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Stop Obama’s Wild Horse Harvesting Machine: aka the BLM

(Call to Arms) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Your Opinion CAN Make a Difference

Last terrorized seconds of freedom for native wild horses at recent BLM Antelope Complex stampede ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Many wild horse and burro advocates made their opinions perfectly clear, in person, to the Bureau of Land Management’s Advisory Board, during their mid-March meeting, on the issue of the BLM’s “new direction” in how the agency will mismanage the remaining few wild horses and burros that remain on their federally protected public land.  Now, for those of you who could not attend, you have the opportunity to speak your mind.

We at SFTHH are concerned that the “new” BLM strategy is the “old” BLM strategy, but wearing a different hat, as it continues to focus on the removal of our native wild horses from public lands rather than restoring the millions of acres that rightfully belong the them.  Likewise, the new flavored plan fails to provide adequate transparency during and after roundups and continues to relay on proven inhumane methods of handling the horses.  These are just a few of the negative high points of the document and we highly encourage you to read the document by clicking (HERE).

Next, please click (HERE) to send a pre-formatted and totally editable letter (courtesy of the ASPCA) to the BLM and make your opinion known.  This input is only being accepted through Wednesday, March 30th, so time is of the essence and please ask your family, friends and co-workers to visit us, here, to participate in this challenge to deluge the BLM with comments on their wild horse and burro “Management to Extinction” plan.

Likewise, you can also help to defund the BLM so that they cannot afford to continue to spend millions of your hard earned dollars to harass, injure, kill and capture our most revered national icons.  You can snail mail, email and fax your Senators/Representatives to not give the BLM the $12,000,000.00 they are asking for so that they can proceed with their summer stampedes that occur in the heat of the summer and create even further stress, injury and death to our wild equines.  (Click (HERE) to locate your appropriate elected officials)

Below is a sample letter, email or fax that you can customize to speak for your heartfelt convictions:

“Dear (Senator or Congressman/Congresswoman and name);

We appreciate how hard you are working to get national spending under control and we realize how difficult it must be to cut funding for vital programs. With this in mind, we would like to suggest that you do NOT appropriate additional dollars for the Department of Interior’s BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program. The $12 million additional dollars BLM is requesting would be used to round up and warehouse some of the last of America’s federally protected wild horses and burros.

As a taxpayer and voter I do not want my money used for this costly, cruel, and unnecessary practice. Wild horses and burros live virtually cost free on their ranges and that’s where I want them to stay.

Sincerely,”  (special thanks to the Cloud Foundation for this example)

So please Tweet, FaceBook, MySpace, Blogger, WordPress, Google, Yahoo, Care2, Fark, Plurk, Stumbleupon, email or whatever network means you have, get the message out there.  If you have never used them before, there are buttons below this post that will allow you to quickly and easily spread the word so please, plug away and lets turn up the volume!!!!

Please act TODAY, the Horses and Burros are counting on YOU!

Note: The Cloud Foundation and the ASPCA are two of several plaintiffs in our HfH Advisory Council’s suits against the BLM for the outrageous practice of zeroing out long standing wild horse herds.  Click HERE to learn more and join our fight.

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  1. Speak up please. Change and reform do not come in form of new lies, cleverly disguised to pacify the public. The PR headhonchos are working very hard to continue their tactics, just with different approaches. If they wanted reform, it would be here by now.
    It is clear that their priorities are not on preserving the horses as it should be. It is a continous twisted agenda – ducking the public pressure as if it was some cold to get rid off. Keep up the pressure, be heard and seen and let them know – we are not happy with this half-ass approach of pretending they give a rat’s ass.


  2. When I write a letter I have been putting the price of each horse the the contracter gets on it & do the math for whom ever is getting the letter. I put the price of care for one animal per year & again do the math. I also put $1,000,000.00’s for hauling & add that we are loosing $1,000,000.00’s on cattle grazing & state how much that is.


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