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Renowned Wild Horse Cinematographer Appeals To Congress to Stop Stampedes

video by the Cloud Foundation

Ginger Kathrens Asks Congress to Stop the Bloody BLM

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  1. How much clearer can it be? Very, very well done and thank you. Now to pass it on to everyone you can think of … even non-horse people will understand these words and these photos.


  2. So many more could have been on this video, blue moon, braveheart, the mare why, all the bloody faces we have seen at the gather corrals, the bodies of foals that were left behind that could not keep up with their mothers in the chase, the horses who didn’t make it it that snapped their legs, babys with broken legs in the rocks and of course the palamino mare standing on that narrow ledge who had been pushed off the cliff at Owyhee split from her shoulder to her knee and then laying at the bottom of the cliff after she had been shot by the helicpter crew.-the aborting mares in holding the starving abandoned foals in much as i love Ginger, I would have rather have seen all those images across the DVD. It is one thing to talk about it-quite another to see the brutality.


    • I have to agree with you Sandra. The general public has become so inured to reports of tragedies of various kinds that it takes truly shocking visual images to get their attention. WO


      • I think the general public has seen very little and they need all the impact possible… but this still gave me a wallop, thanks all who have worked on this. I know it will be effective. There is more where that came from. mar


    • I agree Sandra, if they are the ones actually performing the roundups or are the ones supporting them with continued financing (while looking the other way) they are still guilty and ought to be made to look at how horribly cruel these roundups are. The “milder” incidents along with the extreme incidents ought to be there for all to see. And with a continual sound track of horses screaming in terror, mares and stallions calling for each other, mares and foals calling for each other.


  3. Are the people that NEED to see & hear this video & it’s message, seeing & hearing it?? It breaks our hearts because we have compassion & empathy towards other living creatures. It makes our blood boil, & sends chills up & down our spines to see such tragedy. What does it do to those who obviously have no feelings? Will it be enough to get & keep their attention? Will it send a message of horror, anger & brutality? Will it make them change their ways? We’ll all have to sit here & keep enduring all this madness, pain & needless suffering to find out. A $2 million cut to the BLM’s budget may be a start, but a small one, maybe, enough to get their attention, to let them know, we’re NOT going away.


  4. I think Ginger’s video was verygood.
    I think they are limited by time on how much they can submit. Showing that old mare, and then the burros being hit by the damn copter pilot told a big story. See the horse dragged into the trailer was also telling.
    I would have liked to see a few stills of that skimny foal, Blue mon’s demise (?) and such. But I think what she did was effective.


  5. Ms. Kathrens:

    Thank you.

    Is there any way possible that you could contact Oprah Winfrey, 60 Minutes, Frontline…somebody with national media clout?????

    No one is listening to advocates and being polite, nice and patient is killing our wild ones.


  6. No matter how many times I watch these images, it breaks my heart as if seeing it for the first time. I do agree that more severe images be sent to the ones who choose to look the other way or want to be ignorant of all the facts. Such unholy animal abuse by sociopaths that have no feelings or soul. In a time where the world cries for the extinction of our plants & animals, why don’t they recognize the might mustangs and burros that have been around since the beginning???


  7. What Ginger did was perfect for the situation. I believe it was to be presented to Congress (?) and needed to be factual and brief and professional … it was all of these things.
    Besides … “WE” have no time to waste quibbling.
    I do believe that someone with “video sense” and “horse sense” needs to but together a more in-depth video of as many “wild ones” abusive videos and still shots as are available because this could and should be spread around the world and sent to every media and governmental official. A time and place for everything … and it is the time for someone to do this.


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