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US Horse Slaughter Trade Cruel, Deceptive

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Horse slaughter supporters are apologists for cruelty and deceptively lay claim to being defenders of animals rights”

Rhapsody Rhose, left, grazes with her Arabian mother in an undated photograph. Rhapsody, 21 years of age, was sold without knowledge of the owner to middlemen who supply U.S. horses to slaughter facilities in Mexico and Canada. About 130,000 American horses are annually exported to processors in those two countries.

In a strongly worded attack on the horse slaughter lobby, Wayne Pacelle, the society’s president and chief executive, says it is an inescapable conclusion that the horse slaughter industry is disreputable and predatory.

Pacelle, writing in his blog, A Humane Nation, said of animal-abuse industries: “Today’s apologists for cruelty are most sophisticated and deceptive, now laying claim to the argument that they are the best defenders of animals, and that when it comes to caring for them, they know best.”

He said the evidence can be seen when trophy hunters claim to be helping conservation, or factory farmers claim that best science supports their position and that animals in warehouses are protected from predators and disease threats, even though the animals cannot even turn around or engage in normal behaviours.

“But giving them a run for their money, in terms of self-centered rationalisations, is the horse slaughter crowd …

“If you know the details of the horse slaughter industry, there’s an inescapable conclusion that it’s a disreputable, predatory industry, gathering up horses from all sorts of sources and turning them into meat exports for profit.

“These people have not a thing to do with responsible animal ownership or proper care. They actually get in the way of responsible care and re-homing of horses when they outbid horse rescue groups at auctions, because there’s a profit to be made in exporting the animals for slaughter.

“They see horses as commodities on the hoof, and they take nothing more than a utilitarian attitude toward our fellow creatures. Thank God there’s no active slaughter industry for dogs and cats, since we’d all have to watch our pets around these people all the more.”

Pacelle cited the case of a loved Arabian horse, Rhapsody Rhose, reported this week in the Topeka Capital-Journal in a piece looking at horse slaughter.

The horse was owned by Jaime Cowan, but Rhapsody was reportedly sold by a temporary caretaker without Jaime’s permission.

She soon ended up in a Mexican slaughter plant.

“It wasn’t a hardship case, or an unpleasant necessity,” Pacelle said.

“It was just deception for someone’s personal profit, and an innocent life was chewed up in the process.

“So when you hear high-minded arguments from the horse slaughter crowd, remind them of Rhapsody Rhose and thousands of perfectly healthy horses who deserved so much more than greedy, opportunistic, unethical, ruthless people.”

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  1. Go to GOLDEN DAYS website and see the videos:
    Observations and Opinions of a Horse Killer
    Part 1 Part 2
    Monday, October 17, 2011
    Action Alert! Observations and Opinions of a Horse Killer (Parts 1 & 2)
    These videos are interviews of a horse killer, who for decades, bought and shipped horses to slaughter for human consumption. He and his associates also rounded up Wild Horses for slaughter.
    After leaving the business, his conclusion was that the entire industry was inhumane, cruel, lacking in transparency and with a profit margin was so small that it could never be regulated to be humane by any standards.That this was a
    business that was good for neither people nor horses


  2. And then read:
    Interview With a Horse Slaughterer, an excerpt from Gail Eisnitz’s book “Slaughterhouse” when she interviews a slaughterhouse employee, specifically about horse slaughter – which is even more horrific that the videos and very difficult to read.

    “If this testimony doesn’t horrify you, I don’t know what would. I do know that it is totally unacceptable to me that horses be killed this way. This goes beyond inhumane.”


    • I’ve tried for years as an eye-witness to tell people that horse slaughter was beyond inhumane, but who listens to me? Hopefully, as more and more realize how bad it really is, they will be disgusted enough to finally end this insanity.

      On another topic. Remember all the times SSue Wallis has blasted non-horse owners for daring to have an opinion on slaughter? How she has sniffed that only “real” horse people should be involved? How she has ranted about the horse owner’s “traditional way of life” is being threatened by all these people who know nothing about horses? Or, my personal favorite, “You can’t make a pet out of a 1,200 lb. animal.” Check out this screen shot from the “Horse Slaughter Debate” page on FB:


    • Who: Sue Wallis and whoever else invests in the Slaughter Houses she would build.
      What: Tons of money
      Where:From the predatory KB industry, the feedlot that she calls a rescue/sanctuary. I wonder how many will be fooled into giving their beloved companion/pet to her only to have it end up slaughtered for a foreign market.


      • SSue is deluding herself. Any slaughter plant she manages to build will be bankrupt before it even opens. You cannot knowingly sell contaminated meat in this country or any other. Now that the food safety issues have been brought to light, there’s no going back. Horse slaughter for human consumption in this country WILL end. The only question is if we take the high road and do it ourselves or allow Canada or the EU to do it for us.

