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Verified: Convicted 3-Strikes Mustang Killer Out on Work Release

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Meduna out on Work Release Confirmed

Wild Horses rescued from Meduna by Habitat for Horses, 2009 ~ photo by R.T. Fitch

Houston (SFTHH) – Sources close to SFTHH have confirmed that convicted wild horse killer Jason Meduna has been released from a Nebraska correctional facility 6 months early under a work release program.  Meduna was convicted of allowing 70+ wild horses and burros to starve to death on his property in Morrill County Nebraska during early 2009.

The Nebraska Correctional Center verified that, as of April 13th, Meduna has been released into the community during day light hours but, at this point in time, is required to return to his cell in the evening.  Possible furloughs could be granted where Meduna would be allowed to stay away from his prison cell for periods of 72 hours with an ultimate furlough being granted for Meduna to live at a Nebraska residence.

Local citizens, close to this case, have expressed their concern to SFTHH over the early release of Meduna for a variety of reasons but as of this writing their worries have fallen up deaf ears in the Nebraska State Correctional system.

Meduna is not allowed to leave the state of Nebraska at this time.

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  1. One only has to see that this is the state of Nebraska. Another horse hating state that allows horse abusers to run rampant. I wondering if the horse slaughter people will enlist Meduna to help with their slaughter house development. Maybe he can help them find more ways to torture the horses to drive up the adrenaline before they kill them to sweeten the meat. Sick bunch of people they are. Where are the good people of Nebraska to stand up and stop this kind of treatment of horses. Will they stop by Meduna’s to check on the horses that I’m sure he will be getting? Will they keep watch to make sure no more horses suffer at his hands? Come on Nebraska take a stand!!


  2. nobody here is surprised !!!! We can only hope it was enough time for him to contemplate his actions and mend them……………………To bad I wasnt the judge that sentence d him , he would have a long gray beard when I would have released him, and would be a horse lover of the best kind……………………….


  3. Isn’t Nebraska behind one of the many slaughter plants being talked about???? This guy starved horses to death. There is a definite link between animal abuse and domesticate abuse. I wonder what the state will say when something else happens to this man.

    I just hope this doesn’t go like Edward Schaffer did with 8/9 drunk driving charges against him before the judge threw him into San Quentin. Good ole Mr Schaffer didn’t even last a month–some enterprising inmate saw to that…


    • Yep, it was Nebraska who is trying to open a horse slaughter house. You can see the full article here, just go back in the archives to March 31. Senator Tyson Larson is the guy show is trying to get a slaughter house opened.

      Politicians Prove Deceptive in Promoting Horse Slaughter

      Senators advanced a bill in Nebraska on Wednesday to allow for a state meat inspection program and possibly a horse slaughter and processing facility, but one senator took the opportunity to discredit the Humane Society of the United States.


  4. I can’t believe that they are letting this guy out of prison. I do have
    a comment regarding Sue Wallis the Rep legislator. I don’t if you are seeing pr ad for Wyoming on television. But we are seeing it here and you see a group of beautiful horses running across the screen and the comment across the ad is born free or running free. I believe it is a ad for the state’s tourism. I called the governor’s office today. I told them that they had a legislator that taughts just the opposite by promoting the slaughter of our beautiful horses and that this legislator went so far as to promote a cook book which consisted of receipes for horse meat. I told them that I was totally appaulled and this definitely was not a great way to advertise their state. I also told the governor’s office that as a delegate to one of the breed association, I would NEVER advocate holding our convention in the state of Wyoming. The person at the governor’s office did listen intently and took some notes. I think everyone who read this should do the same. Bombard the governor’s with calls telling them that you would not visit their state because of her actions and their positions. Many states depend on their tourism and Wyoming is probably no different. So if you have a few minutes search the web and get his telephone number of send an email if you don’t have the chance to call. Perhaps this will make a difference when they are told that you will not take a family vacation to a state that has this position on the slaughter of
    our beautiful horses.


    • WYO board of Tourism is also placing full page ads in mainstream magazines with wild horses running free. They need a tagline that says you’d better hurry though-Wyoming is decimating its wild horse population.


  5. You know what really grinds my gears??? The Nebraska State Correctional System. I think the perfect twist of fate would be if he was on a work farm and caught in a stampede;)


  6. Every single BLM wild horse office in the country needs to have a memo posted DO NOT ADOPT MUSTANGS TO THIS MAN or you will be fired. These types of people always seem to get more animals.


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