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Nevada Continues War Against Wild Horses

Video from KTVN Reno, Nevada

Nevada Legislators Want to take Water From Wild Equids

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  1. They truly should be ashamed of themselves for coming up with such a cruel and abusive bill. Seems to be the case for government on all levels to practice, condone and protect animal abuse through legislation.


  2. This is truly despicable. Now Nevada not only wants to build slaughter houses for horse meat even though in the US we do not consider horses for human consumption!!! They want to pass a bill that take the Wild out of the Wild Mustangs and prohibits them from drinking water. Of course, this would not count towards the ranching of cattle and sheep. This is disgusting! Call the White House 202-456-1111! This needs to go viral and get some big people after this! Nevada has truly lost their minds pertaining to the Wild Horses and Burros! They are hell bent on destroying every last wild horse and burro! They should be ashamed of themselves!


  3. Athena, where did you hear Nevada wants to build slaughter houses? Can you provide a link to that, because I live here & I haven’t heard anything about building slaughter houses.


  4. HI Darcy. I can’t provide a link unfortunately. I think I read about this when some of the bills were being passed in NV against the Wild Mustangs and that this was a proposal. Please excuse me for not being more precise. I will do some investigating and should I get the information, I will forward this to you. Here is a link thanks to our RT Hope this helps!


  5. Darcy, also there is a bill AB329 which NV is proposing to take the Wild off the Wild Mustangs protection so that the water rights are not given to the Wild Mustangs. They do have some interesting animals that they propose don’t need water such as mollusks. This is again a disgusting ploy by the powers of NV to eliminate the Mustangs and Burros. I just called the White House and complained 202-456-1111 about this bill and I said everyone needs water!


  6. I cannot believe that anyone would ever take water away from horses or any other living thing, makes me ashamed to be a human…………………What kind of proverse thinking is going on there?????? To every problem there is an answer, if properly thought out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! answers are never denying water…………………..


  7. We cannot let the BLM sit by without fighting this. If this group of cattle ranchers is going to remove the right for the BLM to water our wild horses and burros, the BLM should fight back by stopping the issuance of grazing permits and leases.

    ALL herd areas are to be managed principally for the wild ones. It is the law. BLM has got to quit ignoring that fact.

    The BLM has misinterpreted the law in saying that principal use only applies to sanctuaries such as the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.

    If you want more info on how the BLM has twisted the wording and changed the law on principal use without authority, I have the details.


  8. Why don’t they take the BILLIONS of gallons of water away from the MINING COMPANIES?

    Thanks to the many advocates who were there to be a voice for our horses.


  9. I am finding hard to believe People who live in Nevada would ever do this or allow this to be done to the Very Animals The Wild Mustangs who built the West???????? Without them they would have been lost???????……………. Nevada owes plenty to all the horses, they need to refigure where they need to pay Alligance to.!!!! I trust they will figure it out in favor of the Wild Mustangs………..


  10. Terry Farley has a good article about Nevada tourism on her’s is just part of it:
    Sunday, April 24, 2011

    Wild & Free Tourism

    In early April, I walked the back roads of Nevada on a wild horse photo safari. Guided by photographer Mark Terrell, members of the Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) sketched, photographed and wondered at the beauty of wild Nevada.

    If you agree Nevada SHOULD NOT throw away a no-cost stimulus package brought to us by Nevada’s wild horses, please If you would like to E-Mail Governor Brian Sandoval by clicking here

    Labels: SCBWI mentorship conference, wild horse tourism


    • Louie, thanks for posting the link to the AB329! This is an atrocity that NV would deprive the horses of the basic need to have water to survive! I called the White House and complained. We must be diligent and raise our voices over and over again!


  11. Margaret, BLM has no control over water rights, they are controlled by the State. Water is a precious commodity in Nevada and they are stingy with it.

    BLM does control land use, so that is where their power lies.


  12. This is the cruelest thing I’ve heard of ,second is those endurance runs that they put horses thru in Az and Nv. Not only do they need to stop those bills in thief tracks , next election vote those fools out of office because one day some idiot is gong to advocate withholding water from the elderly and infirm . I had a keiger mustang and he was the gentlest horse with the best trail ride one could have. Unfortunately when I moved I had to sell him Those wild horses and burros have done well by people for hundreds of years I hope you can get this stopped !!!!!


  13. The DOI/BLM does have a trump card, if they choose to play it. In 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court declared grazing on government-owned allotments a priviledge, NOT A RIGHT. So the BLM could revoke (more likely threaten to revoke) grazing priviledges for the whole damn State of Nevada.

    The People of Nevada (represented by the State) would still own the water (managed by the State Engineer), but none of the ranchers could put their cattle out without trespassing on government property.

