over & over, how killing a horse is a gift to the horse would be a huge, bright, waving RED FLAG!


  6. On Horseback there are some new stories, the one from the Texas Thoroughbred Association (TTA) garnered my attention. They are unhappy that the dates have been reduced for racing (never mind the economy), the breeders are leaving (god forbid), the state house in Austin doesn’t give them special privelages. They want all racers to personally meet with their Austin reps.

    Here’s what bugs me: (1) if you have a dying industry….figure out why; (2) to expand something that does so much damage to equines might be worth a quality review; (3) if you believe in capitalism….why are you seeking special treatment from legislators?; and the coup de gras (4) what have you done to constructively improve the quality of life for track workers, farm hands and your number one commodity…the equines?

    You folks got an image problem, marketing problem, product problem with a huge economic problem being overrun by the public’s entertainment and technology choices…and states across the country are facing this with the exception of the few that have gone to one of the most base levels of human vice…gambling and greed.

    Same thing on the public ranges.

    Wanna bet somehow, someway horse slaughter will manage to raise it’s ugly head from this human stupidity called “failure to comprehend”???? I do like Texas, but you all got some real loons your way….just like my state.


    • Even though I was born and bred in Texas – and it IS a great state – we always did have some er, ah, eccentrics in our midst. The TB breeders are bad, but the QH breeders are THE WORST. The QH is practically the state horse of Texas, and yet these breeders didn’t care any more about their “product” than if the horses were pieces of furniture.

      We used to have some of the most palatial breeding palaces, I mean farms you’d ever hope to see. Arabians too. Read: Very pricey horses! Really, their barns were MUCH fancier than my house. Probably not still there, but geez, what a waste. I don’t know how many they sent to slaughter but they had Beltex and Dallas Crown right there handy.


    • I think some just get hung up in the internet. I know some of mine have never appeared (and I am VERY courteous) LOL.
      I think I did see your posat of a few minutes ago about racing, etc.


  7. Keep talking Walrus and Doinky The Wild Mustangs need more help from your twisted words, i am now seeing that these two can only really help our mustangs, every time they open their mouths they insert their foot in it……………………..(im not sure hers will fit ) also Sue Catoor was less then believable with her sugar coated lies…. I paid to watch and couldnt even finish watching, only thing missing was animation of them…………………….. i could have tolerated it better…. Isnt it ironic that help comes from where you least expect it……………………………..


  8. >

    CBS Legal Analyst Picks Interior Dept. Corruption, including BLM’s “Shoddy” Treatment of Wild Horses, as No. 3 Most Under-Reported Legal Story of 2010
    CBS Radio legal editor and chief network legal analyst has pegged Interior Department corruption, including the treatment of wild horses, as the number 3 under-reported legal story of 2010. Andrew Cohen, a two-time Edward R. Murrow Award-winner whose commentaries for CBS News Radio are broadcast on hundreds of television and radio affiliates around… Read more of this article


  9. Dennis Foster from Fox and Hound is speaking now , Slamming advocates, activists , vegans ……………………………………….and vegetarians…..


  10. I wish I was there with a long one of those canes with the hook on them they used to remove bad acts of the stage !!!!!! i would have certainly have used it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Dennis Foster…………………. I have never heard such unfounded rubbish….


  11. still asking..did anyone hear temple speak??? who cares about the rest of those bigots..some are heading for indictments and the rest are…nobody of significance


  12. They are slamming HSUS And Wayne Pacelle?????? They Are Slamming Aspca, on Summit of the Horse, they are talking about dogs????????????????? Th


  13. While the slaughterfest was being held inside the South Point Casino conference room, many of us advocates were out on the streets talking to people and passing out information, while others drove up and down the strip with horse trailers decorated with Anti-Slaughter signs. We got some interest, but I have to say that after George Knapp’s report, the response was AMAZING! I kept being approached by people who had seen it and were so appalled that they wanted to learn more…….I handed out a total of 5 flyers on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, there were so many that I lost track! I think George Knapp took a step that has long been needed, because people can hear about it and feel bad, but they really need to see it to understand……and thanks to him, now they do!


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