        If that happens – that the EU has to do it for us by banning our horses, they might not be eager to purchase ANY of our food products any more. It’s almost funny – the cattle/Ag people are SO sure that they have a stake in this fight – which they do NOT – and they’re destroying their own credibility for nothing. Serves them right, but I’d hate to see anything really bad happen because of all the “little” people who will get hurt.


    • The bloody money trail is shameful evidence that greed runs deep.

      The horse meat lobby is financing much of the activities promoting slaughter. Where does that money come from? Likely the foreign slaughter plant owners and breed associations. Their dirty work is done by sham non-profits they fund like United Horsemen and HumaneWatch, which are industry front groups that deceptively frame horse slaughter as necessary to equine welfare.

      Then there are direct donations to politicians to influence their votes, which according to come from Vets, Farm Bureaus and breed associations. In this arena, the horse killers are outspending us 11 to 1 in the Senate and 9 to 1 in the House. To give you an idea how insidious this strategy is, one Senator from Texas, John Cornyn, received over $258,000 to vote against the horse slaughter ban.

      And then there is also lobbying of Congress, and this is where the support for horse slaughter becomes especially laughable. In addition to AVMA and horse breeding/eating registries like AQHA, you have almost every Agriculture lobby group around lobbying against a horse slaughter ban, none of which have anything to do with horses. Yes, apparently now The National Milk Producers Federation, National Pork Producers Council and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association consider themselves experts on horse slaughter.

      Here are some great links:
      Organizations lobbying on horse slaughter (note only HSUS supports the legislation):

      House Representative donations to influence horse slaughter legislation:

      Senator donations to influence horse slaughter legislation:


  3. ITS SO DISGUSTING, IT MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP! They are truly working for the Devil. I heard all of this and watched all this cruelty when we got rid of Cavel in Illinois. I only hope that God is listening to us because the only way we are EVER going to get rid of this is by legislative action. I guess we should all be prepared for the fight of our lives. We need to submit information to all media avenues because the American people are truly not
    aware about what is going on. I thought that Ted Turner was on Mrs Pickens
    board. I can’t for the life of me understand why he has not been helping more.
    He owns more media than we could buy. Bo Derek is a major supporter of our
    horses and helped us immensely in Illinois. Willie Nelson has come on board too. I wonder if he could grap some supporters. No one’s horses will ever be safe if the tides turn. Like I said if there was ever a fight for our horses, its going to be now. I say get prepared to kick some a–,!


  4. Gail, yes – let’s get ready to kick some ±*s!! Pro-slaughter articles are showing up everywhere. Everyone needs to remember there are horses right now, as I write this, on the truck, on the ramp – facing the killbox! There is no “wait a minute’ for them!!


  5. A light in the darkness

    Industry Poised to Make Strides in Aftercare
    Read more:

    The Thoroughbred industry is making substantial strides in the area of racehorse aftercare programs—some very public and others behind the scenes.
    Aftercare is the focal point of the Oct. 18-19 professional education seminar offered by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association Safety and Integrity Alliance. A day and a half has been devoted to the topic


  6. Not to change the subject but… Wayne Pacelle said this, WOW, I don’t see him with the balls. (Maybe because there’s not a sports figure that he’s rubbing elbows with ie:Michael Vick)


    • Christine, HSUS is the only organization – out of 20+ – registered to lobby for the horses in DC. It’s time to buck up and work together with other like-minded organizations and leave pettiness at the door. Divisiveness is what has caused our failure thus far.

      I don’t think anyone likes Michael Vick, but he’s had a heck of a lot more effectiveness turning young at risk kids away from dog fighting that any animal welfare organization has.


  7. Louie,
    I don’t know how far the Thoroughbred industry is moving, but they have moved to more aggressively try to find rescues or retirement facilities. That have formed a coupel of their own. The people gain the most from slaughter are the breeders that breed too many horses. They and the people who own the fine restaurants where the meat is served.

    Other than that big ditzy Wyoming boa constrictor that wants to eat a horse, I think some of the push back from Ag is coming from the Snake Speak. People like Walesie Wallis are trying to convince others in animal agriculture that if they lose “the right” to have their horses slaughtered, next they will loose the right to slaughter their cattle, their sheep. It is totally irrational. Do you remember in grade school when we worked on classifiying animals and you circumed the ones you ate and the ones that were just farm animals. If you put horse in the ones we eat you’d miss the questio.

    I don’t think all of these people who support slaughter want to slaughter horses, but I think they want to feel like they have the right to do with their animal whatever they want to do. I think a lot of people see a ban on slaughter as being one step closer to losing the life they know. They want to be ranchers and have that life, and a ban on slaugter in theit Walsie Wallis minds

    Remember, by the time we saw the GAO report, they had articles already to go for print, and they got way ahead of us.


  8. The thought of horses being slaughtered for animal and human consumption is heart breaking. But, it’s happening everyday. Horses are majestic beauties and one of the most precious gifts from God to us and they deserve to be treated with care, love, kindness and compassion. Those who slaughter them make me sick and will face God for their cruelty.


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