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Breaking News: Congressman Grijalva Letter Seeks Congressional Support for Wild Horses

Information supplied by the Cloud Foundation

Update: Click (HERE) to Download Copy of Letter

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva spearheads letter to Dept. of Interior

WASHINGTON (July 7, 2011) – U.S. Representative Raúl M. Grijalva (D-AZ) is circulating a letter to his House of Representatives colleagues urging their signature on a letter to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) director Bob Abbey regarding their inhumane and costly mismanagement of the Wild Horse and Burro Program. The letter expresses grave concerns to Secretary Salazar and the BLM regarding the creation of non-reproducing herds—especially the extreme danger of spaying wild horse mares.

“We are so appreciative of Representative Grijalva’s efforts to protect our nation’s wild horses from the cruel and invasive procedures BLM is planning,” states Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation. “Wild horses and burros need congressional intervention fast—otherwise BLM will manage these iconic symbols of freedom to extinction.”

Grijalva’s letter also expresses concerns about BLM’s supervision of America’s wild horses and burros–namely the agency’s failure to conduct accurate censuses on wild horse and burro herds. BLM often over inflates the numbers of wild horses and burros on the range and comes up short during roundups. As a result, nearly all animals in a herd are eliminated from their legally designated ranges. This has led advocacy organizations, such as The Cloud Foundation, to conclude that wild horse populations are far lower than BLM estimates. Also the letter underscores the financial costs—citing the burden placed on American taxpayers due to the agency’s massive and unnecessary roundup and removal practices.

The Cloud Foundation, Equine Welfare Alliance, Wild Horse Freedom Federation and many additional organizations urge the public to contact their U.S. Congressional representative and request they sign onto Grijalva’s letter before it is delivered to Secretary Salazar and Director Abbey.

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  1. God Bless Raul Grijalva! This man is the man who SHOULD HAVE BEEN put in charge of the Dept of the Interior instead of that scum sucking wild horse hater Salazar. He was in the lead for this position but the bobble head bozo from CO was evidently repaid with the appointment for his work to get Obama votes from CO.

    I believe this great man, Raul Grijalva, will NEVER compromise his ideals and values and never change sides as so many do – Obama included, the one who promised humane advocacy, more protection for wildlife (yeah, right!) and even co-sponsored anti-slaughter legislation as a Representative. Mr. Grijalva is a rare man indeed. Oh, how I wish we could elevate him to a place where he could work his values into reality.

    Congressman Grijalva is a true man of the earth, with a heart and soul, something that can’t be said of the creeps running DOI. Thank goodness for men like Raul! Please contact your congressman and ask them to sign his letter.


    • YAY !! ..a Totally KILLER Letter, BY THE WAY 🙂
      the BEST 1 YET ! ………………….& appears they have Already decided, that PERHAPS they should Listen….at least..a Bit MORE, this time ?? 🙂
      I’m really thrilled with this one (so far, so good !)


  2. It is as if BLM is still at square one with us! We have learned our way past their archaic and chaotic management and continue to out maneuver them in real time. We encourage the nation to catch up and understand while we are out front looking back at BLM. We have gained ground and they have remained intractable. This will have to change in view of the urgent need to protect the last wild ones. I don’t believe this is a stand off. I have always believed this is win-able!


  3. As usual, I am firing up my computer along with my phone. As a Union Advocate, I always tell everyone “Your voice” always counts, you may not think anyone is listening, but if you are persistant someone will listen. Just like “Each vote” counts. Raul has been given his sword to aid in saving one of our greatest national resources. Thank the God we have some in Congress who defy the rhetoric & bs that has become so much a part of the BLM with Ken Salazar’s blessings and that of our President. Its so disappointing, I can hardly say it. I am still trying to figure out how politics can change a man who in the past has been compassionate and always working for the underdog turns the other cheek. Unbelievable..thanks to Raul again for his valiant efforts to change the tide for Wild Mustangs & Burros. Perhaps before the appointment it was not understood just how vital and important the job of Secretary of the Interior was. Its not just the national parks, but the responsibility for all the flora & fauna within the national parks & range. Ken Salazar has been the worst appointment in years. They all need to GO and be replaced!


  4. While they are rounding up more horses, they have cut back on adoption events. This just doesn’t pass the common sense test. They should be using all of the roundup money to increase adoption events and ADVERTISE them.


  5. I thought this was done last round-up session and Salazar ignored it.

    I believe it’s certainly worth the effort and appreciate Rep Grijalva’s commitment and passion.

    I would send the letter, hand carried personally by Rep Grijalva to the desk of our President…with the President sitting behind the People’s desk for a 10 minute one on one with that one person that can issue an immediate Executive Order for moratorium.


