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EWA Announces International Equine Conference Speakers

Information Supplied by the Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA)

List of Notable Equine Experts and Scientists Grows

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Conference info:

September 26-28, 2011
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
4301 Jones Bridge Rd
Bethesda MD 20814

We are excited to release the list of confirmed presenters, thus far. We’ll provide the names of additional speakers as they are confirmed and will release the agenda once all speakers have been confirmed.

The registration form should be ready within the next two weeks. We anticipate providing local hotel information within the next day or two.

We look forward to seeing and finally meeting everyone, face-to-face!

Stay tuned for additional details…


Hosts: Vicki Tobin and R.T. Fitch

Conference Photojournalist: Terry Fitch

Confirmed Speakers (in alpha order) @ 07.13.11

Laura Allen, Animal Law Coalition

Paula Bacon, former mayor of Kaufman, Texas

Stephanie Boyles, HSUS

Alex Brown

Keith Dane, HSUS

Craig Downer, wildlife ecologist

Katie Fite, Western Watersheds Project

Shelley Grainger, Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

Dr. Marlene Haffner

John Holland, Equine Welfare Alliance

Jay Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

Senator Mary Landrieu

Ann Marini, Ph.D., M.D.

Sonja Meadows, Animals’ Angels

Eric Mills, Action for Animals

Dr. Bruce Nock

Jo Anne Normile, Canter founder

Nancy Perry, ASPCA

National Academy of Sciences (presenter to be named)

Madeleine Pickens

Dr. Dan Rubenstein

Jacque Schultz, ASPCA

Henry Skjerven, former director at Canada’s Natural Valley Meats

Valerie Stanley, attorney

Deanne Stillman, author

Senator Dave Wanzenried

Dr. Nena Winand

Hilary Wood, Front Range Equine Rescue

PDF of speaker list

11 replies »

  1. Alex Brown is included? I certainly hope he isn’t going to just get up and try to get sales for his book that he continues to complain about on his forum

    This ought to be a great conference, I can’t wait!

    I am however happy to see the other speakers that will be there. Looking forward to what everyone has to say about the progress that has been made.


    • I agree with Mary regarding Alex Brown’s attendance based on what in the opinion of many is leading evidence that he accepts payoffs and bribes to allow organized harassment on his “rescue discussion board,” amongst various other insidious web traffic ploys which have harmed legitimate rescue efforts. Not to mention all of the convicted frauds and animals abusers on ABR which have cost innocent donors plenty as well. I understand he chose to omit the issues of horse slaughter and horse rescue in his book?
      I have no respect for forked tongues and wolves in sheep’s clothing, and I have no doubt the only reason for his attendance is to figure out how he can personally profit from it at the expense of legitimate equine welfare efforts.


    • Not sure if you’ve read Alex’s book but I thought it was very well written. Lots of voices from members of the ABR forum.

      Alex spent an extraordinary amount of energy getting us details of Barbaro way back when. And others were deeply involved too helping get the word out.

      In those days I don’t think Alex thought about “cashing in” on Barbaro. But then as time went on Alex went on the road not just to see the world but to also find out about horse slaughter. And he talks about in the book.

      Sorry your anti Alex. I think Alex is a wonderful man and yes I had the pleasure of meeting him some 4 years ago.


      • I’ve got issues with Alex, BUT…and this is a big BUT….his website has been good for many equines and causes.

        Popped smoke on the group over 2 years ago for a couple of reasons. But (here comes the “but” again), many do good work and the Forum and site came at a time when the issue of slaughter needed attention.

        Thank you Margaret. I disagree with Mr Brown on a few things, BUT not that he doesn’t care about equine welfare (especially racehorses). As to achieve that goal and managing the ABR website, we (me and Mr. Brown) disagree. It is HIS website. He does what he thinks is best.

        He is a legitimate speaker in my knowledge and opinion of equine welfare.


      • I agree with other people like Vicki Tobin who is a horse welfare advocate that had a while back explained to me how Alex Brown Racing (the forum) has quickly become a favorite place for pro-slaughter advocates to go because of the amount of misinformation given there that makes all of us anti-slaughter people looks like a bunch of freaks.

        He has threatened to close the forum more times than I can count but of course he is not a man of his word since the forum is still very much there. I don’t consider myself anti-alex, I consider myself pro-horses. It is just my opinion that his forum now does more harm than good and that is not even considering the scams that he has admitted to that have went on there.

        While I remain a Fan of Barbaro, I am certainly not a fan of the forum called Alex Brown Racing and I know I am not alone.


    • You made your original post point.

      Suggestion re: a simple solution…..”Don’t attend or if you want to, skip Mr. Brown’s presentation.”

      p.s. you already endorsed a “second” by supporting Mary Adkins-Matthews first post….you can’t second, albeit cryptically with a third post. Take your ABR ax to grind somewhere else….because after all, it’s always about the equines first, right?


  2. Wow, Plenty of time , to get better rates from the Airlines, this one looks like a go for me…………………


  3. Valerie Azar from Animal Recovery Mission has been added to the list….

    You can follow updates on the International Equine Conference’s Facebook page at or on the IEC website at

    Additional conference details will be provided as plans are finalized. The agenda, along with the speakers will be released over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more!



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