    Of course, there would be right-of-way issues, but the feds could grant a right-of-way (fenced, so the cattle wouldn’t trespass) through the allotment to water held by the legally PROVEN (not anecdotal) Owner of Record, and no more.

    Nevada ranchers would have a hell of a time selling or getting loans on their deeded property, because banks base those transactions on the base value PLUS the leases … assuming (falsely) the leases are a GUARANTEED part of their assets.

    So here’s the bargin: Individuals retire leases on the HMAs now (and receive compensation, which happens), or the BLM revokes them when they come up for renewal (avoids expensive legal wrangling). Otherwise all grazing in Nevada is in jeopardy.



  14. I called the Governor’s Office about a veto if AB329 passes and his rep taking information was great. The Nevada tourism industry, i.e., casinos, hotels, restaurants, golf resorts, need to understand that if AB329 passes and is signed by the Govenor it has the potential to adversely affect their revenue, that wild horses are a National Issue not local. The Other Nevada should not be allowed to negatively impact the strongest industry in the state and jobs for thousands.




  16. So, when are we all going to get REALLY fed up, &, REALLY mad enough, to actually DO something about this tragedy?? I know everyone is doing the best they can with what they have, & to the best of their means. That isn’t what I’m talking about, it’s time to REVOLT, get physical, send a POWERFUL message, one that WILL get their attention & let them know, WE MEAN BUSINESS!! I seriously doubt our “good”(hahaha!!) president even gets our calls, messages, emails, etc. I’m pretty sure everything is carefully screened. And, come to think of it, even if he did, he wouldn’t “do” anything about it, at least not in favor of OUR wild horses!! He might talk about it, but that’s it. AMERICA, these precious wild horses belong to ALL of US, not “them” more than us, but equally. You can not really “own” what is wild, what is nature, but we CAN preserve it, cherish it, & SHARE it. We are only “borrowing” from the future, it is NOT our “right” to destroy at will!! We have to take this urgent matter into our own hands, since our government can NOT do it’s job!!


      • It is part of the “revised” Wild Horse and Burro act of 1971. They can sell them “without limitation” Meaning they can sell them to slaughter buyers. Altho Bob Abbey said they will never do that.


    • “I agree with you Valerie , that is the only way to stop the insanity……”

      OK, but what do you all suggest that isn’t being done now. ??
      We must stay legal or be compared to PETA.


  17. I haven’t been on for a few days, busy saving local animals and OMG just so shameful! What despicable creeps the Nevada legislators are, they must be stopped from their evil intentions!!! Bureacracy, politicians, greed, scheming, and deceit all goes together…! They somehow must be STOPPED!!


  18. Hopefully the burea will stand up for the rights of these horses. It’s a sad but true fact legislators, politicians, he’ll almost everyone these days loose any sense of moral value when its pitted against the almighty dollar


  19. Some here may not have read George Knapp’s article:

    Bogus Nevada Cow Committee Takes Impotent Swipe at Wild Horses
    March 21, 2011
    article by George Knapp of Las Vegas KLAS – TV
    “Cattle-driven Rhoads Pushes Bulls**t Horse Law”

    It’s great to know our state lawmakers have solved Nevada’s budget woes and have nothing else to do with their time in Carson City. How else to explain a recent vote by the Senate’s Natural Resources Committee regarding wild horses?
    The committee, whose longest-serving and most influential member is Dean Rhoads, staunch defender of all that is bovine, approved a bill that urges the BLM to make sure no public land is designated as habitat for wild horses. See, public land is for one thing and one thing only — cows. Privately owned cows, that is. Maybe an occasional sheep. Sen. Rhoads personally leases 60,000 acres from BLM for his cows, and at a bargain price, too, far less than the market value of the land.


    • Dear Louie, I have been watching The Mustangs for 8 years , it has been 8 years of false promises, the horror of it all only gets worse each day each day, I have tried everything I can think of, we all here have put our minds together, ( and there are some superior minds here) and nothing has changed , we are exchanging one horror for the next horror for the Mustangs , although i am in Ohio , i feel their pain!!! The courts do not offer any peace for the Mustangs only long drawn out legal crap like MOOT??????? I dont care what is moot or not moot, the fact is our Mustangs are being exployted and murdered and maimed for nothing short of the bottom line GREED………… These beautiful horses have everything to give to us , they are not a stupid unfeeling form of life, they are very much like us (or what some of us dream we would like to be)…………. I am totally sick of their suffering!!! What our government is doing LOUIE is exactly ZEROING them all out…………………………I see the writing already on the wall…………………..I am in agreement with Valerie, this is the only method that gives promise of what the Mustangs need and that is FREEDOM !!!! They are in the process of ZEROING out all Wildlife (preditors included) (WE GOT PALIN SITTING IN A HELICOPTER SHOOTING DEFENCELESS WOLF PUPPIES) if we do not do this we will be next!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Mustangs are Presitiious Living Memories of our PAST History and our future, we have no chose but to save them…………………(we as cilvilized human beings that have minds that can calculate) Their suffering has reached MONUMENTAL HEIGHTS………………….. Time is of the essence here, I am sure you realize this also……………………..