  6. Denise, you are right. There was another letter from Congress with 54 signatures, I believe, and it went ingored by BLM. However, what may help our wild horses and burros this time around is the BUDGET emergency right now – by pointing out the continuing waste of funds and burden to the American taxpayer to keep funding the BLM’s illegally mismanaged program, perhaps we can gain a better foothold by appealing to the politicians via the budget. On moral and common sense grounds alone Rep. Grijalva’s letter should get the attention it rightly deserves, but we all know there are more politicians with no conscience and alot of special interests to kowtow to that on this basis alone they would ignore the letter much like the BLM. But it we can get to them using the budget, then by all means they can’t ignore that. It would be political suicide to continue to support BLM’s lethal actions that are destroying our wild herds and bleeding America dry in the process.

    Thank you Rep. Grijalva!!!


  7. I am so excited for our wild ones. I love that they are getting more legislative support. Now if everyone that wants to keep them where they belong and unmolested would shout their support of them as well, we could get somewhere before they annihilate them all.


  8. Excellent letter from Grijalva. Sure hope a lot of fellow representatives sign on and soon. We should mount a reformed prefected ROAM bill to truly restore our American Mustangs as well as burros.


  9. Letter sent to my rep in AZ!

    I have hesitated to comment on the Sheryl Crow issue, but feel the need to point out something. There have been comments that the Cloud Foundation should refuse her donations as “blood money” since she’s earning it as part of the entertainment scheduled in conjunction (not AT THE PERFOMANCE!) with the rodeo. As someone who rescues (dogs, cats, horses, and a variety of other critters) and finds homes for unwanted animals (even if it means a wildlife sanctuary that rehabilitates and returns them to the wild or ends up keeping them due to injury or human imprinting issues), I fight animal cruelty on many levels. I love a good filet mignon as much as anyone, but have chosen to take meat out of my diet in protest of what a cruel life these “factory farming” animals live, or the horses being impounded so cattle can be on our public lands to produce that filet! I buy eggs from people who have free ranging chickens in their backyards and well cared for! I don’t take prescription medicines, opting instead for vitamins, minerals, homeopathic, or just the old remedies my grandmother touted (and work well! LOL) rather than give any financial support to large scale pharmaceutical laboratories that CONSTANTLY use animals (from mice to dogs/cats to primates) for “testing” of a variety of medications to be developed, many different brands of women’s makeup products, as well as insane tests like seeing how much PAIN can be handled before they just die!

    Before throwing rocks at entertainers refusing to boycott rodeos, try looking at your own house/life to see how much YOU are supporting “acceptable forms” of cruelty in your life. Look at how many animals have died because of this country’s desire for gas for our pickups (BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico last spring or the recent leak of 1,000 barrels of oil in the Yellowstone River last week!), but we all continue to pump that gas in our vehicles, don’t we? Change happens when we ALL come together to create change and support a cause – it is not one person’s responsiblility to change what we all have supported (and many continue to support!) in our lives. The greatest example is the WILD HORSE FREEDOM FOUNDATION. There’s strength in numbers – and that’s what will turn things around for us, for all the animals, for the planet. So follow RT, Terry, and Laura’s lead – perhaps someone can find a way to bring a large number of country music stars TOGETHER (Willie Nelson is already involved as well!) in protest? Just a thought…


  10. “I have hesitated to comment on the Sheryl Crow issue, but feel the need to point out something. There have been comments that the Cloud Foundation should refuse her donations as “blood money” ”
    Jade….I have hesitated as well for the same reasons. It would be insane to refuse money donated when there is so much good it could do. People need to look in the mirror more closely before they start pointing fingers and making “moral” choice for others.


    • I need to jump in, here, too. I see both sides of the fence but feel that I might be able to give a little bit of an inside perspective.

      Folks, the battle to save the wild horses is a bloody one and extremely costly. Terry and I jumped on the bandwagon a year ago when we just got so pissed, as private citizens, that the BLM was doing just what they are doing today so we decided to look at stopping the BLM in the courtroom. We went to The Cloud Foundation to ask for legal recommendations and they turned us on to Valerie Stanley, who we already knew well, and Bruce Wagman. It took a LOT of persuasion to bring Bruce on board with us because he had been approached by many and few have ever been kind enough to pay. Well, away we went with the Zeroing Out cases, West Douglas and Piseance. All the love, passion, commitment and justice in the world will not drive that BLM fighting machine without money, and it only took Terry and I about a month to figure that out.

