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Breaking News: Convicted Wild Horse Killer Reportedly Released from Prison

Story by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

SFTHH Exclusive: Jason Meduna may be Out of Jail Early

One of over 70+ victums of Jason Maduna

Houston (SFTHH) – Local Nebraska sources, close to SFTHH, have indicated that that convicted wild horse killer Jason Maduna , who allowed 70+ wild horses and burros to starve to death on his property in Morrill County Nebraska during early 2009, has been released from prison.

If accurate this is the second time this year that the Nebraska Court of Appeals has erred in the Maduna case and sentencing.  In early January of 2011 the Nebraska Court of Appeals issued a ruling that upheld Maduna’s conviction on 145 counts of cruel neglect of an animal and likewise upheld his sentence of 40 months to 10 years in prison but for some reason, lacking any sense, decided to overrule his restriction from owning, possessing or residing with animals for 30 years once he is released.

This error was quickly overturned and Meduna was not scheduled to come up before the parole board until October of 2011.

Recent Nebraska documentation indicates that as of April 13th, 2011 Jason Meduna’s custody status was changed to ‘Community Release’.

SFTHH sources contacted the Nebraska Parole Board and asked whether correctional institutions can override the decisions of said board, as Meduna was not scheduled for review until October, and the source answered with a resounding “Yes”

SFTHH sources further reported that Meduna’s inmate records indicate that he has entered into a “Re-Entry Program” once released.

Further details will be relayed as this story develops.

For further info on the Meduna 3-Strikes story click (HERE)

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  1. Was a necroscopy done on the horses and burros at the site? If so, did it show that any of them had been poisoned?


    • It would appear that some are above the law…. Case in point: neighbors at the end of my lane (my driveway) have for years neglected their horses and allow their dogs to run wild. I cannot get out of my car to retrieve my mail when the dogs are out! I enlisted the help of a friend, who also called the county human society to report the horrid condition of their pony mule ~ slippers, horrendous skin condition and loss of weight. Finally someone listened ~ the mules hooves have been trimmed, and he was cleaned up, exposing loss of hair and raw flesh… They both are employed by the county sheriff’s office!!! Need I say more?!
      There is more abuse to tell from the past, but nothing to be done about that now…just keeping a very close eye on the horses.


    • I think it was addressed but he was asking to have animals again…. don’t know what was the final decision…

      Don’t let this man work with or own horses ever again! mar


  2. So once again the courts and the prison system have sent the message that it really is OK to torture animals. Missouri lawmakers just gutted Prop B, Meduna is walking in the sunshine. Its all insane.


    • So true Morgan, Missouri did gut Prop B! I watched that one closely because I fight puppy mills that are big right here in Ohio, the largest concentration being only 30 miles from my home, mostly run by the Amish. So Missouri is okay with abusing dogs for profit, the BLM does whatever the hell it wants, so why care about a few dead, starved horses! Just insane!!!


      • Bless you for fighting to rid the world of puppy mills the horrid places. So sorry you have to be in the vicinity of one of the largest. A friend went back east and was going to pick me up something from Amish country, told her I wouldn’t allow it in my house.


  3. Sure hope someone will be watching this guy. Maybe we can find out where he will settle and send in some troops to watch him. If he knows he is being watched maybe he won’t get any more animals. Yeah right!!! He loves to watch them suffer so I’m sure he will want to get more.


  4. Thanks for the encouragement Morgan and a big thank you for not allowing Amish products in your home! The Amish depend upon tourism and if the tourist dollar dries up, they will be forced to change their ways! Money does talk, especially if you are Amish! Check out a website my good friend, who lives in the middle of Amish country in a different county, called Amish Truths. It is an eye opener for many, me I already seen and know plenty!


  5. That photo is heartbreaking and infuriating! You can tell by the ruts made in a semi-circular pattern how long this poor foal languished without care… Without hope… Without the very minimal of human decency. Yet, our court systems (and culture) see these infractions as just minor offenses. Hence the pity and the rage!


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