  20. I think the point here is to have the horses considered feral which as defined. USFWS and some wildlife associations means more than just wild, but wild now but previously domesticated, but escaped. Wildlife people, at least some of them are insisting on this definition in hopes of defeating HB 306 which would protect the wild horses of Corolla. They have this very narrow view of geologic and evolutionary earth history. I think the ode a is if they can get people to see them as an invasive, exotic rather than a returned magically indigenous species they have an argument for keeping them out of public lands and denying them public lands resources. It was interesting that argument came up in Madeleine’s appearance also. Of course, Representative Loomis is from Wyoming which is one of the states where hundreds of complete horse fossil remains have been uncovered in the inner-continental river basin, and even more partial fossil remains have been well preserved due to the sediment in this area. during the Corolla hearing USFWS got the President of the Wildlife Society to testify for their side.

    I believe there is more than sufficient paleontological, paleobiolgical, and DNA evidence to refute these claims.


  21. They found this large fossil site in Snowmass, Co., on May 15 they are going back in hopes of finding more fossils and it states they are looking for horse fossils. If they happen to find them, then will that prove that the horse is native to this continent and make him eligable for Federal protection? After all they have found horse fossils now in too many states to call them a ferel introduced species.


  22. Please delete the word magically before indigenous. I am in an unstable Wi-fy area for a few days, and my I-Pad keeps freezing before I can proof what I’ve written. Sorry.


  23. North America is the home of the largest number of complete and partial fossils of horse ancestors that date the origina of the horse here as far as 55 million years ago. While there are other countries or continents that also have fossil remainsmof horse ancestors, there is no region yet discovered that approaches either the number of partial and complete fossils or the number of different species of horse ancestors as does the United States. The biggest fossil finds here have been the inner-continental river basin of Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, and Idaho. Colorado has also been the source of a good number of fossil finds.

    Without getting too technical, one the first fossils of Equus, the first modern horsemwas found in California. Fossils of Equus are also found in Europe. Scientists speculate that the most likely explanation for this is that Equus probably wandered back and forth across the Thune Land Bridge that connected North America to Europe. Both North American Equus and European Equus developed species, but over thousands of years, the species changed and adapted. Based on the findingsmofmthe most recent fossil evidence, Equus was believed to have become extinct in North America about the end of the Pleistocene Period.

    However, the December 29, 2009′ issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science published a paper detailing a study carried out by the genome project at the University of Copenhagen that set out to determine how long the mammoth and the horse had existed in the area using DNA samples that were found in the soil at various levels of soil. The research was conducted at Stepen’s Village on the Yukon River where there exists a layer of permanent frost that prevents DNA leaching from one layer to another. The most significant finding for our purpose is the presence of horse DNA that places the horse at this spot as recently as 7,600 years ago which is 3,700 years more recently than indicated by the most recent fossil.

    So the horse was present in North America for several thousand years after the end of the last ice age and existed through the Pleistocene Period well into current or Holocene Period. On one of the figures illustrating the results and the likelihood of a DNA match at the molecular level, Equus caballus was identified. This is the first evidence I have seen that located Equus caballus in North America this early. The wildlife biologists have maintained that Equus caballus developed in Europe and was domesticated by the Spanish. The Spanish Conquistadors brought this new E. caballus to the US in the 1500’s.

    Whether E.caballus evolved in North America or not, there is absolutely no question that most every ancestor that contributed to the development of Equus did evolve and adapt here. Eventually, these previous ancestors became extinct leaving Equus. A long and more studied view of the earth and the evolution of mammals appears to be that for all but possibly 7,000 of the 55 million years horses have lived as a fauna on Earth, horses have been present in North America, particularly in Rocky Mountain area of the West.

    It is impossible that some herds of horses escaped the conditions, as yet unknown, that led to the perceived extinction of the horse in North America. Items also possible that dirtier DNA testing may find cellular evidence that some horses may have been here all along. The PNAS article points out that we tend to think of extinction as a sudden thing, when, in fact, it is often a much more gradual process where the numbers of animals just get smaller and smaller over time until they are too small tom remain viable, so they die off.