      Our plaintiffs are the Cloud Foundation, Habitat for Horses, Front Range Equine Rescue, Colorado Wild Horse and Burro Coalition, the ASPCA and several individuals. We were happy that they would sign on as our plaintiffs as Terry and I have no standing with the horses in Colorado…and we were committed to not financially burden these fine groups with additional costs. Both Front Range and the ASPCA donated to the legal fees but still, to this day, we are in the hole. Likewise Laura’s case where poor Gordon Cowan has been working his butt off for nothing, hence our coming together to support these groups, and Laura, in legal litigation through the funding of our Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

      Now I have told you all of this for a reason as it rips my heart out to NOT be funding TROs to stop all of the stupidity that is the BLM…I firmly believe that it is my life’s mission to do so but we cannot nor should not because we simply do not have the funds. SO, what would I do if Sheryl Crow offered a chunk of change to the Wild Horse Freedom Federation…I’m telling you, it’s a balancing act.

      I started this dialog and actually posted the story before it hit the AP because I thought it was a good thing, TCF can do so much good with the proper funds but I now know of the abuse that happens at the rodeo. But what about the abuse that is happening to tens of thousands of wild horses?????…does that not carry some weight? And we have been supported by Ms. Crow in the past in a pure and unbiased manner, does that not count? To me there is almost an ironic justice in taking money from those who promote abuse and using it to stop abuse on a much grander level…especially in Wyoming.

      I don’t know folks, with a little funding we could stop the bloody roundups so looking at this from the inside out, I for one, would have a hard time saying no to a means of helping thousands and thousands of horses.

      Food for thought.

      Now lets get on over to the Letter to Salazar and get the fax machines cranked up.


  11. Denise, Thank you for the link, and for keeping us all focused. I was beginning to get a bit muddled.


  12. Jade, I am in complete agreement with you. When we follow the “money trail”, it often leads back to ourselves. I think your choices in life style are EXCELLENT. WHERE and HOW we spend our time and money are where “the rubber meets the road”, as they say.


