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EWA Annouces First International Conference on Equine Welfare

The Equine Welfare Alliance Announces Conference

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Ann Marini, Equine Welfare Alliance and Animal Law Coalition are pleased to announce the first International Conference on Equine Welfare, a two part symposium to discuss issues related to (1) America’s Wild Horses and Burros and (2) Slaughter: the Equine Welfare, Human Health and Environmental Implications. The conference has been in the planning stages since early 2010 and is now scheduled to take place…

When:  September 26, 27 & 28, 2011

Where: Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS)

4301 Jones Bridge Road

Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Additional conference details will be provided as plans are finalized. The agenda, along with the speakers will be released over the next couple of weeks.  The speakers are selected based upon their scientific background and/or expertise in relevant topic areas such as stress, food safety, human health, equine health, ecology, law, training and other disciplines impacting equines. We encourage you to attend to hear the facts from the experts and engage in constructive dialog.

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  1. I hope everyone who can, shows up and screams LOUD and clear to stop horse slaughter and start protecting our equine gifts from god! Mr Abbey, hope you’re there!


    • If Abbey does not show after speaking at the Scummit of the Horse that make a statement louder than any words could utter.


  2. The 2009 meeting on “unwanted” horses in the U.S. estimated there are between 6 and 10 million horses in the U.S. I don’t know if this includes domestic burros and mules, but it does include the wild ones. I believe 6 million is an undercount, so I’ll split the difference at 8 million. If each U.S. domestic horse was licensed by the state/counties/municipalities (like a dog or cat) for $10, that would be $80 million, which could provide services locally – like gelding, humane euthanasia and disposal, hay banks, and education for horse owners. IMO, this would be a good base to build on.

    Then approach those who make money from “everything horse” – from feed-suppliers like Purina to all events in which horses participate for the enjoyment of HUMANS – to voluntarily contribute to their welfare. I have a very loose estimate somewhere that it was in the multiple BILLIONS of dollars a couple of years ago. Even a small percentage would provide a lot of funding, and would be a great PR opportunity for those savvy enough to take advantage of it.

    BTW, on April 11, 2011, R.T. posted an article by Brian McNeill, entitled “Horses Prove to be a $1.2 Billion Industry in Virginia Alone”.


    Extrapolating that across the country, and, again, even a small percentage would equal an enormous amount of money to help horses, their cash-strapped owners, and rescues.


  3. Great news! Will be there to represent WHF with youth speakers to express their views. Would love to see Mr. Abbey there!!


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