    If you are really interested in this subject Jenz Framzen’s book, the Rise of the Horse, 55 million Years of Evolution, (2010) John’s hopkin’s University Press is very good, technical and thorough.


    • Excellent post! I don’t think there can be any reasonable doubt that E caballus arose in North America, just as all the other Equus species did. E caballus appears to be the last horse standing and was the species that died out here, fortunately AFTER some of them crossed the land bridge to other continents.


  24. @ Athena….the Slaughter Summit was held in Las Vegas, that doesn’t mean Nevada is wanting to Build Slaughter Plants. I was at the summit protesting it, as were a whole lot of other people. I also know about AB 329, & have been writing my wreps, calling, emailing. Please don’t spread rumors about Nevada, unless you can provide links to what you are saying.


    • Duly noted. I did not meant to misrepresent. I believe that I posted the links from as you said the past summit. Apologies exteneded. Just trying to help the Wild Mustangs and Burros.


  25. Hi Everyone,

    Here is another link to protest the bill AB329 – If this doesn’t work, please type in and click on ther right hand side of the menu, leave your opinion on a bill AB329. Fill in the form. I spoke with a sweet woman Meagan who said that the horses are looking for water and getting hit by cars. I said I don’t want them killed!


  26. Here are more contact points from AWHPC:

    Americans, as well as the international community, should let Nevada know that continued mismanagement of its wild horse herds will hurt tourism in the state.

    Contact the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109; phone: 702.892.0711; fax: 702.892.2906, and the Nevada Commission on Tourism, 401 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701; phone: 800.638.2328.

    Foreign supporters of America’s wild horses should also contact
    the U.S. Office of Travel and Tourism to let them know that they are very disappointed with the United States’ treatment of its wild horses and that they would be more likely to visit the country if they knew that healthy herds of wild horses still roamed the West.


  27. Now there’s another “war” against our American Mustangs!!!

    The BLM has decided to remove the remaining wild horses (ABOUT 12!!!) from Placitas, NM , and WHOA is fighting back. GOOD FOR THEM! Last year the BLM denied they were planning to remove the horses. Was that an outright lie, or did something change?

    There’s a big developer who’s been itching to get his hands on Placitas land for years so he can build expensive homes. I bet he’s somewhere in the “lobbying” mix. I’m sure Governor Martinez will be backing the BLM position, because of the increased property taxes. BRING BACK BILL RICHARDSON!!!


  28. I am sitting here shaking my head, looking at a coin which is the Quarter for the state of Nevada … guess what is on the one side??? .. I know you all probably know this already but I thought I would share it for those that may not … lo and behold it is a picture of MUSTANGS!!! The politicians of Nevada and a lot of the residents who are supporting this are a BUNCH OF HYPOCRITS!!!! What are they going to do when they have eradicated the horses? Remint their quarter with pictures of cattle or a silver mine maybe? A small detail in the whole scheme of things maybe but this is just another thing that makes my blood boil and frustrates me to the point of physical nausea!


  29. I would like to why it is a fact that Horses DO NOT pollute water and that Cattle and Mining do, Why in the heck would anyone with half of a brain, would deny water to the Horses………….Come on now People make some darn sense here………………( This directed to anyone who Would deny water to the horses) I find it extremely ignorant of anyone to deny water to any horses, what the heck is wrong with this imbeciles ????? complete ignorance is no excuse…………… We are all dealing with the most Prestigious animals in the World not to mention our Distinguished Symbols of FREEDOM>>>>>>>>> and our Allies from the get go in America……………..Does it take a Philadelphia Lawyer to figure this all out for them?


  30. While the number of wild horses has been quantified, the numbers of wildlife has not, nor has an AML for grazing and browsing wildlife been established, except when the Green River area was remanaged.

    In order to define a “thriving ecological balance” in any area, ALL impacts on the land have to be quantified, side-by-side, in a COMPLETE study. Issuing separate EAs for each usage isn’t true science, and, therefore, isn’t valid.

    As to “Beneficial Use”, the wild horses have never been given the opportunity to prove the extent of that benefit in terms of jobs or tourist dollars, because people have never undertaken a complete study of those factors.

    More benefit could be derived from ecotourism on preserves and sanctuaries, but without an opportunity to set them up, there’s no way to determine the potential benefits to individuals, businesses, and communities.


  31. America’s wild horses need protection, and now Romania’s do as well. From the Care2 Petition Site:
    “We just found out with stupor, about the decision of local authorities in the Galati county, to start the round up and the SLAUGHTER of the wild horses who live in the renowned natural Park The Letea Forest, in the Danube Delta.”

    I’ve signed lots of their petitions, and many have turned the tide on important issues.


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