  13. RT, In light of both the Honorable Grijalva’s unending support, AND your recent post regarding “WATER being a potential larger issue” for what’s being done on & to OUR public lands, AND previous concerns by numerous people from all sides & areas of the Wild Horse and Natural Resource issues, re: OIL/GAS/Mineral raping of Public lands—-{& apparent arguments that our *Wild Horses* dangerously “get in the way”…}
    I wonder IF this may be of ANY use to You, the Attorneys working on various cases, or any one Else searching 4 behind-the-scene reasoning, the Big picture, & “the Chink in the Armor” ?? Perhaps not, yet I offer it, in case..
    ——via a Link from a Link to a link—I ran into THIS article about OIL & GAS Frakking, WATERSHED danger, & PUBLIC/state lands….!!!
    {I also would like to ADD that: my little university town in WV recently Passed a similar ordinance, via their City Council !! & are steadfastly absorbing a good bit of flack for it..! they refuse to back down…}
    thus: “July 1, 2011 –
    NEW YORK Proposes Hydraulic Fracturing In Certain Areas Under Strict Controls—-By: Vicki Shiah; filed under: Emerging Issues, Environmental Impact Review, Hydraulic Fracturing & Marcellus Shale, NY Environmental Law—posted 12:34 pm
    On July 1, NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issued a revised Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental IMPACT Statement (SG-EIS) recommending that high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) be BANNED in New York City & Syracuse drinking water watersheds, but that fracking be allowed to proceed, subject to STRICTER regulation, on private property.
    Fracking uses high-pressured-WATER, combined with chemicals, to release natural gas present underground in shale formations.
    Revised Draft SG-EIS contains recommendations to mitigate environmental effects of fracking. These recommendations, which would make approx. 85% of Marcellus Shale accessible to natural gas production, include the following:
    •Fracking would be PROHIBITED in NY City & Syracuse watersheds, including a buffer zone;
    •Drilling would be PROHIBITED within primary Aquifers & within 500 feet of their boundaries;
    •Surface drilling would be PROHIBITED on STATE-owned land, including ***parks, forest areas & wildlife management areas***;
    •Fracking will be permitted on privately held lands under “rigorous & effective controls”;
    •DEC will issue regulations to codify these recommendations.
    DEC’s present recommendations depart from those contained in an earlier 2009 Draft-SG-EIS, which would have permitted Drilling in NY City & Syracuse drinking water *Watersheds, & would have allowed surface drilling for high-volume fracking in primary *Aquifers & on PUBLIC forests, wildlife areas, or Park-lands.
    In December 2010, then-Gov. David Paterson ordered DEC to revise the initial Draft, taking into consideration *voluminous public comments* that had been submitted. This order was understood to impose a ‘de facto’ moratorium on new permits until issuance of revised draft.
    Import of DEC’s present findings to stakeholders such as upstate residents, downstate residents, municipalities, + industry cannot be fully understood without a thorough review of revised Draft SG-EIS, over 900 pages long.
    As with many comprehensive studies, the devil will be in the details. Revised Draft SG-EIS will be posted on DEC’s website July 8, 2011, & will be open for public comment x60 days beginning August. It is expected that another round of extensive PUBLIC comments will follow.
    As of July 1, DEC posted Exec Summary of revised Draft SG-EIS +other related information online. Website should contain entire revised Draft SG-EIS by July 8. (Click for more info.- hydraulic fracturing in NY).
    June 23, 2011 [in part, + some abbrev] “Power NY Act” Reauthorizes / Modernizes Power Plant Siting Law
    By: Mark Lebel; filed under: Climate Change Law, Emerging Issues, Environmental Impact Review, Land Use & Development, NY Envir’mt Law.
    ..current legislative session, passed “Power NY Act of 2011,” sweeping energy bill negotiated btn Gov.Cuomo & legislative leaders. Sect 12-new law reauthorizes/modernizes Article X-Public Svc Law (expired 01/01/2003) governing siting & approval of power plants in NY…including ALTERNATIVE energy sources….
    ….new vers aims to centralize & streamline siting approval process…Law creates…permit authority with NY State Board on Electric Generation Siting & the Environment…Seeking to BALANCE need for local INPUT in decisions with obstacles posed by opposition…the statute provides that 2 LOCAL residents will be part of the Board for each proceeding; other 5 members =State officials. Law also provides for “INTERVENOR funding”–enabling municipalities/other local [INTERESTED] parties to participate in all phases of admin. review, including mandated adjudicatory hearing. New Art-X MANDATES sev’l environmental analyses of facility/project impacts.–incl “cumulative air qual analysis” of Combined effects from proposed facil, other proposed sources, +all existing sources; descrip. demographics of SURROUNDING AREAS; descrip.of “reasonable & available” ALTERNATIVE locations;
    also requires Board to find..project minimizes or avoids disproportionate impacts on surroundings….signif differences btn new & expired vers: allows smaller projects covered…may benefit developers of wind/altern projects; Increased Emphasis on environmental JUSTICE IMPACTS addresses concerns stated by environmental groups…
    [fyi, This is also occurring on sev HMAs in/around NV, at least, & creating big WATER issues]…..
    June 9, 2011–New York *Sues Federal Government For FAILURE to Study Hydraulic Fracturing:
    By: Mark Lebel; filed under: Environmental Impact Review, Hydraulic Fracturing & Marcellus Shale—post 11:39 am.
    On May 31, 2011, NY Atty Gen Schneiderman followed through on his THREAT to FILE a lawsuit seeking environmental review under National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) prior to issuance of final natural gas development regulations by Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC). DRBC = Federal-interstate entity formed by compact & concurrent legislation of Federal government, DE, NJ, PA, NY to manage WATER resources of Delaware River BASIN.
    DRBC released draft natural gas development regulations Dec 9, 2010 which, if finalized, would potentially OPEN up large portions of New York City watershed for natural gas DRILLING. While further action by NY State would likely be necessary for such natural gas drilling within NY, the complaint also alleges several HARMS to NY from natural gas development within [nearby] PA. In particular, complaint alleges that fracking development within Pennsylvania would contribute to air/water pollution in NYCity + hinder efforts to meet air qual goals required under Clean Air Act.
    Lawsuit names Army Corps of Engineers, (has seat on DRBC) as well as *Fish & Wildlife Service, *National Park Service, U.S. *Dept of Interior*, & *Environmental Protection Agency as defendants. It asks these Federal agencies to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement *EIS* before DRBC finalizes regulations;
    specifically asks Agencies to consider *Alternative of prohibiting* development within portion of Delaware River Basin within NY City watershed.
    Main legal issue in the lawsuit will likely be whether regulations are a “federal action” within *meaning of NEPA*.
    According to complaint, DRBC responded to initial request for EIS with a letter stating: that DRBC is not a Federal agency subject to NEPA. However, complaint alleges that Army Corps of Engineers + other Fed Agencies involved in development of DRBC regulations ARE subject to NEPA. Complaint also alleges that Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), which oversees IMPLEMENTATION of NEPA, has determined that DRBC *IS* subject to NEPA.
    (Mark Lebel is Summer Associate at Sive, Paget & Riesel)
    –FROM “Sive, Paget & Riesel” website—
    [for some reason the active LINKS did not copy…I apologize… 😦 but? sound anything like DOI/BLM circular, cookie-cutter arguments, to you ?? C.Stone ]


  14. G-d Bless You for all you do! You are an inspiration to people and animals everywhere! Please continue your courageous battle against the evil forces of this country,” who have no logical reason for the immoral things they do! I think I will send you a photo I took of the horses at Chincoteague Island, last Fall.
    They are allowed to “roam free,” and the colts are sold each year to loving new owners, who will give them a home when they are “of age” to leave their mothers. The money goes to the Chincoteague Fire Department, to protect the town from dangerous, destructive fires which have haunted them in the past. This is an intelligent solution to “the problem,” NOT “spaying” the mares!

    When did people in Washington decide that it was their duty to control nature?
    Why don’t they learn to control themselves?


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